DarkSector … is it worth it?

April 7, 2008

I know a few of you, like myself, went ahead and picked up Darksector to bide your time till other more substantial games like MGS, or even Borne Identity and Haze, come out, or perhaps you are thinking of getting it. Here are some of my thoughts on the game to help you on your purchase or rental.

I finished DarkSector after 4 days of playing, each about 2 hours a day … really didn’t take that long and I never got stuck … well except on those damn mobile gun turret guys … those were a little tough at first. After completing the game, my verdict was: this was okay. It had some cool moments, and the camera system reminds me of gears .. but I don’t think that all of the gameplay mechanics does IMO. The pop stop shoot and move mechanics are there .. but the CQC Fatalities and powerups are a very cool addition to the gameplay … though I felt at the end of the game that they could have done even more with this to move the game even further away from Gears. This also implies that the random sticking to wall is present in this, and many other games that implement that feature: something I particularly find annoying.

One of the cooler things about the game is the elemental power ups and how you use it on enemies, and on the environment … its a little repetitive but the puzzles were reasonable enough to keep you thinking but nothing that required you to have Steven Hawkins powers.

Several people told me they got stuck on stage 4 and in the grave yard … my recommendation: brighten up the game in the display settings. The default setting for the game is hella-black. You can’t see shit … don’t brighten it too much but enough for you to see item boxes from a far. This helps with the puzzles as well. Trust me.

The ending in a word was corny. However, you could tell that the game wasn’t trying to be a MGS CutScene Orgy Killer from the get go, so you’re happy that its over when its over so you could go play online. You do actually beat your games before you play them online … right??? *tsk tsk*

Online is fun but only if you’re not expecting a Call of Duty4 killer. If you are, after you beat this game, sell it or trade it in for something else, or put it on the side for Haze, or better yet, get Condemned 2, which you can also sell/trade for Haze/MGS/Bourne.

Overall, a reasonable purchase … nice effects and visuals to watch … the CQC Fatalities never get old, Glave powers remind you of Krull … wish there was a auto-center camera though … it can get crazy sometimes …. I mean, did they forget about R3 for camera fix; sheesh. That’s my biggest complaint.

Other than that … this is a slightly above average game IMO and is only difficult if you’re reckless: the enemy has a knack for punishing your stupidity but you learn this quick on the early stages and then its your turn to abuse them: fun fun fun.

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