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Epic Battle Fantasy Review: Battle… Without The Pedantic Story!?

Epic Battle Fantasy

Matt Rosak has made so many different types of “Final-Fantasy”-esque battle animations, that he finally felt the need to make one into a game, “Epic Battle Fantasy.” Granted, it is a completely nonsensical game filled with humorous references tailored for RPG fans. If you’ve been an RPG gamer for a while you’ll appreciate the generic, yet legendary, battles against slimes and tentacle monsters, as well as a sheer amount of coolness that the creatures of this game have and skills you get to use. You play as Player 1, a warrior with multiple swords, and a pirate hat, and a huge assortment of attacks and Player 2, (who is clearly regarded as fan-service) a well-endowed white mage/black mage/summoner who brings out “Pokemon,” along with obscure anime references and dark gods.

Epic Battle Fantasy

Your goal in “Epic Battle Fantasy” is to reach the end of the game by defeating increasingly powerful enemies and bosses, all with different physical and magical attacks at their disposal. Managing their HP and MP, the player clears a path using spells, special blade attacks, and summons along with the standard attacks. Before the battles begin, one-use items are purchased to assist the two characters in keeping their magic and health high.. .both of which are quite hard, due to high-damage attacks and enemy skills which can poison them and seal off their special abilities.

Making it to the end of the game is a challenge, especially when the bosses have over a million HP, and resist just about everything you throw at them. This also comes as a problem when the swords you use have extreme drawbacks as well as their abilities, such as a affinity to an element or a defensive bonus to a attack penalty, and take one turn to equip. With the assortment of attacks the enemy performs, Player 2 is on healing duty pretty much the entire time, with the occasional blast of magical energy and buffing in an attempt to gain ground over the battle. With just the one rest in between, the player needs to use their items sparingly.

Epic Battle Fantasy

The graphics are good, but stilted; just about everything in the game stands stock still except for the final boss. Why couldn’t they give Player 1 and Player 2 and range of movement? I felt pretty cheated there especially since they are consistantly on the screen from the beginning to the end of the game. The music was riffed from “Zelda” and “Final Fantasy” games, as well as a couple other RPGs. In all fairness, the real musical homage comes from a special attack of Player 1, where you basically blast all enemies with the power of rock. It’s a strange shout out to RPG Battles, and it deserves a play. Give it a shot, and expect to lose a couple times; It’s a tough game, but it feels rewarding to finish.

Play it here

Rating: ★★★☆☆

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