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E3 ‘09: Lost Planet 2 Impressions

Lost Planet 2 is setting itself up to do everything right that the first game couldn’t; create a solid online gameplay.  In the first game many considered the Multiplayer Mode to be lackluster yet full with potential.  Perhaps Capcom took this heart and decided to make on Online Mission Based Co-Op games to set things right with their followers.

In the demo here at E3, you’re tasked with taking down a Giant Salamander akrid that is nothing short of a Kracken. The demo was locally networked and four people had to duke it out with this monster.  The aim was to destroy but winning strongly depended on your ability to cooperate.  Luckily veteran players didn’t have any trouble picking up the controls and taking advantage of weak points and navigating throughout the environment.  Movement and navigation in the game is exactly like the original game.  Trying to get on the back of the Salamander was very difficult but  it is also possible to get into it.

Capcom said that “the aim that we’re going for is get people to play together”.  With that he goes on to point out that it is actually possible to go inside of the belly of the beast and shoot at its innards to cause hefty damage while the other four members in my squad focused on its external weak points.  We all know how that turns online; it is almost immpossible to work together with other players as gamers tend to approach co-op as “its all about me.”  You have to work together and that’s just the way it is.  Trying to do things on your own will result in your whole squad failing. Actually, to get into the akrids true weak point, you have to work with your other members to blow off several of its legs then before they regenerate you can grabble hook into the mouth and into its’ belly.  If you venture too deeply though you will bet shitted out, exit stage right.


That was very surprising as no one expected it but it made sense.  All that was left at this point was finish off the beast which then melted away leaving behind its skeletal frame like something out of the dinosaur odyssey.  Visually the game maintained its look from the original but since the planet you will be colonizing is no totally frozen you will encounter too much white foreground.   This also implies that the requirement for heat is not a top priority.  Instead, you need to maintain the overall health of your squad.  Having one member in your squad kick the bucket can be very bad for you in the long haul.  This forces you to make personal sacrifies for health items dropped by akrids.  You will also manage your health but if the team health goes down too low, everyone dies.  I believe this is how Capcom is going to get gamers to work together. We all know how multiplayer campaigns turn out online; every man for himself.  This mentally will not work here.


I left feeling very satisfied with this game and just about everyone who tried the demo exclaimed that they were impressed.  If what is left in the real game continues like this, then we may have one of the coolest online co-op games in a while.

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