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E3 ‘09: Photos From The Show Floor

For those of you who couldn’t make it to California for E3, I put together a select few of the 900+ photos I took of the showroom floor.  It was painful going through all those photos but I picked these and tried to show all the different rooms.  To get an idea of the layout, from a platform standpoint, Nintendo and Sony were grouped together in the same hall while Microsoft separated itself from the three. Whether this was intentional, no one really knows but Microsoft.  It was painful going between the two locations but in a way you had reserve one day for the Microsoft hall and the remaining two for Nintendo and Sony.

If you had interviews with developers and like it is hard to play games.  I heard other bloggers, interviewers and the like saying that this format, the original (having everything in one location) is much better.  Indeed, I would recommend anyone who has the time and funds to take part in E3.  You may be surprised at the amount of executives walking around but they are quite easy to approach and talk to. I had lunch with one sound designers from God of War 3 for example and I spoke with a concept artist who worked on the same game while standing in line for Starbucks.  Well if you can make it next year, look us up!

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