Nintendo’s Top 10 Games Still Missing From The Virtual Console

March 12, 2009

Nintendo's Top 10 Games Still Missing From The Virtual Console

It has been 844 days since the Wii was released here in the U.S., and since the day it was released, classic titles from my childhood show up every Monday courtesy of the Virtual Console. It’s like a little chocolate chip cookie for me to wake up to first thing in the morning as I begin my trudge through another week. Over the last two plus years the V.C. has had its ups and downs; from great classic titles that never saw Stateside release, to weeks and weeks of virtual drought. However, through the thick and thin, the retro gamer inside me has stuck with it, in hopes that some of my all-time favorites would become available for me to download, and play again, all at the click of a button. However, even after all this time, and all these weeks, there’s still a hearty list of essential Nintendo titles that are still missing - and I’m talking about first party Nintendo published games. I mean, it’s fine with me, just one more missed opportunity for Nintendo to take my money, but the thing is, I’ll gladly pay to play a lot of these games, in most cases for the second or third time. Whether these games will ever make it on the V.C. is unknown to me, but hopefully someday I’ll be able to give Nintendo more of my hard earned money, just to reminisce about being a kid. Below is my list of Nintendo’s Top 10 games that are still missing from the Virtual Console, and it’s restricted only to games that were published by Nintendo at the time of their original release. Who owns them now might be a whole different story. [Read more]

MadWorld Gets Black, White, and Red All Over Comic Con

March 11, 2009

Well, after months of anxious anticipation “MadWorld” is finally here, and I think it’s safe to say that there’s quite a few Wiis across the country that are about to get dusted off and finally see some playing time, courtesy of Platinum Games and Sega. Nat X7 is excited, so am I, based on my what I saw a few weeks ago, and Marky already beat it, so you know the TrueGameHeadz crew are all excited about this game. To celebrate the release of the game, we have an interview that Unit did with “MadWorld”’s Producer Atsushi Inaba and Director Shigenori Nishikawa at this year’s Comic Con (yeah, we still got some videos left to pull out). Check out what the creative minds behind the game had to say about their black and white baby.

Madworld Is Coming - Families Across America Rejoice

March 10, 2009

“MadWorld” is coming, and for the first time in quite a while, I finally feel like I need to get my Wii fixed. I bought Nintendo’s Little White Savior, not only because I’m a huge fan of The House that Mario built, but mainly because I didn’t have enough money for the PS3 at the time. The initial wave of games impressed me; “Twilight Princess,” “Super Mario Galaxy,” and “Metroid Prime 3″ were all fantastic experiences, but since then I’ve rarely touched my Wii.

I’m not one of these casual games haters, but I do get frustrated every once in a while when I look at the newest sales numbers and see the Wii overwhelmingly on top. I’m glad that the Wii has brought in gamers of all ages, shapes, and sizes, but it’s become increasingly difficult too ignore the flood of processed, churned-out, trash available for the Wii. Over Christmas I did what many gamers did this year when they gathered with their families, and I played some Wii with my uncle (who’s never touched a controller in his life) and cousins. My uncle had just bought my cousin a Wii and some obscure bowling title for ten bucks. TEN BUCKS! And, I promise you, as someone who writes about games, he got what he paid for. The game was absolute bullshit, and I saw no reason to play it after I got past my first ten frames. However, when I looked over at my uncle, he was having the time of his life. Since then, I’ve thought about this issue a lot, and I just don’t ever see the day happening where people, like my uncle, will pick up a controller and sit through a hardcore title. Even if it’s dumbed down, and broken up in to a multitude of sectioned episodes. I’ll have more on that issue at a later date. [Read more]

Play Theater: Sonic and the Black Knight Gameplay

March 9, 2009

Sonic’s back… again… in “Sonic and the Black Knight” for the Wii, and today’s Play Theater has a look at the first 15 minutes of gameplay. Take a look, and decide for yourself, if it makes sense for a supersonic hedgehog to be carrying a sword around, slicing and dicing everything in his past. While it might not be enough for you to figure out if IGN was right or wrong, it should give you an idea about what to expect in the early stages of the game.

