Level 5’s White Knight Story

September 20, 2007

Though we’ll have to question the possibility of an airing for FF XIII at TGS 2007, its good to see Level 5 and JapanStudio come together to work on something as promising as [Shirokishi Monogatari, aka White Knight Story]. Level 5’s president, Akihiro Hino may rattle the ol’ FF Spells yet! The long awaited play test from this title was well received. Users have already blogged across the net that the Knight will impress more than just Guinevere.

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September 20, 2007

Now answer this question please. If Microsoft had promised something and delayed it a whole year wouldn’t the Internets have set on fire with the outrage and venom? So why has Sony left their users Homeless and we can’t get a little outcry? I’m just saying. Keep on waiting Sony diehards. But how many “YEARS” will you have to wait for the promise? 2yrs? 3? Have fun on your Wii60 and call it a day!

More MGS Kojima Antics

September 20, 2007

Another video to brighten up your day. In all the issues of War, loss of human life, technological babbles, and idea of a time on Earth when the only thing that mattered was the size of your gun, Kojima finds a way to make you laugh. I guarantee you that all the seriousness that gamers give MGS may be futile against Kojima’s attempt at comedic satire. Sometimes you have to wonder if he is just trying to make something so serious look funny. Check it out.

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New DMC 4 Trailer Shows off More More More

September 20, 2007

As if the fanboys of DMC couldn’t get enough [yours truly included] of DMC. After being thoroughly disappointed by the Bioshock ending [mumbles profanity at the ending], this has more than just perked up my day. Check it out -

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Lair Dev smacks SIXAXIS Controls in Warhawk

September 18, 2007


“Warhawk’s controls are… eurgh!,” Eggebrecht told us with a shudder. He explained that while motion-sensing felt the perfect way to convey the feeling of controlling a dragon in Lair, he believed the kinetic technology in PS3’s Sixaxis controllers shouldn’t be used just because it’s there. “I see motion-sensing as a complimentary, additional new step in terms of controls and where it fits you should use it and where it doesn’t fit, don’t force it. Please don’t force it.

Take your own suggestion!

REVIEW: Stranglehold

September 18, 2007


John Woo. The very name should give you images of a lone police officer facing off against dozens of gangsters to Tom Cruise pretending to be Ethan Hunt. His influence has been a blessing to the many action films for the past decade and even spawned franchises such as the Matrix and Max Payne. Being considered the master of the action genre of film, John Woo has decided to twist his career’s arm for a bit and direct a shooter developed by the folks at Midway. Only one question remains: What the hell took the old guy so long to do this?

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Capcom answers Your Calls

September 16, 2007

Well, after the much hated response from fans, or more precisely PS3 owners, about the lack of exclusivity, or the lack of games such as Lost Planet, Capcom has promised to announce that those games will be released on PS3 and also that they intend to reveal a new HD sprite based Versus brawler. Emmm the greatness of fighting someone and never being able to touch the ground [ever!]. Not sure if I’m excited about that. Still, it’s good to hear that some games will make it to PS3, but I’d like to point out that I already got a copy of Lost Planet for my PC since I new it wasn’t out on PS3. Ah well, live and learn.

DEVIL MAY CRY 4 Still Just as Tough

September 10, 2007


I thoroughly enjoyed going through DMC 3 on its highest difficulty setting, Dante Must Die. However, not all gamers, and new comers to the series, enjoyed going through the game on its Normal setting. That says a lot about how difficult DMC can be. However, God of War II’s Titan Mode far surpasses any bounds of reason, and sanity, with regards to a game being tough. With that, Eurogamer interviewed Hiroyuki Kobayashi, producer/director of RE4, DMC Series, Blinkx 2, and other titles, to tells us that ..

“… It’s interesting to know that someone would think we could create a game that would be more difficult than Devil May Cry 3! We had to learn a lesson there, actually, because DMC3 was really difficult. What we found was that people sometimes lost interest within the first two hours because the game just wasn’t giving them any chance whatsoever. So DMC4 will be about same difficulty level, but we thought that we would be a little bit kinder to the player, so we’re going to give a step-by-step guide on how to use the weapons and skills so that you should naturally progress to a better skill level a little more easily than in DMC3. “

Basically, the game may be just as difficult but at least it will be easier to learn. A plus for new comers to the series. In addition, Kobayashi-San points out that new comers can pick up DMC4 and not worry about its previous plot twists. Personally, the difficulty in games like DMC and God of War are a welcome, since the reward for completing their insane tasks, and engaging in a well placed Boss Beat Down, is awesome! Check out the full interview with the above link. Kudo’s to Eurogamer.net for a great interview & images.

MotorStorm 2-dot-0 [Patch] Out … in Europe?

September 7, 2007


Looks like Evolution Studios, the UK developers of MotorStorm, may have heard the cries of several gamers and myself about a few issues with a great game. It would seem that an update was confirmed for the EU market this past Tuesday where owners can download the patch dubbed Version 2dotO. Included in said update are:

  1. Vehicle Select enhancement to your last-used vehicle in each class will now be presented as the default choice during vehicle selection: Well, that’s great but does it solve the initial loading of the game. This is a good way to attempt to solve a problem that is perhaps irreparable but kudos for trying … now doesn’t that contradict the fact that some cars only work well on some tracks guys?
  2. Assigned player colours are now displayed in the lobby to make keeping track of your friends and rivals easier during online races and Eliminator matches: A sensible cosmetic update I think.
  3. Further Player-Stat Improvements: Vague
  4. Purchasers of Coyote Revenge can now race this track in Online and Time Attack: Cool
  5. Purchasers of Eliminator Mode will find results from this mode also contribute to their Fame Ranking: Cool
  6. Track Exploits for Grizzly and Raingod Mesa have been addressed: Cool
  7. Headset support An occasional firewall conflict with headset communications has been resolved: I didn’t even know this was a problem, wow.
  8. Headset support voice comms output now available exclusively through headset: Never heard of this one, but okay.
  9. Many other improvements and tweaks throughout the game: Vague

The list comes straight from Sony. You can see it on their blog site. The thing about MotorStorm is that it’s a great game but those little things listed about were always an annoyance to players. I doubt the loading problem will be tackled as hoped but it’s cool that Evolution Studio’s was nice enough to even consider a fix for this game. I hope Factor5 will take suit.


