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E3 ‘09: God of War III Impressions

The first thing you notice about God of War III for the PS3 when you play the demo is the immediate difference in the camera work. Everything that you’ve come to love about the series is either intact or enhanced.  Some of the attendees at E3 have been summing up the difference to a graphical overlay but overall everyone is satisfied.  The point is that if do buy the game for graphical reasons, in the least, you won’t be disappointed. The controls, sound and whatever makes God of War what it is remains intact and satisfying to anyone.


The series has been know to bring some serious brutal kills in the game, and nothing less can be said here.  You will also find that the game is just as hard as ever.  Rarely did you see someone not getting killed throughout the demo.  For those hardcore fans that welcome the God of War difficulty challenge, they will not be disappointed.   It seems the team put a lot of effort into using different types of cameras throughout the game to give it a unique presentation.  At one point you are tasked to take down Helios in his flying chariot but if you pay attention you can see the Chimera boss crip up on you in the shadows of the foreground (not the background).


They play with 3/4 overhead shots, 3D side scrolling and the standard far top views throughout the demo which kept things fresh.  The sounds also had significant impact one me; as you slash your way through the game and you hear the chains of the Chaos Blade shingle against the wrists of Kratos.  Gamers where more preoccupied with the brutality in the game though.  Especially when you where tasked with remove Helios’s head from his body.  I even heard one gamer describe it as disgusting, watching as Kratos pulled a Mortal Kombat fatality on his unsuspecting foe.


You can now take advantage of your enemies throughout the game to traverse the landscape and in some cases use it against them.  At first I found this a little difficult but once you master this, the skill becomes very useful, and eventually, a necessity.  When you think about the gore in the game, I couldn’t help but wonder that the game is going to sell strictly based its violent steam alone.  Since God of War III upholds the “if it ain’t broke don’t’ break it methodology”, I’m sure old and new fans will not be disappointed with this final addition to the series.  Sony made it clear that this will be their final and very best God of War.  Gamers should rest at ease because this game will be longest in the series.  I can’t wait!

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