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E3 ‘09: A Boy and His Blob Preview Interview

A Boy and His BlobRemember David Crane’s completely original NES title, “A Boy and His Blob”? It was pretty amazing wasn’t it? Well, someone at Majesco had the amazing idea to bring it back for a new generation of gamers. And then they went one step further, and got the retro-game-loving WayForward (”Shantae,” “Contra 4″) to to make it, and from what we saw at E3, it’s coming along quite well. In fact, it looked to be one of the best looking games at E3 for the Wii, next to Ignition’s “Muramasa.” All in all, games like this are really making me think there are some really interesting third party titles coming for the Wii this year… and that makes me smile. But, I digress, check out Sir-G’s interview with Majesco Entertainment to find out a bit more about this revived classic.

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