Am I the only one that gets the feeling this is what a Meta Knight game would be like, if Nintendo ever got around to putting one out?

Overlord: Dark Legend Unleashes Its Minions At Comic Con

March 2, 2009

Yeah … that’s right, we’ve still got a pile of videos left from New York Comic Con for you guys to check out, and to kick off this week, we’ve got a look at “Overlord: Dark Legend” for the Wii. Coming out this June, “Dark Legend” serves as a prequel for the original “Overlord” game that was released in 2007 for the Xbox 360, it sets up the characters and the minions that we played a few years ago. But, I think it’s best to let “Overlord”’s overlord (read: Brand Manager) Dan Robinson explain what to expect when the game hits store shelves…

Dev Box Interview: Atari’s Producer Todd Slepian

February 25, 2009

Dev Box: Atari

It usually takes a small army to create the video games that we play, and, most of the time, all of the focus gets put on the game itself, and not on the people that came together to make it. Our Dev Box interview feature takes a look at some of the unsung heroes that have committed their lives to entertaining all of us. This week we are letting Atari Producer Todd Slepian take a break from working on “Ready 2 Rumble Revolution” and “Ghostbusters” and give him a chance to stand on the Dev Box and tell us a bit about himself, and what he thinks about the industry.

Name: Todd Slepian
Title: Producer
What you do: I make sure everyone working on the title both internally and externally are working on time and on budget and try to solve any problems before they become major issues.
Most recent games worked on: “Ready 2 Rumble Revolution” and “Ghostbusters”

1. What game has most influenced you, and why?
I have always loved the “Zelda” series. It’s a great combination of Action, Story and Puzzle Solving. [Read more]

Ready 2 Rumble Revolution Impressions: Back In The Ring

February 23, 2009

Since it was announced a few weeks ago, Atari’s upcoming arcade-style boxing game for the Wii, “Ready 2 Rumble Revolution” has been fighting an uphill battle. It has more than a few things working against it, that it is going to need to overcome in order to change some minds about the game. Surprisingly, it only took about 15 minutes, and two matches to prove to me that the game is going to be better than I thought, which is great, but that’s not really saying much about what my expectations were.

It’s not “R2RR”’s fault that my standards may have been low, it’s just that I’m one of the fans of the original series that was really hoping to see “Ready 2 Rumble: Round 3” come out, and go head-to-head with EA’s “Facebreaker,” and show it who’s boss. The thing is, this game is a re-envisioning of Midway’s franchise that many arcade boxing fans hold near and dear, to their hearts, and it isn’t it “Ready 2 Rumble 3,” and that’s because it’s not meant to be. [Read more]

Play Theater: Deadly Creatures Gameplay Footage

February 18, 2009

Check out an extended play through of “Deadly Creatures”‘ fourth level - The Citadel. In it you play as the scorpion who is actually going back through the first level of the game, that you played as the tarantula. In the almost 20 minutes worth of video you get to check out most of the scorpion’s moves - including some of his finishing moves. Check out the video, and see why “Deadly Creatures” is the creepiest game to come out in a long time.

Ready 2 Rumble Revolution’s Sweet King and The Pugliator Square Off In Exclusive Trailer

February 17, 2009

Atari’s new arcade boxing game “Ready 2 Rumble Revolution” for the Wii is the latest in the series that has a colorful history of characters, from cover boy Afro Thunder to Michael Jackson. The newest iteration of the game doesn’t have any of the classic characters, but introduces a whole new cast of fighters – many of which appear to have taken their inspiration from well-known celebrities. For example, take the two boxers in our exclusive trailer below, Sweet King and The Puglitator, one appears to be based on Vanilla Ice’s worst nightmare, and the other looks like one of the best dressed men in comedy, but I’ll let you be the judge of that. Check out this exclusive look at “Ready 2 Rumble Revolution” for the Wii.

