Naruto Storm Demo Via Quore

July 1, 2008

Perhaps one of the better reasons to cash in your PSN dollars for an episode or two of Quore might be the ability to access exclusive content.  Is it worth it?  Think about it, you are essentially paying for Quore and the services that come with it, so whats the big deal?

The problem is the extras in Quore.  You see, you were able to access demos for some time at no charge but that might be short lived in the near future.  Yea, it’s motivation to get the service, but aren’t demo’s suppose to be free in the first place? Perhaps a plan to have the demo exclusive to Quore for a while, then available across PSN would be a better idea.

But how do you plan something like that?  It’s an interesting thought given that the majority of Sony’s online service is free.  Considering that Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm is an exclusive title for the PS3, you can’t help but wonder if this going to become a trend for titles like this.  At least you can buy into the service on a per episode basis, so you can get what you want when you want it.  I’m just still filling funky about having to get the demo this way though because I’m a cheap bastard.  There, I said it, bite me. :)

Resistance 2 Trailer Set Loose

July 1, 2008

Emm, you gotta love YouTube but I’m sure that those sensoring this material, or holding it back from the public for whatever marketing reasons may not.  However, the most recent trailer hit Tube a little earlier today than planned with older and newer scenes. Here in you will find a much more vicious Chimera (as if they weren’t vicious enough) who deliver good on neck hickies. It’s tough keeping those things from several girlfriends, so caution is advised.



Sony Delivers In Game XMB and Trophies

June 30, 2008

Looks like the boys at Sony finally finished updating the firmware for the PS3, well at least the way rabid fans wanted it to be. The latest configuration should give you access to your XMB Bar while you play your games would give Sony a galore of encomium.

I can almost hear the collective “Sigh” across the net waves as fanboys (and myself) rejoice. Hands down, this was the biggest missing feature, especially for anyone who came from XBOX/360. Still, my hats off to Sony for actually changing their operating system, over time, to meet this user request. Perhaps Microsoft can get in line.

Say hello to the Trophy Whore. :)

Update: Take a peek at Sony’s PlayStation Blog for even more details:

Help Capcom Stress Test SSFIITHDR

June 25, 2008

Looks like Wolf of the Battlefield will be your ticket to get first dibs on Capcoms’ Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix. If, and when you download Wolf of the Battlefield, you’ll be able to get access to the SSFIIHDR beta version. Capcom says this goes towards them stress testing the networks for online multiplayer.

The cool thing about this is that the beta will run for a massive eight weeks. Sadly, you’ll only be able to select two characters, Ryu and Ken. As if we weren’t fed up with those two enough already. Lord knows that the 360 has a shit load of Online titles like this so its a pleasure to see it coming to PSN as well.

Kojima/ MGS 4 signing @ Uniqlo NYC

June 18, 2008

True game head DW was on hand for the MGS 4 Kojima signing at the clothing store, Uniqlo in NYC. The fans were out in droves and excited to get a glimpse and signature of the legendary game producer. Also at the event were the limited edition MGS 4/ Uniqlo collabo tees which flew off the shelves. Unfortunately Kojima wasn’t signing those ( proab’ to avoid the ridiculous ebay prices they would go for). Another plus for the event was the beautiful actress Yumi Kikuchi (Raging Raven) also giving signatures to eager fans. The event was great and it was nice to meet the man himself! Props to Konami, New York Tokyo and Uniqlo for this hot event! Peep the video below.


June 16, 2008

What does it mean? If you navigate over to Square Enix’s Global hub, then push on through the Japanese section (yea I go there from time to time) you’ll notice this massive announcement. What’s the big deal? Well, boys and girls, looks like Square Enix is about to let loose more information on favorite titles. Yes, that includes Final Fantasy XIII.

In addition more information on that elusive bluray version of Advent Children. How long we wait to see cloud in 1080p action. DK ? 3713 (’D.K. Sigma Three-Seven-Thirteen’) means ‘Dissidia, Kingdom Hearts, Sigma Harmonics, The 3rd Birthday, Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children Complete, Final Fantasy 13′. Could they have been any more cryptic? Credit to a hardcore buddy of mines at GT for breaking this down for me.

