E3 2008 - It is indeed a MADWORLD (new trailer)

Well, I think, one thing is pretty evident from this trailer, MADWORLD game is VIOLENT AS HELL! We all thought No More Heroes took violence to a new level right? Sorry Travis, but a new bar is about to be set! After seeing Nintendo’s “casual” focus of the press conference, this game stood out like a hot girl in a dive bar. This time around the trailer sheds more light on the game and puts things into perspective. As speculated before, MadWorld’s premise seems that of a sick and twisted game in the vein of the old Arnie flick, “The Running Man” in which a contestant must win by not dying pace is set! Thankfully, unlike that old flick, our hero looks to be equipped with some bad ass weapons (arm chainsaw anyone?) and the ability to use the environment to dispose of attackers.

MadWorld will be the debut title from the newly formed studio, Platinum Games which is composed of ex Capcom vets. I think it’s safe to say the title is in good hands. From it’s over the top violence and unique black and white graphical style, this is shaping up to be something just a bit more than the usual senseless violent games out already on the market. If they can nail down a story that is crazy yet awesome as No More Heroes, these guy will have a sure fire cult hit on their hands and will make a great new entry into Wii’s mature title library. I hope we can all look forward to more games that take a unique and some what twisted approach to gameplay and visuals.

Mad World - Trailer E3
by LiveWii
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2 Responses to “E3 2008 - It is indeed a MADWORLD (new trailer)”

  1. DW on July 16th, 2008 1:26 am

    Love the comic feel.


  2. UnitDaGamer on July 16th, 2008 7:50 am

    This looks like something from Suda 51 and it looks good! i like the stylized b&w comic book approach. we need more stylized games instead of everthing looking gritty, dirty and realistic.


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