June 2, 2008

OMG, can it get any deeper than this? A few months back, the developers for Dead Space said that the story for its next action-space-survival-horror was deep … they weren’t kidding. As for the kids, please be advised, this comic is laced with explicit, explicit language. “Something damn strange is going on around here.”


June 1, 2008

UPDATE: the official trailer has been released, check it out below! I can say this game is starting to grow on me, especially with it’s online capabilities. Now, I have to hunt down a arcade stick!

SAN MATEO, CA – May 28, 2008 – Capcom®, a leading worldwide developer and publisher of video games, today announced that the first television commercial for Street Fighter® IV will debut during the CBS EliteXC Saturday Night Fights mixed martial arts (MMA) event. The EliteXC bout takes place on CBS on Saturday, May 31 at 9 PM EST. Immediately following the bout, the Street Fighter IV trailer will debut on the newly redesigned, along with the first chance for gamers to pre-order Street Fighter IV for the Xbox 360™ video game and entertainment system from Microsoft and PLAYSTATION®3 (PS3™) computer entertainment system exclusively through GamesStop.

MGS4 MetaScore Rank Lowers ..?

June 1, 2008

That’s a controversial title if any but don’t worry, we always considered an S-Ranking game in the realm of Gamedom for anything that scores at or higher than 97%. is relentless at keeping track of all the scores for all games. Each game final average score is based on said ranks from various sites, and magazines.

Taking a close look at MGS4, it started out with a 100% score but at that time, the first week of May, only one reviewer posted a score as we drive to see the opinionated views of others grow. Sadly, to many gamers out there, Snakes would be adventure has hit the 94% mark. *Shock* Not really, as that score, in any gamers book still puts it high up there. Current Rankings include -

  • Eurogamer: 80% (EU)
  • GamesMaster: 97% (EU)
  • GamePro: 100% (EU)
  • POM: 100% (EU)

You’d have to wonder about score right? The team over there tend to review very hard, and don’t pass out high scores that easily so its worth a read to see the reasoning behind the 80%. The drama continues …

New Resident Evil 5 trailer!

May 31, 2008

Here it is folks! The official trailer for Resident Evil 5. In this latest version of the popular zombie franchise you’ll play as returning Res Evil favorite Chris Redfield. Res Evil 5 appears to be running off an enhanced version of Res Evil 4’s engine.  This time the action takes place in Africa, and like Res Evil 4, you won’t be fighting slow ass zombies; instead these enemies seem to be possessed by the same parasite like virus “Los Plagos” that infected the residents of Spain in the previous game.  Albeit, they look a little like the infected vampires from the Blade 2 movie. So far it’s looking good, and we’re finally introduced to a new female character. Knowing Capcom you’ll be able to play as her. With a release sometime in 2009, this game can’t seem to come soon enough! Peep the new trailer below.


May 23, 2008

On June 11th, Midnight in Times Square New York Virgin Megastore
, MGS4 would have reached such epic proportions of hype, Konami can only seal the deal for Western gamers by bringing Hideo Kojima himself for the launch party. Some of us are planning trips from Toronto as one NeoGaffer’ put it but whatever the case may be, this only makes the anticipation for this game even higher …. so, are we dead yet? My burning question for the man is “Where, if possible, can I get a pair of those crazy glasses?”

Darksiders:Wrath of War

May 21, 2008

According to Lead Designer Haydn Dalton, Darksiders takes place at the beginning of a false apocalypse, in which War is accused of starting. He’s stripped of his abilities and called to answer for his “actions” in front of an ancient order called the Charred Council. They allow him access back to Earth to rectify the balance, find out who’s behind it and clear his name while kicking plenty of ass along the way of course. Haydn also claiming that Darksiders although maybe compared to previous titles of the same genre this title will offer something we’ve never seen before. The game is looking hot so far a lot may think of God Of War but when you see what is being offered you may change that view as i did. Just check the video below for a first ever in-depth look at the games progress. I like to thank for the video.

New Ghostbusters gameplay footage!

May 18, 2008

Quite possibly one of the best franchises to come out of the 80’s and my personal favorite, Ghostbusters is finally getting the proper videogame treatment. Hot off of the recent Sony gamers day press event comes new footage of actual gameplay from the new Ghostbusters video game. It’s still quite early, but it’s looking pretty good. I will admit the camera seems to get kinda funky just a bit. But other than that, I very much like what I see. I am also very happy to hear they have the original movie score in the game as well. So far the sound effects are ever thing we want from the title(the same as the movie) and the visuals are looking pretty damn tight. If there is one game that screams eye candy, this would be it.

