Devil May Cry 4 - PC Demo

Woohoo, prepare your those fancy keyboards for DMC 4. Hands down, my PC gaming brethren know how to type-a-game and dial-a-combo. The southpaw clans of the world agree that its not that its something difficult to do, but rather that it takes guts to take on games like these with your keyboard. Rest assured, you can edit your keyboard layout any way you want in Capcom’s Devil May Cry 4, or chicken out for that cheap PC-360 controller. The click-able images show you that your brain may not register the possibilities of arthritis while playing DMC 4 on a high-end PC though.

The visuals are so crisp, it puts the PS3 and the 360 versions to shame. But, you knew that already. That taking these games to the land of higher resolutions and refresh rates always delivers on the viewable side of things.

Having spent over 50 hours (extras) with the PS3 version, I’m half shocked that it looks so good and damned afraid to spend that long with it on my keyboards. We can argue back and forth about graphic whores, but if you played GEARS OF WAR on the PC you’d know what I mean. You would also understand the loading issues associated with games like these are best describes as unwanted beasts. If the demo is anything like the final PC version, loading screens wise, great ready to make a cup of coffee, and perhaps a pull out some cookies from your mommy’s cookie jar. Yes, the loading in the demo sucked harder than a calf to cow-tits.

The game supports both Dx9c and Dx10. So, even if you didn’t have an SLI based Dx10 card, or a dual card setup with about 1GB of RAM, you can still expect a visual treat. Here’s a secret for you, these screens were taken in Dx9c mode.

I’ll save Dx10 for you to see if you download the new demo yourself or buy the game. Hot knife through butter!


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One Response to “Devil May Cry 4 - PC Demo”

  1. brian on February 3rd, 2009 2:53 pm

    whare can i dawnload devil may cry4 deno


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