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E3 ‘09: PSP Go Impressions


We got a chance to play with the PSP Go from Sony. PSP Go takes a whole new, but not a ground breaking, approach. Sony has opted to do away with the UMDs and takes on the digital download account. If you already own a PSP you already know you can now log on to PlayStation Network Account via the devices download games and do account management. The PSPgo comes with a built in 16GB HD but you can also use memory cards as well. All the other features and updates that you’ve come to expect from the device is here. The representative we spoke to was not able to give us an official but today they announced the device for $249.00. Keep in mind you can download games for your current PSP units.


It was a little hard to get a good feel for the PSPgo since it was attached to this massive security device. The security device prevented you from sliding the main controller portion of the unit up and down. The representative also couldn’t confirm the battery life for the unit as of this article. Probably my biggest concern was size of the unit, though it is smaller, I can’t foresee it being easy to use if you have large hands. It’s not too bad but some users may fuss about that. The shoulder buttons have a much better feel than the original PSP models.

Perhaps taking the iPhone software approach to the PSP may very well be a great idea for the Sony Handheld.  Apple has there network very well sorted out already and Sony has a lot of different things that they push on their network (Home for example).  There is also a high chance that the PSPgo will support trophies as one of the games was mentioned as being trophy ready.  Overall it seems like a descent upgrade to the system and the move to digital downloads is a step forward for Sony.



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One Response to “E3 ‘09: PSP Go Impressions”

  1. Reuben on June 2nd, 2009 11:42 pm

    Honestly, I think they should have used more design features from the Sony Mylo range - a slide-out keyboard for one.


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