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Diving into your PC Machines over the last few days was that elusive Crysis demo. For those of you that weren’t lucky enough to play this game in its demo form, you can now download it from a multitude of mirror sites. When this game was first announced several of us tried our best to ignore all the hype that surrounded it. Why? Because this is a grahpic-whores wet dream. Crysis plays well on DX9 and if you have a reasonable machine, say like a Duo/Quad Core with a 512 card, you can do just fine at 1280*1024 with medium settings. Putting this sucka on high will start to demand more and a 768MB card starts to make sense.


But, do you need to shell out $500 - $1000 on a GPU alone? Yes, by all means, if you got it flaunt it because when this game runs at full specs, its a sight to behold. It’s not hard to believe that the above screen was taken from a machine running 4GB of RAM, Intel Core 2 Duo, DX9 and a 256MB card at 1280*1024? Even on the lowest of settings this game looks good. Work due to the partnership that Crytek had with Microsoft when putting this bad boy together. As for the claims about this not being possible on a console, I’m not so sure after playing it, because it seems highly possible. Then again, being completely un-educated in the world of Crytek and its’ world generator or the strain that may put on next gen consoles when running, gunning, throwing grenades, shards whizzing by you, all the while holding some solid frames, lush environments, and the like.

The game starts off with you taking a leap off your super secret jet with your crew members. In-between points A->B you will be taught all you need to know about your suit, pick the female robotic voice, and begin to kick some serious ass. Being the speed hog that I am, it was easily tempting to abuse speed mode. Enemies are easily surprised by your “Sonic” like movements and its easy to run around those annoying turrets if you can time your movements well. So far so good, the game sounds good, plays frantic, and has a serious sense of urgency with regards to the story. My personal love of Science Fiction novels plays towards an appreciation for the title. In addition to your suits’ futuristic powers, you will not be able to abuse them. Each ability is well balanced.

On normal, the game gives you a challenge, on Delta mode … well its Delta mode. Though not new to the era of the FPS genre, it’s good to see such a diverse cast as well. Each character in the game is distinct down to their movements, gestures, and attitudes. Why does Jester sound like he’s from the Bronx? Broken accent and all. Still it is something we have gotten accustomed to since the early days of Call of Duty. An absence of such a feature would do more harm than good.

The menu system in Crysis was also impressive. It’s not a bad idea to spend 10 minutes playing around with options before you start a game. Easily beckoned to those quarters of a game, its not hard to walk away unimpressed if it is done poorly. Take for instance the menu system for the PC Version of Bioshock - it was a flicking nightmare. The Crysis menu falls along the lines of smooth, simple, futuristic, and clean. Not only that, things actually work and make sense. In highlight, changing between resolutions is very, very smooth; something that has always bothered me with previous PC games. Sometimes, changing resolutions would result in a crash. However, there is a slight problem with the suit toggle mode between Speed, Strength, Cloak, Armor, and others. It was difficult to find a one button configuration solution for this but one can hope that a solution will be implemented in the final version for the game.

At the end of the day, I can’t help but feel that it’s another FPS; a beautifully done FPS that is. Crytek will hate me for that comment but that’s the impression I got. There should be more to the plot than meets the eye but so far my appetite has been whetted and I am looking forward to the release of this title.

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