Welcome back to Silent Hill

April 24, 2008

It’s been real quiet on the Silent Hill front as of late. Well this september gamers will get to take the trip back to that freaky as all hell town in the upcoming game Silent Hill: Homecoming, dropping on the x360 and ps3. In this version players will take the role of a 22 year old war veteran named Alex Shepherd returning home to find his lost brother. As you can see from some of the pics, you can expect the same foggy, creepy, dirty ,rusty settings and themes. Now although it looks cool im starting to wonder if it’s falling in the “samey syndrome”. This is technically the 6th game in the series (counting the psp version) and it all of it looks just like the last version played. And I know it takes place in the same town but how many times can one explore Silent Hill? They say this version is a reboot of the franchise but it seems more like another sequel, you wanna see a reboot of a series i suggest playing Resident evil 0,1-3 and then play 4…that’s a reboot folks! I’ll def’ play this version and will hopefully be surprised at what’s instore, but from what i’ve seen so far it looks like another creepy regular trip to good ol’ Silent hill. Below you can peep some new videos from gamesradar.com
Unit out…

World War Spit!

April 23, 2008

Well I’m sure by now you guys all know that the Call of Duty franchise has been seen a great resurgence with last years dare I say “Epic” Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Once again helmed by series creator Infinity Ward, they brought back the essence of what the franchise meant from the get go. Action. Action. and a heap more Action. They also introduced gameplay elements that had gotten stale during EA’s Spielberg influenced Medal of Honor Series.

After the success of Call of Duty 2 (Set records for online play.) Infinity Ward wanted to experiment with something new. But then the greed of these super publishers stepped in. Wanting to cash in on the success of COD:2 Activision decided to put their in house dev team Treyarch on the case. Now this wasn’t necessarily a bad thing because the developer was known to fans to produce quality games, even being the first dev to bring Spider-Man to a worthy game (Three actually) and they had long made skateboarding synonymous with Tony Hawk. So what the heck right?


Not only was COD:3 a complete and utter disaster. The graphics were marginally better than COD:2, the gameplay and story wore thin. This was a shining example of how to destroy a franchise. Also in my own opinion, people grew tired of the WW2 setting and wanted something new. How many times would you fight  a war that you know the outcome of? Yes, World War Two gave you the “perfect” enemy. But Gee Whiz if I have to shoot another 10,000 Nazi’s so I can plant a charge to blow up a Panzer I just might shoot my TV. So I unofficially officially decided I’m done with Call of Duty.

” Touch the untouchable/ break the unbreakable/ Shake the unshakeable

Infinity Ward stepped onto the scene with THE FIRST TRULY NEXT GEN LOOKING GAME! With COD:4 Modern Warfare, they not only upped the ante, they brought us to the near future with true to life (Not based on current events) scenarios. What we got a fresh game that looked and played great. (Albeit if they had Rainbow’s cover system it would’ve been perfect)

The franchise was officially back, and with it’s… er… um… cliffhanger ending it left players dying for more. Part 5 couldn’t come fast enough.

Then what happens? News that COD: 5 would NOT be a follow up, but you’ll be thrown back to a WW2 setting. And you could hear the WTF’s across the globe.

I’ll let that sentence simmer a bit…

A lil more…

Just a teeny bit more…

What happened? It turns out that freaking Activision’s greed has struck again! With COD:4 exceeding all expectations they wanted another game STAT! But Infinity Ward was not prepared to deliver a follow up so soon. The big wigs got the bright idea to go back to… Treyfart I mean Treyarch. But guess what? They only had their sucky WW2 engine sitting around, and to make a “Modern” game would probably put them on the same timeline as Infinity to deliver a sequel.

So Uncle Big Wig said eff it, just use those cutting room floor levels from COD:3 and slap a 5 on it and give it to us STAT!

So the gamers are left with crap. I’m sorry if I’m offending anyone with this, but for really real. That’s what it feels like to this gamer. The days of devs taking their time to give us a great experience is gone by. With this super publishers seeking to milk the marrow out of the cold dead bodies of our franchises.

WHY? Has “Next” gen come at such a cost as we won’t have any lasting memories when we get older? Just think about it. Kids 10 - 15yr old don’t know anything but disposable games with highly forgettable characters. (But that’s for another post) These large companies are killing the industry.

Someone, somewhere stand up for our rights as content consumers and say, “ENOUGH OF THIS BS, GIVE ME A GOOD GAME… Please?”

Confirmed…Chun Li is a man!

April 18, 2008

Or at least it looks like it from these recent new photos of her from the official Street Fighter 4 blog. It appears her texture mapping has gone under a bit of change and now features a bit more detail in her hair and eyes as well as softer shading. But HOT DAMN, look at those hands! Capcom, WTF! I mean seriously folks, look at that opposable thumb. She can break a mans neck with those things. Gone is the beautiful Chun Li from Street Fighter 3 only to be replaced by this…this abomination. I don’t know what Capcom was thinking, but they used to be held in high regards for their illustrated art work. But since this whole 3D thing, they seem to have lost something in the translation. :(

Here’s a before and after comparison

Note the hands still remain FUGLY!!!!