Sadly, this event is only accessible if you are a Square Member, and then there’s a raffle … for one ticket. Not to mention it’s held in Tokyo. The promise of the event will bring about more footage on several of their upcoming titles.

My First Metal Gear Solid 4 Moment

June 13, 2008

Hideo Kojima has taken a stand.

He has triumphantly stated through his work, you will play my game and like it! I don’t care how long you have to wait in-between sequences for loading and narrative.

Snake’s new catch phrase is fittingly “Kept you waiting, huh?”

The official website for MGS:4 is a travesty by web 2.0 standards. Mocking your long wait before you can view important content.

I believe he’s probably taking a quiet stab at the masses who have increasingly become impatient with the world. In a must have now mindset and sensibility, he’s chosen to serve you a dish slow cooked. Will you be patient (a mainstay of this stealth series) enough to enjoy what it is you are experiencing?

Presentation has always been what separated the Metal Gear Series for me and a whole lot of other gamers. The same can be said about Square’s Final Fantasy series. You may not agree with the story, or the characters, or locale, but you are certain of a quality well put together product. And for my now $65 - $92 (Special Edition) I’m glad a developer has chosen to give me something of quality.

You may have already guessed where I’m going with this post. But let me tell you, I am a FAN of the series. I luv it. I own every single US released version (and special edition releases). It is with great sadness that I begin my journey that is what promises to be Snake’s last stand.

It is now 2:38am and I have to go to bed, so I made the mistake of saying to myself. Let me just see how it starts…

Well first of all, that took a bit longer than I had anticipated. I was aware of the install required to play the game, but I wasn’t aware that my roommate’s PS3 (20 gig day 1 version) was basically full! I was politely told that there wasn’t enough free space. Hmm never got that error from my XBOX360 that I’ve played dozens more games for, but I digress.

After deleting the installs for games I shall not mention. I started the MGS install. Which was a brisk 14 minutes long…

(view some of the tidbits that snake gives you while smoking a stogey *actually a few)

After the install… Hitting start throws you the hell off.

You are treated with something absolutely unexpected. At least for me. When it comes to games/movies I really care about. I don’t watch trailers, I don’t read previews, I want to experience everything first-hand without any prejudices.

What happens when you first hit start is to say the least innovative, and if they are going to do what I think they are going to do it may be genius.

I also must note! This is also a ploy to hide the loading… wait why is it loading? Didn’t i just “install” the game for faster access? Oi!

I am then treated to the cinematic flair that has been Hideo. A beautiful sequence of images that play out as poetry on the battlefield. When I’m finally given control of Snake, I take a few steps and BAM the next cut scene … ok alright… given control again, take a few step and jig someone and then BAM another cut scene… at this point my eyes are getting woozy. Sleep is kicking in.

I kid you not. This was my first 25 minutes of “Gameplay”. I’ve come away not mad at all. I’m a Kojima nut, and I can without a doubt say what my eyes are beholding is nothing short of beauty. It is the best looking game on the PlayStation 3 to date. The animation of Snake may be stiff during play, but not at all during the cut scenes. The Gears show an “alive” type of animation that makes watching them move and search for “prey” fun. *note to self, stop using “quotes” DOH!

I intend to keep these diaries up as I attempt to plow through this game. I also intend to do it without giving away any specific plot points. I will be ultra vague, in an effort to not give away a spoiler. Play the game and you’ll know what I’m talking about. That simple. Everyone who has a PS3 at their disposal should play this game. This is what you all have been waiting for.

GTA? it only gets worse for you buddy. This is “Next-Gen”. Double DOH!



June 12, 2008

Damn I’m tired … but not as tired as the first guy in line at the MGS4 NY Timesquare Launch event. Notable mention also include another gentleman in full blown SnakeEater Skullface outfit. Though he admitted it was a rush job, it pleased everyone to see that.

Minus having to listen to a mad gamer rant all night long about everything wrong in the world, and the world of gaming, it was still worth it. Almost everyone got a signed copy of the game. Gamers were seen bringing books, ps3’s, and even there homework. As for this TrueGameHead, he opted for a signing of the first MGS. It only gets better with age … and signatures.

