EA goes “Skate It” for the Wii

After their successful entry into the skate boarding genre with “Skate”, EA hopes to keep the momentum going with Skate It for the Wii. The title is a spin off of the Skate franchise (yes it is one), and, as one would already guess the game makes use of the Wii remote and it’s controls to handle your board (as shown in the teaser video).  In addition,  it supports the Wii balance board. One good thing to hear was the fact that they managed to port over the physics used in the original Skate title, as that made for some pretty nasty, but impressive, crashes and stunts.

The game is being jointly developed by the staff at EA Montreal and Black Box(original skate devs). IGN got an exclusive interview with the producer in which they revealed some nuggets on the upcoming title. Below are a few excerpts

“IGN: What sort of differences to the gameplay can we expect on the Wii? What about the DS version?

Scott Blackwood: Expect the same revolutionary, intuitive, and fun gameplay, but this time applied to the strengths of the Wii and DS systems. It’s all about bringing that authentic Skate feeling to the Wii remote and stylus, or and for the full on immersive types, the Wii Balance Board.”

“IGN: I understand that the Wii version of the game will utilize the Wii balance board. Is this a mandatory option or will you be able to play Skate It without it? What sort of abilities will you be able to do with the Balance Board?

Scott Blackwood: Of course, you can play Skate without the Wii Balance Board, but you’d be missing out on a next level of immersiveness if you did. Hey, did that help sell Balance Boards…where’s my cut? In all seriousness, the game plays super fun with or without the Balance Board, but if you want to really feel your carves and control your manuals, I’d advise you to skate a Balance Board version of the game. People that try it really seem to be digging it, and we’re still discovering new and cool ways to integrate it daily.”

Skate boarding with the balance board, sign me up! LOL. EA is on a roll already with making good use of the Wii-mote (I recommend Boom Blox). So, it would really suck if they drop the ball on this one. And them supporting the balance board with this title just makes sense. There hasn’t been an official ship date yet since they are still working on the title. They said it would be released in the calender year of 2008 (we’ll see). You can read the whole 2 page interview over here and check back with us next week as EA plans to go full blast with a press event that will go more in depth with this title as well as others. We’ll have all the info you’ll want to read. Like old Arnie once said… stick around!

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One Response to “EA goes “Skate It” for the Wii”

  1. DW on May 11th, 2008 8:56 am

    Okay, perhaps one of the more cooler uses of the wii board to pull in the kiddies I think. Nice.


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