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E3 ‘09: Uncharted 2: Multiplayer Hands-On Impressions

Planned for this year, Uncharted 2 for the PS3 is set to make waves with its new multiplayer mode. The first time I heard about the multiplayer I thought that this was going to be another slap on for a game, as developers look for ways to make me spend that 59.99. The multiplayr is anything but cheap but seems like a great addition to what could be the best title on PS3 this year. Sadly, the demo on the flow was limited to original video that was showcased some weeks ago, set on the same stage playing the same mode.


For the E3 ’09 show flow, attendees got a chance to take part on a Six on Six TDM round managed by the Naughty Dog reps. Let’s cut to the chase, my team won. Why? I found the shot gun and the heavy shield. The shield, though it slows you down to a snails crawl, gives you a serious defensive and offensive advantage. If you were concerned about Shotgun users during online bouts, you can stay concerned, as this will be problem for those of us who don’t admire the beauty of it.


The environment in the demo, gives you numerous opportunities to navigate up and around your enemies and blind side them. Once our team picked up on this, we took advantage of it, scoring the desired 35 points, to end the round and the demo. This also ended the demo session for the loosing team so it left a bitter taste in their mouth. If you played the demo today, you would have gotten the open beta card which starts tonight.

Overall it was a little strange using the same mechanics for the regular game in an online environment and that initial disoriented feeling could not be avoided. Once you got accustomed to it though, it was straight forward and easy to take advantage of. The reps told us that after the game, there are future plans for the multiplayer mode and expect Naughty Dog to support the multiplayer going forward. Though he couldn’t comment to what capacity, support is planned. The build on the show flow as not final and more can be expected when Uncharted 2 is released later this year in November.

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