13 Movies That Inspired Deadly Creatures

February 12, 2009

Deadly CreaturesLast week, when I had the opportunity to sit down and speak with “Deadly Creatures”’s Lead Designer Jordan Itkowitz about what inspired the development and the design of his game. As he showed off “Creatures”‘ desolate desert environments, and really intense creature battles, he kept throwing out the names of movies that inspired various aspects of the game, as well as the creation of the game itself. After the demo he put together a list of 13 must-see movies for anyone that wants to truly appreciate the full “Deadly Creatures” experience, and described how they factored into the game. It looks like it’s time to head over to Netflix and fill up your queue. [Read more]

The Conduit - The New York Comic Con Interview

February 10, 2009

This past weekend TrueGameHeadz was all over New York Comic Con. One of the games we were most excited to check out was Sega’s “The Conduit.” We had a chance to interview a couple of the guys that worked on the game. Check out what “The Conduit”’s Chief Creative Officer, Eric Nofsinger had to tell Unit about the game.

If you want more on “The Conduit,” you can check out my hands-on impressions of the game that I posted earlier today.

The Conduit Preview: Mr. Ford Goes To Washington

February 10, 2009

The Conduit

Sega’s “The Conduit” has a lot riding on it from all ends of the gaming spectrum. First, and foremost, core gamers are hoping that it will finally give them a reason to turn on their Wii, and play the first well-designed FPS game that has been released in a long time. Casual gamers (at least the ones that know about the game) should be hoping for a game that finally lets them take their next step in gaming – a game they can play with their hardcore friends, and actually compete. And finally, Sega is hoping High Voltage’s latest Wii title will be able to blow away the competition much like the players will be blowing away the aliens in the game. Will “The Conduit” be able to make all these people happy? Well, you know what they say about making everyone happy all of the time, but if there are gamers chomping at the bit for a solid, more traditional gaming experience on the Wii, “The Conduit” is just what they are looking for.

Since the FPS genre’s inception way back with “Wolfenstein 3D” and “Doom” gamers have been shooting up everything from aliens, to zombies, to other humans, and “The Conduit” isn’t much different. At some point in Washington D.C.’s unfortunate future, something will go really wrong, and it’s up to one man, known only as Mr. Ford, to investigate it, and set everything right. Basically, this game has everything – alien invasions, government conspiracies, terrorists, secret societies, even the Oval Office to tickle your gamer pickle. While the actual plot of the game may be a bit complex, it should hopefully weave itself together sometime before the closing credits. [Read more]

Deadly Creatures Preview: Creepy Crawlers

February 5, 2009

Deadly Creatures

It’s astounding to me that “Deadly Creatures,” or a game similar to it has never been made. At no point in the past 30 years has anyone ever really attempted to combine two things that ten-year-old boys love so much, creepy creatures and video games. It seems like it would be a sure thing, but, up until now, no one has really attempted it, but thanks to THQ’s Rainbow Studios the world finally has a worthy entry into the arachnid simulation genre. Get ready to be creeped out – “Deadly Creatures” is not entirely what it seems.

Sure, “Deadly Creatures” could have been a pretty straightforward game where all you need to do is survive the wilds of the animal kingdom… but when you dig a little deeper there’s a whole lot more going on. You play the game as two of nature’s most dangerous characters (also known as two things you never want to find in your bed), a scorpion, and a tarantula, exploring the desert around their home and unraveling the a mystery of a missing treasure. [Read more]

Let’s Tap Preview: A Tappa Tappa Tappa

February 4, 2009

Let's Tap
Over the last few years most releases for Nintendo Wii have fallen into one of two categories – innovative or shovelware. At this point in the console’s lifespan, both categories have a fairly vast library of examples, unfortunately it’s the latter category that tends to sell a lot better, and therefore usually sees a lot more releases. It’s because of this lack of quality games that whenever a new release falls into the innovative category, gamers should take notice, and Sega’s recently announced “Let’s Tap” should be at the top of that list.

“Let’s Tap” was released in Japan late last year as the newest creation from Yuji Naka, the same mind that brought the world Sonic the Hedgehog. “Let’s Tap” is a the first Wii title that will be able to be played without actually (or at least very minimally) touching the controller, making it a wildly different take on motion control based gaming. [Read more]

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