Console Sold Numbers

August 26, 2007

Here are the Latest Sold Console numbers as reported by Video Game Charts.

Now I’m not trying to start a frenzy here, but their research is based on a credible way to judge these numbers. I have only one question. With all those Wii’s sold, what are they playing??? Beats me.

Console Sold Numbers

O_O GT5 Extreme Graphics

August 24, 2007

I swear the guys are Polyphony always pushed a system. From PS1 - PS3 those GT games, no matter how much you got fed up of them, they were always impressive. Though questionable during its first sightings mid to late last year, this video shows otherwise. What’s more impressive is the loading. Flicking Motorstorm should take notice.

[kml_flashembed movie="" height="409" width="480" /]


August 22, 2007

And the only game ever to live up to untold amounts of hype continues to tantalize us with more footage. Below you will find new enemies, [bosses???] and just how terrifying they’ll be.

[kml_flashembed movie="" height="409" width="480" /]

Team Fortress Featurette

August 17, 2007

If you’re into 3D Design and software then the following video posted by the lad’s over at VALVE will tell all you need to know on how to make your models look like those in team fortress; well that and a lot of hard work and sleepless nights. This game could not come out any sooner. Valve shows us how simplicity can have a solid impact in visual flare and style - nice job guys, I am thoroughly impressed.

[kml_flashembed movie="" height="409" width="480" /]


August 17, 2007

Ahh Jericho, the other title that I must own for my PC. The only thing preventing me from getting this title for my PS3 is the fact that I know a shit load of of FEAR PC buds are getting it and we’re gonna tear it a new one when it’s released. I love the simplistic plot made for this game [did I say that] and what’s more, I like the way it looks. Though the recent trailer showed off some lip sinking issues, you’d have to wonder if they are going to spoil the fun for me and release it too soon. I think a cake, like this one, should taste like Tira Misu from Junior’s Bakery and served with a healthy dose of Gordon’s Extra Dry. Well, that’s just me at least.

[kml_flashembed movie="" height="409" width="480" /]

6-AXi Controls that Don’t look Half Assed

August 17, 2007

I hear by claim the term 6-AXi. A lot of us feel that some games [with the exception of Flow, Blast Factor, and Super Rub Dub] have 6-AXi thrown on it like a dirty wet towel. The thing is, dirty wet towels don’t smell or feel right. Take a peek at this new GRAW 2 trailer for PS3 where the 6-AXi input appear to make perfect sense in this imperfect gaming world ours -

[kml_flashembed movie=""" height="409" width="480" /]

I’ll let you know when I pick up this title later this month. *Sigh* Gotta actually beat RB6 to buy it though … damn I hate that game.

XBOX360 Cali’ Shots Pleases the Eye

August 17, 2007

Emmm gotta love the bounciness. Being the silly nerd that I am, I can get excited over little things like this and still date hot female pin stripe suit wearing associates from the corporate bowels of downtown Manhattan and totally not feel violated.  The new screen shots from Soul Calibur IV proves just that!

Sounds Good Ta Me

August 17, 2007

Get this, Heavenly Sword’s sound data takes up 10 whopping GBs of space on a blu-ray disc. Damn!!! Can you say crisp uncompressed pulse code modulation faster than me? For once I can say that sounds good and mean it :D. Tom Covin, lead audio architect for Ninja Theory, felt that putting so much effort into the games sound will benefit the emotional experience that players will get from it. At this point, and especially after the bashing they got from me and the folks over at Team Ninja, something better be done right on that game [to my liking].

I’ve always felt that sound took the back burner in games but its pleasing to see the boys and girls at Ninja Theory put that much effort into it. Too bad a lot of the none home theater gamers out their won’t get the full benefit out of it but at least you know this game will sound good on whatever you play it.

