E3 2008 Day 2 - Sony Perspective

About 8 Minutes. That’s not how long it takes to get to the center of a tootsie roll pop, but how long it took Jeff T. to get to the good stuff at Sony’s Conference today at E3.  After a quick history on PS1, PS2, and the PS3 life story, the talk on “genre defining kick ass games” begun.  Cheesy, yes, true, perhaps.

J.T pointed out that this year is the Software Year for PS3, and that the game system has over 75 titles, exclusive to the PS3.  Can you name them all?  Most likely, if you’re not absorbed in the system as myself you probably couldn’t, and personally neither can I.  Everyone has a specific, or unique list that’s on their radar, and not everything can expose themselves to genre defining, art, or casual games and actually like it. It’s a fact, not of all you like Flow.

But I’m sure you know about Resistance 2.  Visually the the game didn’t look like what I expected (on my computer screen) but then again that 300 ft beast in the Conference show made the Bru-mac that I fought on Gears of War look like a chimp.  But everyone seemed more interested in seeing more about LittleBigPlanet.  So, Sony decided to incorporate the game into its Sony E3 2008 Power Point Presentation.  This shows how creative you can get with LBP later this year.

Sony still plans on supporting the PS2 with games all out through this year and beyond it would seem.  Another surprise was the continuation of the Ratchet and Clank Future saga.  If you’re a fan of Tools of Destruction, this new story will continue right after Clank’s disappearance in the first game. The sub title is a little questionable though. I mean, Quest for Booty, c’mon guys!

PSN is perhaps where Sony is seriously shining and really striving for that Quality over Quality definition of their network (that’s intentional).  JT pointed out that they “are not striving to have the most games on” PSN but instead provide content that drives innovation for more innovative content.  A thing that they need to do even more.  Yet, with titles like LBP, Pixel Junk Eden, Flower, Fat Princess, R&C, Siren Blood Curse, and a few exclusives don’ always appeal to the masses.  Sometimes gamers will stay in a rut for the same ol’ same ol’ for years, and then all of a sudden will just drop a genre all together. Whichever came first though, consumer request and motivation, or Sonys desire to stand out, the driving factor for PSN is begining to show.

What about that Home Quota JT? We all know how slow Sony is on delivering a promise … on time.  Not much was shown and once again I was a little disappointed about that.  It was interesting to see that you could theme your pad on Home based on certain key titles.

Eric D from PlayStation.Blog pointed out during his live demo the new Video feature section due for PSN soon.  At Video PSN, you’ll be able to browse its content partners page to download movies in SD/HD which can either be bought or rented (perhaps an option available for those with limited space on there HD.  Movies can be watched after they begin downloading, a feature already available for trailers on the PSN site.  That’s cool, so it implies that they embracing the idea of download content.  Perhaps I should warn my friend who works at Hollywood video, that she should get a better job sooner.

I’m sure there will be a time when this feature will be so popular with consoles, and other IPs, but not everyone has access to that stuff.  My main concern is that the bandwidth connection in the US blows compared to certain countries in Europe and the far east.  Most consumers/gamers will not be able to enjoy this luxury for a while.

There are several new special packs coming out for PSP, most notably the Silver PSP with Ratchet and Clank, one UMD Movie and more.  In addition, a portable version of Resistance was also announced.  Okay, that one came out of no where but it actually looked descent.  One difference though is that the camera sits over your shoulder as opposed to over the hand.  Yet, all the sequels you want, like LocoRoco 2, PataPon 2, Force Unleashed (which looked amazing), Buzz, and others were shown.

Hey, you remember Jim Lee? Yea, the guy who did XMEN way back in the early ninties, and later moved to DC to work on Batman and Superman.  A strong resume.  Turns out that he’s the exec’ on DC Universe.  This game, moved via SOE, will give you the chance to create your own characters within the world of DC to do things like plotting to take out The Batman.

Everyone wanted to see Kratos but as you can probably guess, there was no in game footage for that title.  The teaser trailer was enough to whet anyone’s appetite but more would have been nice. InFamous also showed up, and more details on the game, and its story was also revealed.  From what was seen, the game looks to have more compelling story, and potential from developer SuckerPunch.

Another new IP form Zipper is a game called MAG.  Okay, remember people making a big deal about Resistance 2’s online mode supporting 60 players.  Man, that’s a lot … okay, how about 256.  Nuff said. Back on the PlayStation.Blog, more updates ensued. I downloaded that expansion pack for Super Stardust HD, and it looks like Rock Band got blown out the frame with new tracks.  Not that I care about the game/genre, but ou can check out the list here.

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