Devil May Cry 4 - Impressions

Of course I got my reserved copy of DMC4 for PS3. For those of you wondering, yes, I’ve almost cleared it and I am itching to play Nero Must Die/Dante Must Die mode because the game just isn’t hard enough.

Not so true for the weak of heart though as the game itself delivers everything the DMC series is known for and introduces that other important character from the Devine Comedy. Look it up on Wikipedia. In any case, reading that insanely long poem can be a bore but playing through DMC 4 falls on the other side of rainbow. With its over the top cut scenes, cocky Mrs and Mrs’es, you are entertained through and through. The initial load for the game prompts you to install the software, a la PC game setup, that takes a considerable amount of time. Considerable in my world is anything more than 5 minutes. I was doing maintenance on a server while this happened so be prepared to read a book or something to pass the time. The install goes a long way as load times and cut scenes are hair-thin close to non-existent. Unlike the other series though, loading at the Divinity Statues, where you do upgrades in-game, does not exist - the way it should have been.

On Nero, his moves are anything but Flashy and fun. Once you start to upgrade his arsenal and abilities, you start to see a whole new style come to play, but asside from that, if you haven’t mastered the methods to do different combos in the DMC series by now, you’ll never will without some patience and effort on your part. Timing is key and per the instructions “Your timing must be Perfect!” His combo system, though analogous to Danetes’, still stands on its own as a solid system of buffered maddness. Most users will not do the over the top combinations but like the other series, I live for this stuff. The story is standard fair but keeps you occupied and interested but its nothing to go gah-gah about. C’mon, when has Capcom ever given you an RPG style story for its action games? It’s just something you shouldn’t expect. I am thoroughly impressed with the 7.1 Surround Mix though, as the details and background noises can only be appreciated on a solid Home Theater setup. So far, so good, expect a full review soon, unless if I decide to finally finish both the stories in Folklore (that game has a story by way).

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