GRAW 2 Impresses? Better hopes for Online …

August 9, 2007

After having to put up with that horrid transfer of a game called Rainbow 6 Vegas for PS3, I was reluctant to even consider another Tom Clancy action title from Ubi Soft. The Clancy boys put up a demo of GRAW 2 so I decided to give it a chance regardless of my distaste for the series. I’ll admit, I never was a big fan of Rainbow, or GRAW, and before you bite my head off, I’ll have you know that I played GRAW 2 vigorously on the 360 [at the Virgin Mega Store on 14th Street Union Square]. Still take my words with a grain of salt since there were times throughout my 360 and PS3 demo experience that made me feel that this game was not too advanced.

After booting up the demo, the first thing that hits you is the speed. The menus swing by so quick, and its designed so well, that intuitive is the only thing that allows for a proper description. Maybe developers for GRAW should send the boys who worked on RB6 a template for that. For actual combat controls, the game is standard. In general this game just feels better than RB6. I was surprised to see that they added a little bit of difficulty to sniper kills where your shooter is unable to hold a target dead on for more than .5 seconds. The team command systems are straight forward but for some reason I always had trouble keeping my buddy AI in assault mode. I would also like to point out that you can only play this game online on 360 with a gold membership. A small annoyance but perhaps worth its weight in gold as several users have claimed to pick up that version strictly for MP. Reading further will only prove how ironic life is sometimes. It’s things like that make PSN beautiful in some ways. Another thing that stood out for me was the sound. This game sounds very good and kicks out some serious LFE waves but no where close as the LFE adjuster for The Darkness. Then again, I’m known to keep neighbors awake no matter what game I play :D.

I can absolutely say that the first time I played GRAW 2 online for 360, that it was a major let down. In that version there are no clans, server regions, stat tracking, and no way to play with a friend in a ranked match. WTF? To an off line gamer, this may not sound like much but once you start taking part in online games, these are the things that are a must. Though the achievement system in XBOX could give you all the bragging rights you need, can you imagine what this will be like on PSN, which currently has nothing like that? I rest my case for the time being …

TEKKEN 5 OnLine Preview

August 6, 2007

Soon Virtua Fighter would have made it online and perhaps I’ll stop bad mouthing it, but until then, it can kiss my Tekken loving a$$. After itching so much about frame rates, it will make it online soon. Well on to Tekken.

There will be two versions for the next Tekken 5 DR HD PSN update. You can download the update if you already own the current HD version, or get the full version if you have not done so already. Currently, in Japan, they go for 1,000, and 2800 Yen respectfully. That’s about $8.50 and $23.00 dollars over here. If the price for the full version sticks, this will go down as the most expensive PSN title to date. Still, $23 is not much; depending on your budget. For those of us who are less skilled in this game, you will be able to pick who you want to fight based on current stats/ranks. It’s also possible to just play a quick match, where the computer will just assign whoever it finds available at the time. Nothing new. Friend based matches are also possible.

All this simple means is that you can limit your matches to small , large, or private groups. Namco said that the interface is very simple, and easy to use, so don’t expect anything too complicated. My main worry is that the damn thing does not load as much as Rainbow 6 Vegas. That game loads way too much for my tastes, and it doubles its effort when its online. Anyway, the boys over at Tekken Zaibatsu said that the loading between rooms is only a few seconds and nothing like Rainbow 6.

Surprisingly, the online experience is very “arcadey”, for lack of a better word. If you have the balls, you can make your own room, which allows for 8 guests. You can make slots exclusive for your buds, that way they always get in on the action. This also means you can kick out anyone if you’re so inclined. So far nothing too new for an online game but these features are needed. If you’re the current champ, everyone within the 8 man/girl group will take you on until you loose your crown. This is akin to the “who’s got next, that’s my quarter up on the machine” that some of you may know about. When you’re not fighting, you can watch the current match and perhaps take part in trash talking, or just down right distraction for the current fighters. Fear not, there is a mute button. :D

What about lag? Well so far play tests have been Japan based and got reasonable reviews. Keep in mind that servers made for Japan will work better for players in Japan so most of the folks who got this version said that at times its perfect and at other times its not. For those players who just can’t seem to stay online, like my buddy Felman, you will be able to quickly get back online without exiting the game; something more online games should implement by default on PS3. Finally, the transition from the main title screen to the online rooms takes only a few seconds. It seems that Namco settled for a simple UI that gets the job done, so don’t expect anything like DOA’s online Cabaret of bouncy-ness. :) If I know Tekken players, they could care less about anything else other than the actual bout.

