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Family Game Night Review Amendment: Sorry! Sliders

Sorry! Sliders

It’s always interesting to play an alternate take on a game that you grew up with, but never knew existed. When I was but a wee child, my favorite board game was always SORRY! (it would have been Mouse Trap, but mine was always missing a key piece of the trap), and, up until the recent release of “Sorry! Sliders” as part of Hasbro’s “Family Game Night” compilation for Xbox Live I didn’t know this particular take on the game I loved existed. Its mere existence means it’s worth a look, even though pretty much the only thing that the two games have in common is their name.

“Sorry! Sliders” is the last game to be released for Hasbro’s “Family Game Night” compilation, completing the entire package. Much like my “Sorry!” and “Boggle” reviews, this will be an amendment to my original “Family Game Night” coverage, and will include an individual game review, as well as an updated rating for the entire package.

“Sorry! Sliders”
First off, this game is nothing like “Sorry!,” unless you look it as kind of like “Madden” meets board games. The basic concept of the game is that you have to hurl your pawn down a corridor aiming for the center of a circular target at the end. The closer you end up to the middle, the more points you score, and the more points that you score allows you to move your other pawns (which reside off the board) closer to home. Once you get all four of your pawns home, you win. It sounds simple, but while you are attempting to get as close to the center of the target as possible, three other players are throwing their pawns at it as well, and if one of them knocks you off the board, that pawn is now out of play, scoring no points for that round. I guess that’s where the “Sorry” aspect comes in.

Sorry! SlidersAll comparisons to the original game aside, “Sliders” is a fun game on it’s own. While your first few games may be played aggressively, trying to knock your opponents pawns off the board (mostly because it’s fun), you’ll soon realize that it’s actually more beneficial to play with some level of tact, and cautious targeting. It becomes more of a game of skill than one of sheer strength.

The rules described above outline the game’s original mode, but, much like all the other titles in the “Family Game Night” package, this one comes with variations as well. In one, the center circle spins, making it significantly harder to target certain clear spots on the board. Another has extra hot spots where, if your pawn lands on them, you can get knocked out of that round of the game automatically. There’s even power-up boxes that allow you to have extra skills while shooting, like an icier runway, or a heavier pawn. Overall, there’s a lot of different options in this one, and, outside of “Connect 4,” it’s pretty much the most mindless game in the bunch, but that’s a good thing here, making for competitive fun, and cheap laughs.

Rating: ★★★★½

Family Game Night

The addition of “Sorry! Sliders” rounds out EA’s experimental DLC package. Seven games for $70 is a risky proposition for families on a tight budget, but, since the package is broken up into individual games, you only need to download your favorites, potentially saving you money in the long run. The inclusion of online play, and the game room atmosphere, complete with Mr. Potato Head as your host, regardless of how many games you purchase makes this one of the most unique experiences on Xbox Live, and a perfect atmosphere for kids to play some video games with their parents, where the parents might actually have a chance at winning.

Rating: ★★★★☆ (No change)

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