New Spidey game hitting soon!

April 18, 2008

You knew it was gonna happen, after all the last Spider-man game came out like what 2 years ago? The guys at activision and treyarch felt the need to introduce yet another spiderman game unto the masses. Entitled “Spider-man: Web of Shadows” this new title will hit every current known platform on the market today, the 360, wii, ps3, ps2, psp, ds, and pc so everyone can have a little web swinging fun! Little known information is avaliable at the moment ‘cept for a trailer which reveals some of what’s going down in the game and from what’s shown, it looks to be an attack on everyones favorite city the big apple by symbiote that seems to have exploded all over the place. Peep the site and check the trailer and stay tuned for more info as it appears.

Unit out…

Headz Bob, Afro Hitz the Game Scene

April 17, 2008

If looks could kill, Afro’s would have razor blades hidden in them and Afro probably keeps his nice n’ sharp. Check out the trailer for the new game -

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Glorified Demo Released - Jubilations Heard

April 14, 2008

Prologue is perhaps the biggest demo that’s not a full game, but plays like a full game, ever made. Don’t worry, it will get more confusing once DLC’s start to hit for this bad boy.

Many may agree that Gran Turismo Prologue is probably the biggest glorified demo but perhaps more demos should be like this. The question is, who wants to keep paying for demos?

Availabe for both download and instore purchase this week, gamers are somewhat hard pressed to pick up this title or trully understand the implications of the game itself; buy this now or wait later for something even more palatable? Is prologue the full game?

What are the justifications they ask? From this end of the lens, I’m thinking the only reason someone could get curious to warrant a purchase is the online feature.

I’ve been hard pressed to continually pound Dave the Gamer in this game, and would gladdly take the opportunity to do so from my plushy living room. Furthermore, the idea of not having to sacrifice any of my 46″ ’s of screen realestate is appealing.

All these are features, that are in my oppinion, too late but we can go back and forth about why PS2’s sparse online support was so ill conceived and how it was was even regreted by Sony Super Stars as well.

This game, and Battlefield: Bad Company, is an examples of where gaming and media is heading: DLC based micro transactions to cash in every aspect of the intellectual properties that we love, or are going to love.

Battlefield perhaps is a bigger cultprit with its’ gun-purchase options. It some cases, the idea just sounds downright rediculous. “Buy new guns for the game? WTF.” The web has already blasted the developers and producers for trying that bullshit so we’ll see how far that goes. GT P on the other hand has a lot more to proove, and all the dialogue, behind the scenes, and specials, are only barely keeping some gamers interested. I for one would like this to be an awesome title and deliver on everything that has been expected of it over the years but then gain, it’s a prologue.

FIRMWARE 2.30 LOomS: FanBoys get whet ^_^

April 10, 2008

No INGAMEXMB yet, as it is by far the most touted request for PS3 owners out there. Don’t tell that to Unit though, as his blu ray disc reader wasn’t the best when he received his console. Still, new comers and old ones will get a fancy update in 2.30 that’s no slouch.

Another, small complaint, for the AV-files out there was that, though the PS3 is the best bluray player on the market, it didn’t support true DTS-HD sound. Well, until now. DTS HD sound is now included in this firmware update, so expect to keep your neighbors awake at night while playing DarkSector. The lovely Grace Chen (sp) from PlaystationBlog has more of the nitty-gritty in the video below.

From Crackle: PlayStation Store video walkthrough

Force Unleashed and Cheese Sticks

April 8, 2008

Okay, I’ve been very very very skeptical about Force Unleashed, and I don’t believe that no engine, physics, or real world based, can make a game. That’s only part of it. You have to want to play a game and its developers an producers take the responsibility giving you a reason to rent or lay down 65 cheese sticks for game. The new trailer for Force Unleashed moved me closer to the sold mark …

[kml_flashembed movie="http://www.gametrailers.com/remote_wrap.php?mid=32608" height="392" width="480"/]

This one might actually turn out right.

DarkSector … is it worth it?

April 7, 2008

I know a few of you, like myself, went ahead and picked up Darksector to bide your time till other more substantial games like MGS, or even Borne Identity and Haze, come out, or perhaps you are thinking of getting it. Here are some of my thoughts on the game to help you on your purchase or rental.

I finished DarkSector after 4 days of playing, each about 2 hours a day … really didn’t take that long and I never got stuck … well except on those damn mobile gun turret guys … those were a little tough at first. After completing the game, my verdict was: this was okay. It had some cool moments, and the camera system reminds me of gears .. but I don’t think that all of the gameplay mechanics does IMO. The pop stop shoot and move mechanics are there .. but the CQC Fatalities and powerups are a very cool addition to the gameplay … though I felt at the end of the game that they could have done even more with this to move the game even further away from Gears. This also implies that the random sticking to wall is present in this, and many other games that implement that feature: something I particularly find annoying.

One of the cooler things about the game is the elemental power ups and how you use it on enemies, and on the environment … its a little repetitive but the puzzles were reasonable enough to keep you thinking but nothing that required you to have Steven Hawkins powers.

