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E3 ‘09: Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time Impressions

Ratchet & Clank a crack time had me thinking that the series may finally reaching its apex.  You expect to see the out of this world weapons.  You expect to see zany dingbats that either fulfill their comic relief or comic death.  You expect strong platforming with a little puzzle here and there ontop of great graphics.  Anyone of these missing from the series may spell disaster.  Nevertheless, all of these things were noticeable in the demo long before I picked up the controller to play it.

For those of you who didn’t know, this is the conclusion of the R&C Future series.  The story of the game continues from where Quest for Booty left off, and will follow Ratchet continuing his search for Clank, who was kidnapped by the mysterious Zoni at the end of Tools of Destruction, as well as Clank searching for Ratchet, having apparently escaped the hands of the Zoni. Doctor Nefarious, the main antagonist of Up Your Arsenal has been revealed to have masterminded Clank’s disappearance, and will serve as the main villain of the game.

New gameplay mechanics include time travel and time manipulation. Clank will get a staff that activates time pods that can record a minute of actions.  You can then replay these actions allowing a recorded version of Clank to step on a switch to activate a door for the real version. Up to four copies of Clank can be made in this way so expect to see some interesting time puzzles.  This perhaps the coolest thing about R&C if you were concerned with only gameplay but visually the game delivers.  With the demo on the E3 floor you get to experience all the same crazy action in the background as you did in the first game.  Expect the game to be longer as well as things wind down to the end of the Future series.

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