GTA 4 - DWI “Doppy” Idea

March 24, 2008

In the most recent episode of Bonus Round, Michael Pachter, can be quoted as calling the DWI Mode in GTA as “a doppy idea.” Apparently, you can get drunk in the game and proceed to cause more havoc around the world of GTA. Nice, better here than out in the real world right? Not so sure about that, as I’m sure politicians will eat this opportunity up and hurt gamers and other games world wide from this alone.

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Chris Morell of GP was also on this panel, and though we know that this game is geared towards adults, I love how he kept saying that this title was for “kids”. Well, since kids are all under 18 Chris, you’d have to wonder who the game is really intended for?

DBZ - Burst Limit

March 21, 2008

There was a time that if you mentioned a DBZ game to any of the staff members here we would either proceed to give you a verbal beat down, or ignore you all together. True, DBZ has come a long way from this -

However, Hyper Dimension was considered to be the Dragon Ball/Ball Z game to own. I still think that FuriousLee is a cheater this realm though. These days its almost impossible to pick up a bad version of the Epic Saga since the release of Budoukai. Burst Limit is pushing the envelope even higher, in full HD, with gameplay cuts that will rival the original anime prints-

[kml_flashembed movie="" width="450" /]

If you took away all the HUD data, it would be easier to mistake it for a revamped version of the series.

So, expect your characters to be attacked with massive energy beams, only for the game to switch to a 3D rendered cut-scene depicting said character knocking away said beam in defense, then quickly switching back to the continuing 2D gameplay.

Incredible Detail for the Next-Gen Hulk

March 20, 2008

Here’s the first images of the Incredible Hulk running on the next-gen consoles and man does it live up to the name “Incredible”. It looks as if the detail on the Hulk himself was the man focus on the game they’re really nailing the movie to game look a likes down to a key. I am definitely looking forward to rampaging through the city streets in this one. This maybe the best hulk yet being that they nailed the game play in the previous title down all that was left was updating the graphics. Sega is handling the Marvel movie to game character licenses the way they should be handled it’s good to see they care. Unlike DC who still can’t seem to get it right….Superman Returns anyone! It would be nice to play a good Batman Begins game or better yet The Flash would be another hot title. Well EA take notes because you guys are falling behind….Iron Man is around the corner what can you drop that can actually rival that!


New Wipeout HD Movies

March 20, 2008

Check out this full lap for Wipeout HD. If there’s one thing about this title … it’s going to look amazing:


Check out the videos over at Gamersyde here. And more screens below … and even more at

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Yahtzee blasts Turok and other fps!

March 19, 2008

Ahh yes the good ol’ days of first person shooters were the was plenty of variety, now these days the all involve some form of military shooting aliens, nazi’s or whatever. It’s a known fact that fps today are becoming very stagnent in their themes and enviroments. Everyone’s favorite brit yahtzee goes to town on Turok (which is a former shell of itself btw) and other fps out today. Check the video below:

PS3 Call of Duty 4 Patched - Loud Mouths Silenced!

March 19, 2008

Thank Gawd for this! Lord there are some ignorant mother )*#$&(#&$ online that need to be muted harder than a hammer to a nail. This is/was a default feature for the online portion of Resistance by the way and I will sing praises till Jesus comes about that.


Having channel based communications for online-parties should be defunct. True, it isolates you from the other members on your team not in your party, but you were given the option to announce the channel you would use before a match - ie Zulu, Tango, Bravo, etc in that game.

The patch update includes the following -

  1. Optimized servers
  2. New Kill cams (grenades, RPG’s, airstrikes, claymores, and more)
  3. Quick Mute (allows user to mute annoying players by pressing X on their user ID in the lobby)
  4. Addition of “Recently Met Players” for the PlayStation Network
  5. Improvements to the Sniper Rifles and Acog attachments (no more delayed shots)

Doesn’t seem like you can utilize this in-game like Resistance but it’s better than nothing I guess.

Limit Reached - Kojima makes Sony Commercial Dated!

March 3, 2008

Yea, you heard that right, looks like MGS4 is serious about being the Magnum Opus of 2008. reports that Kojima and the would be Fox Hound members of Konami were able to fill up the blu ray disc and still had other things to put in the game.