What’s this? Another Sony title takes an E3 Award

August 4, 2007


Looks like that uber looking Halo 3 couldn’t snap the best looking poulet of a game at E3 as critics have dubbed Kill Zone II as the best looking game at e3. Okay, before you throw up arms, and say what about things like COD4, and other titles, the onlookers who got a screen view of this demo were able to point out that, producers and developers of the game have promised that the final product of Kill Zone II will actually look better. hmmmm … we’ll see.  If you put graphics over gameplay then things are looking up for you.  Still, congrats are in order.

This Week in Gaming

August 4, 2007

Hmm, what a tornado of a week. It came and went by so fast. Good thing is, Warkhawk finally got the seal of approval and will be out on 8/28/2007. I’m not sure I’m as excited as this months release of Bourne Ultimatum, and Rush Hour 3. Still, the fact that the downloadable version of Warhawk will go for $39.99 as opposed to the $59.00 CD version will have an interesting effect on your purchasing choice. Do you really value a physical disc for your game. Paying the $59 price, plus tax, is almost double as the DL version. Personally, I’ve gotten accustomed to DL games, and so have my XBOX brothers, as they testify to the fact that the online games for that system are worth their DL price.

Speaking of XBOX Live, ID announced that Quake Arena will be released for XBLA in the near future. Strange though that also for XBOX, the new title Rage requires two [2] DVDs for an FPS, as opposed to the 1 BR Disc for the PS3 version of the game. If you come across this video on the net, you may see why. Of course, the first year for any system is usually drought with the games so its good to see titles for the PS3 get release dates. Several PS3 titles will be hitting stores from now on to the end of the year. Heavenly Sword, which got a 9/12/2007 release date should have more work done on it if the demo was anything close to what it will play like. Mark my words, that demo had tale to tell regardless of how short it was. Besides, being proven wrong is much better than saying “I told you so.”

Ready at Dawn developers say their work on God of War for the PSP is done. The game will see its scheduled Christmas release. To recap, this game is set 10 years before the events of God of War and counter attacks will make a return in this hand held addition to the series. No word on the US getting those limited edition DS Yellows. Everyone has resorted to trash talking the yellow beast. My favorite one is from

“Your DS is so yellow, Crest Whitestrips told it go to the dentist.”

Unlike another title, Capcom’s Zack & Wiki [once thought to be Island] will not offend. As a matter of fact, it looks so good you have to see it -

[kml_flashembed movie="" height="409" width="480" /]
If you’re into PC games like I am, which includes FPSs, some strategy titles, and others, you’ll be happy to know that UT3 will have full keyboard mouse support for the PS3.


That’s not much to brag about as Activision plans to follow in the steps of Team Ninja and claim that COD 4 will be the best game on the PS3 this year. Given the insanity for titles like Halo, and those in the same genre, they may be right. To top them off, Team Ninja recently announced that Ninja Gaiden sigma will get a few expansion packs for the PSN before years end [in Japan]. This includes things like Survival mode and time attack. I hope this will cost $3.00 because that’s what I thinks it’s worth right now.

If you’ve never played みんなのゴルフ Mina No Golfu, perhaps you can’t understand its insane popularity in Japan. The title has been one of the key selling points in Japan as analyst claim that it caused PS3 sales to hit the 1 million mark in Japan this week. Maybe the lads who help direct the Underworld movie will move sales of the XBOX even more, as Len Wiseman has been rumored to have started talks on doing a movie based on the GOW game for 360. As if things for UE [unreal engine] couldn’t get better. One of the developers of the engine claim that the potential for building games on the PS3 with the engine will be limitless with UE. Mark Rein, VP of Epic, claims that constant help they’ve gotten from Sony and the constant optimizing of the system has almost gotten the dev kit to a plateau of greatness. If you didn’t know, if you can afford to get this Dev Kit, you have constant access to their servers, so developers always have the latest version. Mark claims that if other groups go ahead and release games before updates, their games will not take full advantage of the system and will require them to mimic those updates [if possible].

