DJ Mario in the house!!!

Wii Loop Machine Demo

You all have probbly seen the the Wii-mote modified into an DJ instrument from the various DJ’s across the net already. Well adding to the fray is a new mod to the remote were you can now control loop samples all the while adding and effecting pitches and whatnot. The video from “The Amazing Rolo” gives a pretty in depth and easy to follow demonstration on how the controller works in conjunction with your arm and hand movements. I have to admit this mod looks pretty impressive so far from all the ones I peeped already on the web.

Scroll to 4:00 in the video to see him really get down with the Wii-mote!!!

And as a news update, the now famous site DJ WiiJ has been purchased by Nintendo. What started out as one DJ’s mod to the remote and it’s website has now been snapped up by Nintendo themselves. And coming from the owner of DJ WiiJ, he states on his main site that Nintendo is now in the process of making a DJ game, but becuase of the usual NDA, is not allowed to talk further about it, but instead talks about ideas he has had for the mod. Either way, if you thought the Wii was a party system before, imagine busting out the controller and with the wave of your hands, you start drop the ill mix for listener to move too. DJ Sir-G in da house!!!!

DJ WiiJ official site


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2 Responses to “DJ Mario in the house!!!”

  1. DW on April 2nd, 2007 9:05 pm

    damn that was coool …. creativity is running a muck


  2. Sir-G on April 2nd, 2007 11:05 pm

    yeah that joint is pretty tight. I liked were he started to mix the drum and bass samples. Man people out there are nasty when it comes to creatn’ stuff! I just hope developers are taking note cause they could learn from what heads are doing!


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