Charlie Can’t LogOn to Server …

… and so goes the saying as gamers joke around about their recent inabilities to hit up an online multiplayer fiesta via Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare. What gives? Not sure really but perhaps Infinity Ward was not expecting the hits that their servers got after they released the beast that is CoD4 mid last week. Gamers are thoroughly unforgiving, especially when they are told they will get an A and they get a B. “Charlie don’t Surf” but apparently he can’t log on to a server either as the XBOX 360 owners and the PS3 owners moan from the lack of a proper online session.

Charlie Runs

The first two days were great, as the actual game itself can be finished in one sitting before hitting those servers hard. Yours truly clocked in 6 hours on his first try for the regular game, and currently running around level 33 online. Perhaps playing the offline game at its’ highest difficulty would have been best. Still, the addiction doesn’t come from the main game itself but more so from the online element. Simply put, CoD4 online is addictive. Then there’s that nagging desire to gain all the perks, guns, and to complete all those challenges. You can’t deny it, Infinity Ward hit the nail on the head with the online feature … and then there’s that mysterious Prestige Mode [damn, only 20 some levels to get to it .. what is it????]

Infinity Ward promptly responded with at least two server updates so far - one on the 11/10 and one done earlier this morning at 1Am, 11/12/2007. You can see their comments at if you have an account. Some of the members at the forums are reporting better performance today however. It’s good that IW is taking this seriously because gamers can hurt harder than a backlash from a claymore mine. It’s at that point that Charlie won’t be able to surf.

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