September 5, 2007

OMG! Horror of horrors! If you were expecting to buy this game, seriously reconsider, because everyone else hates it more than you right now. After going over several fan sites, and others; I tried my best to stay away from Gaffer’s this time, you can find the hate spread like moths to a flame. In essence, PS3 owners abound were looking forward to Factor 5’s game but perhaps if they had got the control schematics from the Flow game things would have turned out much better.

The reviews are almost laughable but that’s what happens when you hype a game from day one and don’t deliver. It’s a slap in the face but perhaps there is more to it than just that I’m sure. I know the general view, attached below, seems to be neat picking the title, but in this day and age, Menu’s Loading!! Screen/Graphic clippings, stick man deaths???!!! Those are serious WTF moments in my book for my $59.99 purchase [hear me Motorstorm! I didn't forget you!].

Oh Jah, dis one need way more fire. If you are shooter hungry, then I highly recommend Super Stardust HD, and Blast Factor Advanced. Not only are they way cheaper .. but dare I say it’s also way more fun to play … I dare!ÂÂ And WHAT THE HELL is that hot coffee video; A HIDDEN ITEM??? ARE YOU F’ING KIDDING ME! Someone needs to get a War and Peace copy thrown at them. BOOOOO!!!!

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[kml_flashembed movie="http://www.gametrailers.com/remote_wrap.php?mid=24533" height="409" width="480" /]

All in all, if someone gave it to me, I’ll play it and beat it … but f’ a picnic party picture un-lockables.


September 2, 2007

Look at the title? Okay, look at this -> WARHAWK ROCKS! Can I say it again? Man, if my brethren refuse to keep up with their respective consoles it will more than just a pleasure for me to talk about PS3; good and bad. The good news include the fact that Warhawk was way more than I [and several others] have expected. It’s down right fun! If you own a PS3, you owe it to yourself to get a copy of this game. Though you can buy the store version and get a free blue-tooth headset with your purchase if you’ve always been online-gamer shy, or you can download a cheaper version for 39.99 on PSN Store. I seriously thought that a developer concentrating on one aspect of a game would be a serious folly but Sony has proven me wrong. This also proves the point that sometimes gamers just want to play games with their friends - only. See GT’s review below. Oh man, it would be awesome if the other TGHz members tried this with fuck its fun. Not only that, but up to four people can jump in on the game at any time, and jump out at anytime. This is how online should be done - great job Incognito!

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PSN Update

August 31, 2007

It looks like you’ll have a great weekend if your a PS3 owner. Several new items have been added to the PSN store. This includes Super Puzzle Fighter HD, and the long awaited network add-on for Tekken 5 - Dark Resurrection. One thing to note though about Tekken is that its’ a full game, so there is not demo for it. Finally, the menu looks more like a Tekken menu with the following modes - arcade, ghost, vs, online[new], survival, practice, gallery [new], and options. Included in practice mode, is a new style called defensive training, for those turtles out there.

For online you have several modes to select from, opti match, quick match, custom match, friend match, ranking and profile. I really hate this part in profile, I can’t select my own countries flag. A trend I find common in a lot of games, as if the other countries of the world didn’t matter. You can easily find a database of flags on the internet for use in games like this but ah well, that’s my rant. Anywho, online is everything I thought it would be … tekken online. You can use voice chat but be for-warned that if you don’t have a descent online connection you’ll experience lag. By now, I’m guessing most PS3 owners use broadband. You have option to turn off/on voice chat when you make a room. But I’m happy about that since I had my ass handed to me on my first bout cuz I would never have heard the end of it. :D All the tekken bs also exist here but at least it’s not accompanied by lag - which was a surprise but then again this was just an update to a PS2 game right. Still, its’ good and paves the way for other versions.

You can DL the demo/full game for Super Puzzle Fighter HD, which I might add is not slouch, especially if you’re into puzzle games. We all know that this game became cult hit, to cult classic and this version, in high def, is all that you would expect from Puzzle Fighter.


August 31, 2007

Wow, it’s good to see your favorite character take a solid beating, but this is too much … check out this trailer from the new DMC .. and watch Dante get a serious beat down from the new boy in blue. Oh yea, some new bosses are revealed as well … might I add boobies are in this winter ..they keep you warm and snuggly.

[quicktime width="500" height="300"]http://www.anyo.org/pspfanboy_com/LGC07/DevilMayCry4.mp4[/quicktime]

Heavenly Sword Animated

August 28, 2007

I’m not sure if any of you have been keeping track but you can download these cool movies for Heavenly Sword as a prequel to the game on PlayStation Network. So far four of them have been released on PSN, the fourth released yesterday. A fellow PS3 owner on my buddy list added the latest movie so here it is. The animation on this is done very well, and somewhat reminiscent of the Star Wars - Mini Clone Wars and Samurai Jack series.

[kml_flashembed movie="http://www.gametrailers.com/remote_wrap.php?umid=99675" height="409" width="480" /]

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