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Badcompany … reminds me of Black

February 28, 2008

Remember Black? Yea, that EA Criterion game that allowed you to blow shit up. Apparently the boys over at DICE built this software that allows you to that times two ya. Ya, that’s right. Blow more shit up. I have to admit, Black was very satisfying and I played through every difficulty setting got all items and secrets not because I wanted to but mostly because I just wanted to blow shit up - This looks like it will deliver more of that. Let me let DICE explain it all to you -

[kml_flashembed movie="" height="392" width="480" /]

Home! - Not a Glorified Chat Room?

February 28, 2008

Seriously, I love my ps3 and all but I saw the Home idea as a gimmick. Yea, hate me but that’s how I felt. Its’ a fact that communication via texting and messaging is enough but yea, users wouldn’t mind seeing impressions of other users mugs either.

Great, so enter Home. You have to wonder why Sony put the brakes on that thing, even when PH had edged other parts of the Empire to push more on the “community” aspect of gaming. So what do you do? Integrate actual “game-playing, side quests, and game content extras” ino the game Home System.

See the posts here at many other gaming sites -

  • Resistance integrates Home into Gameplay.
  • Uncharted makes it cool.
  • Warhawk adds functionality.

In addition to this expect to see all the advertising your eyes can handle. I’m not sure I understand the complaint about this but it has something to do with visual pollution. As a city dweller, you really can’t complain about visual pollution here but if you’re from other parts of the world where ads are at a minimum, I can understand why you might suffer from information overload.

EA+Resident Evil=Dead Space

February 27, 2008

Well look at EA gettin all new and original on us gaming folk. Not one to be known for new ip’s, EA has decided to take a stab at the survival horror genre with their upcoming title Dead Space (droppin’ this october). And from the looks and premise so far, things are shaping up to be pretty interesting and worth a look. EA has gone as far as to say that they’re making quite possibly the scariest game yet. How scary you ask? How about not being able to pause the game what so ever! Not even when you got your menu screen. Damn..Im scared from that statement alone! A quick summary of the story goes like this: you play the role of an engineer by the name of Isaac Clarke who is sent on a mission to a deep space mining ship to fix their communications. Upon arrival it’s obvious that all hell has broken loose plus there’s this nasty ass alien infestation in which he has to survive and get the hell out. Im liking the look and design of the characters and the atmosphere they have going. I’ll def’ be looking forward to this and it’ll calm my horror game fix until res 5. Peep the newest trailer below:

Here’s an older trailer:

Unit out!

Street Fighter IV Artwork

February 25, 2008

The game may not look good but the artwork does!

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Phil Harrison Says “Peace Out”

February 25, 2008

Long time supporter, employee, world class business man, co-founder, and promoter of the PlayStation family, Phil Harrison, has put in his resignation with the mother ship that is known as Sony Computer Entertainment effective 2/29/2008. Yea, there are 29 days in February this year among other things.

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Official JP SFIV Website Up

February 14, 2008

Click the image below to go straight to the Japanese site for SFIV. Minimum Japanese required to watch videos and pictures, but required to read the blogs. One of the new characters in the game has been posted on the site as well …


Ono-san made a good point back in his interview with that the main 12 will be back and that’s a good thing but he can’t ignore the love that SF III has generated over the last ten years. Yea, it’s been that long. Minus our Jackie Chan jokes, we love the series and still fight over top players to this day. I mean, they still have competitions in Japan for that game, so bringing back one/two popular characters from that lot is not a bad thing.

More importantly though, gamers are also interested in what’s new, and so far two new faces have been added; Crimson Viper and Abel [above, courtesy]. OH yea, he has a giant Cod-Piece to. Just thought I’d point that out since its the talk of the town with Ryu and Ken these days.

Ted Price Talks Resistance 2

February 12, 2008

GT just put up an interview with Ted Price who divulges some information about Resistance 2. Always amiable, but resistant, Price says the game will take the same engine that ran Resistance - Fall of Man, then used on R&C Tools of Destructions, and now pushed even higher and further for Resitance 2.

[kml_flashembed movie="" height="392" width="480" /]

Though unwilling to answer burning questions, Price says that the 8 player online co-op will be a separate story experience from the main game and that 60 player online is already a reality with no lag. My answer to that is “show me that thank you very much.” No promises of a video at GDC 2008 though but one can hope.

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