Confirmed…Chun Li is a man!

Or at least it looks like it from these recent new photos of her from the official Street Fighter 4 blog. It appears her texture mapping has gone under a bit of change and now features a bit more detail in her hair and eyes as well as softer shading. But HOT DAMN, look at those hands! Capcom, WTF! I mean seriously folks, look at that opposable thumb. She can break a mans neck with those things. Gone is the beautiful Chun Li from Street Fighter 3 only to be replaced by this…this abomination. I don’t know what Capcom was thinking, but they used to be held in high regards for their illustrated art work. But since this whole 3D thing, they seem to have lost something in the translation. :(

Here’s a before and after comparison

Note the hands still remain FUGLY!!!!


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One Response to “Confirmed…Chun Li is a man!”

  1. Furiouslee on April 23rd, 2008 8:14 pm

    Man that shit is retard why did they have to make my girl manly looking for what is the deal. If they didn’t want any females in the game they should have just took them out. O well guess i’ll be going back to old ryu or ken. Bastards


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