Digital Life Expo in NYC

Most impressive thing? Final Fantasy 12 Judge Armor!!!





Did they give it away? No :-( but is was cool to look at. Besides oodles of Final Fantasy 12 stations, it was pretty much an XBOX360 party. As at 3 seperate areas, Xbox games were running back to back. People got a chance to sample the new Splinter Cell and Superman amongst a host of new XBOX arcade games. (Lumies Live Rules!)

The Wii was on display with Madden from EA and Elebits by Konami.

I must say that I was dispointed with the way Madden looked on the Wii. I heard similar sentiments while waiting for my turn on the nunchuck. (Which didn’t come by the way as the crowds around were not worth it) The graphics to me, were just a step up from the original XBOX version. People seemed to have fun playing in this new style, but it was a bit frustrating at first.

Elebits looked good and the girls had a great time playing it.

Both of the “Known Professional” gaming leagues were present MLG (Major League Gaming) and GGL (Global Gaming League) to me the more “Exciting” of the two was the MLG. They set up stands and had a DJ sponsored by Boost Mobile. The GGL was more PC based and had a quiter tempermant, while MLG was almost concert like with Halo 2 blasting and Super Smash Brothers eh “Smashin”.

Funniest out of the element, element? US Armed Forces with their Chin Up bar in the MLG section. What’s more funny than watching “Gamers” attempt to do Chin Ups? I’ll let you imagine.

Sony’s biggest presence of course came from their Televisions. The new Bravia is Ultra Slick. As for PS3? Well they had it there, but only showed of Two Games. NBA07 (Which can’t hold a candle to NBA2k7) and Resistance Fall of Man. (Whoa Baby!)

My two cents on Fall of Man. Please stop hyping this game up! Why? It looks and plays like a PC first person shooter. For a good 60 seconds I thought I was watching Call of Duty 3. Good thing? I think not. If Sony is going to bet the farm on an FPS, it should play like a Console FPS. The look is a bit two PC ish for my tastes. Now don’t get me wrong I love PC FPS’s. But I feel if you are going to Hype a Mega game, it should be doing something different. Granted the hype is not coming from Insomniac. It’s all Press hype, but still people be serious. The game looks great. But won’t have people saying “Now this is what I should be playing.”

My newest fetish? “Shiny, Glossy, Viewing Surfaces!” Like OMG, from the PSP on up to Flat Screen Monitors and LCD’s. You have to love the “Candy” coat shine that these screens have. It just makes everything so vibrant! Must get me some!

That’s it for now.

Dave Out!




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