Not much has been unveiled about the overall plot, but what is known is that the game is a sequal to the second movie and this time around features a fifth Ghostbuster(you the player). A baddie favorite seems to be making a return as well. Yup you guessed it, the Stay Pufft Marshmellow man. And as you can see in the video, he’s pretty much up to no good scaling buildings like Kong himself. I for one like the approach of a fifth character as this opens the universe up to something new as opposed to going through the usual movie licensed routine. The game will offer a varitey of weapons which have been integrated into your new and improved proton pack. The also have implemented an overheating feature which limits you to how much you can use your new weapons(as seen in the video). What appears to be a leftover from the second movie is a new weapon that uses slime. This time around the slime acts more like a tethers and allow you to move and lift heavy objects or obstacles. I’m sure there are to be some clever puzzles abound. Ghostbusters is slated to be released around the fall for all platforms(Wii and Ps2 will be different versions). Take a look at the vid below and please do not pay attention to the cheesy ass voice over. I didn’t think anyone could still sound like that in this day and age!

and here’s a little treat for ya…..

Killzone 2 Footage: GDC 08

May 7, 2008

The boys over at Gamersyde were kind enough to put up this video, so I’m sure the hungry fans, and fanboys will appreciate it. Blurry, somewhat noisy as usual, but if you have bionic eyes, you should be able to see the makings of a great game.

It’s true though, like HAZE, this game has ushered its fair share of delays. We can agrue that its due to a promise of something so visually astounding, that it take its place as the top FPS, in a field so many FPSs. The sad thing about the genre, is that great games like these, Halos, Resistances, and others will loose there luster as the options.

Hands On: Haze Demo

May 7, 2008


For the past few days, about everyone on my friends list on my PS3 was spending time on GTA IV. I know what you’re thinking: Who isn’t? Me. Perhaps I just don’t give a damn, and even though I have personally gone through the first two games my interest in the other iterations only became lower as the press continued to push the behemouth down our mouths. But I’m not here to talk about GTA.

The anticipation building around this game was hampered by delay after delay. It doesn’t mean that we’re not curious to see if the creators of Goldeneye, the Holy grail of FPSs on a console, still had some magic left in them.

Initial judgings of the sound, visuals, and style of the game are top notch. The sound effects take advantage of all your speakers and the game is a pleasure to watch with its lush environments, motion blurs, bloom, and impressive lighting effects. One of the better looking FPSs on the PS3. However, we’re warned that this is demo and work is in progress. My next question: between what time, and which delay are we talking about here? The message implies that the the game could look better, or worse? Who knows. Besides looking good, the game plays well, even though I missed the option of using the directional pads to switch between weapons and other items like grenades. The Mantel troopers control scheme resides on all the other buttons as a matter of fact. In other words, the controls are done with as few buttons as possible; a feat that some people will appreciate.

It was nice to see my PSN buddies jump into a game with me, a feature long available for other XBOX titles. But this occured without a hiccup and as promised, making the promise of HAZE seem a little bit brighter.

PlayStation Day: Mirrors’ Edge

May 6, 2008


Straight from PlayStation Day comes the debut trailer of Mirror’s Edge; an all out first person action adventure, run jump, scale, slide, evade, and if you can believe it, presented in real time in game footage. Trailers need to be like this more; just show us the goods.

This title sports an over the top style that embraces strong color schemes. Some will criticize it for being too contrasty though, but, early comments on this game say the colored objects stand out for a reason. Whether or not you’re into the hot looking Asian girls with iconic tattoos plastered on their faces will not be enough to determine the success rate of this game. Show us more please DICE.

[kml_flashembed movie="" height="392" width="480"/]

Damn who need guns when you got your mitts!

May 6, 2008

Check this game footage of Bourne doing what he does best and man do I feel sorry for the guys on the other side. One thing that made the Bourne movie hot was the fighting scenes you really see why Bourne is the ultimate weapon. I’d love to see him and Ethan Hunt throw down I know who my money is on. In the game they took all his fighting prow-less from the movie and mange to pull if off in the game just check this video and see for yourself this looks to be one of the better movie to video game adaptations.

Spyro is back and all grown up

May 5, 2008

Check this video and get the scoop on Spyro Dawn of the Dragon.  I have to say this looks to be the best yet of the series.

Snakes returns to Shadow Moses

May 3, 2008

Check this cool video of a familiar place we all come to love from the MSG series. Now snake makes a return in the Guns of the Patriots check out the video of the stage that started it all in its next-gen glory.

Street Fighter IV Boss Screens

April 30, 2008

I don’t care if Chun Li is a hermaphrodite. Street Fighter IV looks HOT! It looks like devs are finally giving video games a different look. What started out as “Toon” shading, reached it’s pinnacle with The Legend of Zelda Windwaker, is now being re-invented daily on these “Next-Gen” systems. Joining the ranks of Okami, Dragon Ball Z, the newly announced Prince of Persia restart, Street Fighter IV seems to be a graphical showpiece.

Some may mistakenly call the graphics simple, but I call it EYE candy. I’mma shut up now because this entry is all about the pix. Feast.

In order of Street Fighter ll appearance:

My main my mizzle, Iron Mike… errrrm Balrog!

Maybe heads will start picking him!

Wolverine’s cousin from another mother! Vega


Now to one of my favorite characters to use: TIGER! TIGER! TIGER UPPERCUT! Sagat!


Now the Man. The Cheasyness. Balr.. Veg.. I mean Iron M.Bison!!!

That’s just too much goodness! Keep checking back for more news on Capcom’s next installment to the franchise.

Dave out!

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