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E3 ‘09: Bayonetta Impressions

We got a chance to sit with Yasuke Hashimoto from PLATINUMGAMES, Inc.  one of the producers on the action title, Bayonetta.  Simply put, we walked away impressed.  The demo we were shown was diffrent from the E3 floor demo but nevertheless what we were shown was just as good and provided some hints into the plot as well.  As a matter of fact, it looked like the version we were shown was much more polished than E3 floor demo.


I will  cut to the chase, Bayonetta is just as, if not more, fun to play than Devil May Cry.  The four-gun-arms-and-legs-wearing heroine trumps the Devil May Cry approach to this genre to all extremes.  Just like DMC you will have the ability to switch between your weapons at any point, during combos, on the ground or in the air. That means you can expect to see a few show-man combo videos on YouTube not long after the game is released later this year.  An official release date was not given though and perhaps will not abate the strong desire for this game.

The demo itself was very popular on the floor.  Hashimoto-san had pointed out the use of something called “Witch-Time”.  If you dodge an enemie’s attack late enough, time will slow down, givening you the ability to lay down the law on your enemies with extra damage.  You can probably guess, there are light and heavy attacks that you can execute with your arms and weapons. Each weapon has a unique set of combos and timed attacks.  That means that the combo tree will grow even more when you start switching between your weapons.  Between stages, or load time, you will get the ability to practice all your moves so you can master them.  The combos are important because of the additional damages that the final move delivers.  The final blow involves the summoning of a giant arm/leg in addition to a giant dragon that you dispatch on your foes just before they die.  Those final attacks are called Gigaton/Megaton attacks.


Nothing is hidden from you and Hashimoto-san pointed out, there will be a significant amount of items to collect and use throughout the game.  Weapons you pick up will be destroyed over time.  There is no downloadable content planned for the game but Hashimoto-san told us that there will be significant amount of items you can collect throughout the game and should keep most gamers occopied for a bit.  The overall presentation on Bayonetta is very impressive with its massive boss battles, over the top action and unique sound (a mixture of orchestral music and rock n’ roll).  Considering the large bosses, you’re almost in denial that you can beat an enemy of that size first and in most cases you will have to go through several bouts with a boss before you actually defeat them.  Throughout the stage though, much like God of War, there are several mini-boss battles that you engage in from whom you can pick up additional weapons.

Hashimoto-san told us that Bayonetta got no real inspiration from any other game.  This makes me wonder because the resemblance to Devil May Cry is uncanny.  The look and feel of the game is appealing; down to her sexy walk.  Since we were showed a different demo than the floor model there are some additional plot twists we were that we can’t tell you about just yet.  It did shed some light and pontification into the story and plot and perhaps even main character herself.  This game will be an easy buy for Devil May Cry fans but will interest new comers enough to warrant a purchase.

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