Several people told me they got stuck on stage 4 and in the grave yard … my recommendation: brighten up the game in the display settings. The default setting for the game is hella-black. You can’t see shit … don’t brighten it too much but enough for you to see item boxes from a far. This helps with the puzzles as well. Trust me.

The ending in a word was corny. However, you could tell that the game wasn’t trying to be a MGS CutScene Orgy Killer from the get go, so you’re happy that its over when its over so you could go play online. You do actually beat your games before you play them online … right??? *tsk tsk*

Online is fun but only if you’re not expecting a Call of Duty4 killer. If you are, after you beat this game, sell it or trade it in for something else, or put it on the side for Haze, or better yet, get Condemned 2, which you can also sell/trade for Haze/MGS/Bourne.

Overall, a reasonable purchase … nice effects and visuals to watch … the CQC Fatalities never get old, Glave powers remind you of Krull … wish there was a auto-center camera though … it can get crazy sometimes …. I mean, did they forget about R3 for camera fix; sheesh. That’s my biggest complaint.

Other than that … this is a slightly above average game IMO and is only difficult if you’re reckless: the enemy has a knack for punishing your stupidity but you learn this quick on the early stages and then its your turn to abuse them: fun fun fun.

Metal Gear Solid - ? Episode

April 1, 2008

Check the latest project between Jade and Kojima.

[kml_flashembed movie="http://www.gametrailers.com/remote_wrap.php?mid=32438"" height="392" width="480" /]

Armored Cored 5 … errr 20 Nothing New

March 28, 2008

Okay, so you have a franchise, its been around for 10+ years, and unless your name is Kojima, and you’ve been hitting high standards from day one, it’s your obligation to innovate and innovate hard; even if your fan base is a strong niche. Well, enter FromSoftware - home of do it again one more time baby. I gotta hand it down to these guys they have / had a great idea with the AC series but it’s been about 10 years and it seems like users have just about had it. Blame the hate on the previous iterations on 360 and PS3 last year and it looks like the most recent video shows off the same ol’ same ol’. Looking back further in the series though, I guess followers could have gotten the hint earlier. Funny comments posted by GT Users below. And there’s more of that to. This is tough love, thank you very much, as the same people hating on this game are (or were after this) strong followers. Point and case: the game needs an Innovation Pill. According to another TrueGameHead, “You buy that game for the f*^&*ing intro man ^_^”. What’s worse is that people are given users thumbs up for those comments. Sad.

Sonic Unleashed

March 24, 2008

The little Blue guy just doesn’t know when to call it quits. I must say sonic has always been my favorite mascot he’s just cooler than the that fat plumber guy, he just never could get a decent game out after the genesis passed on. Title after title all sucked badly, until his debut on the Nintendo DS, the Sonic Rush series was one of the best sonic games to date it’s sad that a portable version of sonic achieved what the consoles could not. Well hopefully that looks to change for this new title. Let’s completely forget the last Sonic game that dropped on the PS3 and xbox360 and hope that this is the title we’ve all been waiting for. It looks to be on the right path so far much like the DS Rush series using sonics major and most important ability SPEED. And the 2D/3D elements work perfectly for the game as well. I’m not expecting a story because they all sucked, I think it’s the whole sonic and humans existing in the same world crap is the problem. O well beggars cant be choosers i guess.


GTA 4 - DWI “Doppy” Idea

March 24, 2008

In the most recent episode of Bonus Round, Michael Pachter, can be quoted as calling the DWI Mode in GTA as “a doppy idea.” Apparently, you can get drunk in the game and proceed to cause more havoc around the world of GTA. Nice, better here than out in the real world right? Not so sure about that, as I’m sure politicians will eat this opportunity up and hurt gamers and other games world wide from this alone.

[kml_flashembed movie="http://www.gametrailers.com/remote_wrap.php?mid=32144" height="392" width="480" /]

Chris Morell of GP was also on this panel, and though we know that this game is geared towards adults, I love how he kept saying that this title was for “kids”. Well, since kids are all under 18 Chris, you’d have to wonder who the game is really intended for?

DBZ - Burst Limit

March 21, 2008

There was a time that if you mentioned a DBZ game to any of the staff members here we would either proceed to give you a verbal beat down, or ignore you all together. True, DBZ has come a long way from this -

However, Hyper Dimension was considered to be the Dragon Ball/Ball Z game to own. I still think that FuriousLee is a cheater this realm though. These days its almost impossible to pick up a bad version of the Epic Saga since the release of Budoukai. Burst Limit is pushing the envelope even higher, in full HD, with gameplay cuts that will rival the original anime prints-

[kml_flashembed movie="http://www.gametrailers.com/remote_wrap.php?mid=29221" width="450" /]

If you took away all the HUD data, it would be easier to mistake it for a revamped version of the series.

So, expect your characters to be attacked with massive energy beams, only for the game to switch to a 3D rendered cut-scene depicting said character knocking away said beam in defense, then quickly switching back to the continuing 2D gameplay.

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