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E3 ‘09: E3’s Top 10 Underdogs

E3 2009's Underdogs

Fairytale Fights

While it may seem a little out of place to have a game staring Little Red Riding Hood on a list of games that should be appreciated from this year’s E3 “Fairytale Fights” deserves at least a second glance. Set in a Fairytale world comprised of books and stories you play as well-known fairytale characters hacking and slashing their way over the river and through the woods leaving a bloody mess of body parts and grey matter behind. This game is so awesome that it even goes to a split screen in-game cut-scene that shows exactly how you’re slicing and dicing your forest dwelling enemies into multiple pieces. “Fairytale Fights” even includes its own liquid physics for sliding around in the blood that pools up on the screen. Sick. A little sadistic. Definitely twist. Potentially awesome. (Playlogic - Xbox 360, PS3)

Rock Band Unplugged

Overshadowed by it’s bigger brother (”The Beatles: Rock Band”) and already on store shelves, “Rock Band Unplugged” is an enjoyable experience in and of itself. It’s like four different “Amplitude” boards coming at you at once, with better music, and portable. I mean really, aside from being on a lame duck system, this game has a lot going for it - DLC, portability, and Nine Inch Nails “The Perfect Drug.” There isn’t much more this game needs, except… ya know, maybe some Beatles tracks… but they’ll never do a video game. (MTV Games - PSP)

Sin & Punishment 2

Did you know Nintendo was showing off “Sin & Punishment 2″? Well, if you watched their press conference there’s no way you would have… because they didn’t even acknowledge its existence. I think that alone really set the tone for the audience they are going after now. IT’S FREAKING “SIN & PUNISHMENT 2″ … Treasure developed game showing up on the Wii. The controls and gameplay are, perhaps, one of the best fits for any Wii game… ever. If the interest and sales of the original “Sin & Punishment” on the Wii were any indicator, people care about this game … a lot of people care about this game, but it was tucked away over in the corner of Nintendo’s booth (with half the line to play it as there was to play “Wii Fit Plus”). What is wrong with this picture? (Nintendo - Wii)

Little King’s Story

At first glance “little King’s Story” may appear to be targeted at the Wii’s younger audience, but, a closer look will reveal that it’s a surprisingly deep, and involved civilization sim that allows you to rule your own kingdom. It’s a unique and creative take on monarchy, and it may be a bit too complex for your younger sister - and it also has “sexy girls” according to the creator. Going into E3 I had missed a lot of info on this game, but after spending some time with it I was taken aback by just how good it looks, and fear that it may get lost in the shuffle. It may be a little on the cutesy side, but it sure does look like a lot of fun. Don’t forget about this game when it hits shelves this July. (XSEED - Wii)


So, “Madballs in BABO Invasion” wasn’t exactly at E3. I saw a preview of the game while sitting at a table at Starbucks in the LA Convention Center. Just because they didn’t have a big expensive booth, does that mean they weren’t part of the show? Absolutely not, this meeting was just had a little extra Frappachino mixed in. Either way, the game looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun on a bunch of different levels. First of all, it’s Madballs, and what self-respecting 20-something doesn’t remember/love Madballs? Then, there’s the fact that you get to blow stuff up with Madballs… and I think we can all agree that blowing stuff up is fun with or without Madballs. Add to that the fact that one of those things you can blow up is a Madball version of your Xbox 360 Avatar, and… well… you’ve got a game that deserved to be shown on the show floor, and not just in the Starbucks next door. Watch out for this game when it hits XBLA, it may just suck you in. (PlayBrains - Xbox 360)

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