EA NCAA Football 2008 About to Bring Da Noise!


NCAA008 Tao Ticket



What’s going on peeps? Just got back from the EA Press event in NYC in honor of the NFL Draft this weekend. On display was an eaaarrrrly build of NCAA football 2008. But from what we can tell, this game is definately going to be sweet. Big props to the Gameplay programming lead Ian for walking us through the nuances.

This year it’s finally happening. 60 FRAMES!!! The game looks so much smoother and the individual player animations look sweet. New and improved gang tackling, hit stick 2.0 and individual team celebrations.

Also they’ve done away with the annoying Camera Shake and replaced it with a new momentum meter that’s actually dependant on the individual’s play. No more letting the computer a.i. do everything for you. You get bonuses for user picks and catches!

This weekend is gonna be filled with events around the Draft. Stay tuned.

Oh yeah, big shot out to JaMarcus Russell who was getting busy on the sticks. We can see for miles where that advance money went (Can you say BAMA pendant with more ice than your fridge?) Yes he’s from Alabama not Louisiana, but who’s counting? JACOB that’s who! LOL

D out!

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  1. DW on April 30th, 2007 11:34 pm



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