The first week of Tekken 5 Online has gotten some positive reviews. Here are the things you can do on online brawler, take note VF Ojiisama:

- You can play anyone in the world, there are no boarder restrictions [I'm calling you out かずおさん]

- Download size for update: 550MB

- Lag/Latency for global play considered extremely good [of course if one of you had dial up and the other has broadband, the math is easy]

- Unfortunately, players are able to pull off those insane juggles easily online :(

- Modes that have returned include - Survival, Command Capture, and Practice Mode which include Defensive Training, Hit Analysis, and standard practice. Required game modes when trying to play the world in this game.

The US version of the game will be out in the middle of August but if you’re a Tekken freak and you can’t wait, go ahead an purchase the JP version with no worries. Don’t worry, the menu’s for JP Tekken titles have always been in English for some time now. Microsoft is more worried about that their XBOX may have killed a baby a few years back. This is not a joke. As you all know, the XBOX is known to generate a serious amount of heat and MS has gotten some of that heat in the form of a lawsuit filed by an Illinois couple who lost their child via a fire thaty they claim was caused by the XBOX. My heart goes out to the couple. MS claims that the fire, back in 2004, was due to:

“…missuse or abuse of the console.”


From what I remember, if you were unlucky enough to buy an XBOX around this time, the power cords used on that machine have been known to set a ablaze. MS had originally claimed that the XBOX and the accessories used by the family at the time did not exist on the market yet. We all know that you should keep your consoles in a well ventilated area, keep cords concealed if you have kids, and take general precautions if your room is not properly ventilated, especially if you own a carpet.  A final thought: personal computers, like Dell XPS, now come built with mini air conditioning units within them. If this trend continues perhaps the next wave of consoles will have them to and nip that awful overheating problem in the ass.  Also expect to pay way more for consoles in the future [as much as a PCs that is].


August 2, 2007

Wow. Holy Crap. Is all I gotta say.

Sony must be hurting right now. The Biggest game to come out for their system this year has just vanished!!! POOF!

GTA IV was gonna help ole MS but they still got Halo 3 to fall back on. NOW folks, say it with me , “What games are you gonna play on your PS3 this year?”


Read the story here: NYTIMES

And you thought Castle Crashers was bad …

August 1, 2007

… Well in so many words. After getting onto my PS3 last night to download that super short demo called Heavenly Sword, I noticed that they had the special RE5 trailer up for download. After downloading and watching the trailer, I couldn’t help but be reminded of Castle Crashers. I was thinking at the time that someone’s gonna notice this and not like it, and that was only 7 hours ago. Before we start pointing fingers, would this be any different it were a black man in the Middle of Racoon City [a fictional place] dealing necessary justice for human survival?

Take a look at the PSN trailer below.

[kml_flashembed movie="" height="409" width="480" /]

Black Looks , a blog site, points out a few things that you should consider. As if things couldn’t get more Race oriented in video games. Strangely RE has been around for a long time, and you have been killing black, white, and yellow zombies [and red funky looking ones to] for about 10 years now. I’m not sure if Capcom may have thought this one through but perhaps the location is “not” Africa since Racoon City is not a real place to begin with, though we know it is set on a fictional Planet Earth. No where in the trailer does it say so either but the reflection is uncanny and obvious.

Maybe I should send a copy of my BluRay version of Black Hawk Down where the tables were turned in that form of entertainment. I’m itching to see how Capcom handles this one. The boys over at Behemoth made no comment on the black looking characters found in my last blog, so it will be interesting to see how things turn out with Capcom.

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