One interesting part was just before Kojima came down for signing. It seemed as though he was either shocked by the crazed chanting of the crowd, or amazed by the constant yelling of “KO-JIMA! KO-JIMA! KO-JIMA!!”. It was kinda funny seeing him laugh at that but he graced use with his calm presence and held out, signing from 12:00 Midnight till 2:00 AM in the morning. My hats off to him for doing that.

Then there are the stories from the fans themselves. The guy in the front with the snake headband, standing all cool, stayed there since Monday. If you live in NY you know that it was almost 100 that day with insane humidity in the air. Ones who drove 40/50/100 miles from home, and others just trying to meet up with online buddies. In a thought, it was enough to wrap around a NYC block stretching from Broadway to Avenue of the Americas. No easy feat as this is one of the longest blocks in the city.

GTA IV launch NYC!

June 10, 2008

So we’ve all finally had a chance to delve into one of the most anticipated games in history. And for some, you’ve even completed the game. It’s up to debate whether it was worth the hype/wait or if it’s the next evolution of sandbox genre. But make no mistake, this game has its legions of fans and TrueGameHeadz was on the scene for the launch at Gamestop on 33rd st NYC. At the event, Gamestop gave out several cash rewards including a 1st prize win of $10,000! Hot 97’s Mr Cee was on hand mc’ing the event and Redbull was there handing out the adrenaline rushing drink to the masses. Resident trueamehead Grey brings you the action. Peep the vid below!

Project Origin Info-Mart

June 9, 2008

Fans of the FEAR series have probably deemed the last console version of the game a silent failure. The title had received a sparse welcome at best but it was perhaps for other reasons why Vivendi, WB, and Monolith took the title to home bases. If and when it’s possible to have a descent port of an FPS, so rooted in the horror Japanese pop-culture on the PC, do better, Monolith and Vivendi have a lot of answering, and fixing to do. Enter Project Origin. Scratch that, Enter The Complaints.

When does this episode take place? The title takes place within the same world, but has no relation to Perseus Mandate, or the Extraction Point expansion packs.

Where’s the creepy looking girl? Alma, the supernatural power child, returns but she now focuses on Michael Becket, who is sent to arrest and capture Genevieve Aristiside, about 30 minutes before the ending of Episode 1: F.E.A.R. There for dramatic effect, Alma is a more oh you didn’t see me coming type.

Who’s Genenvieve Aristide? She’s the president of Armacham, and is the female voice heard speaking to an unknown Senator during F.E.A.R.’s intro and outro sequences. In the first game, she tried to have the secret Origin facility, where Alma was held, reopened despite resistance and warnings from other members of Armacham. She later regretted that decision when the first few teams sent in did not return. Her original intention was to start Origin over. That didn’t happen, as a nuclear reaction caused the detonation of the facility. It is during this time that she sent out Point Man to test his abilities against the elite mind controlled battalion led by Paxton Fettel. During the game you realize that she is no slouch, and is also an extremely manipulative and calculating character. At this point and time, she’s just trying to clean up her own mess.

What about Point Man, tell me more? Point’s your Player-Character. Silent type, and has insane reflex abilities. The origin of his abilities are up for debate but here’s what’s known. First off, it’s believed that he is the grandson of Arlan Wade, a top scientist at Armacham. Also, there’s a strong chance that he is Alma’s son, which would explain the strong psychosis he experiences throughout the games. Finally, no one knows what he looks like, and if you were to use the mirrors and reflections in the game, you’ll see that his face is completely covered. For Project Origin, you’ll play as a delta ops guy by the name of Michael Becket.

Who’s this Becket guy, where’s is Point Man, and how did this guy get powers like Point? More importantly, why doesn’t he have a cool code name? You start of as a standard foot soldier but will soon become a candidate, via surgery, to gain Point Man’s Super Reflexes. As for the code name, hell if I know.  A run-in with Point Man may be possible since the events that unfold take place during F.E.A.R.

Will we ever be able to aim down our gun sights in this series? Indeed, the first set of games never really took advantage of the aiming down the barrel feature but several trailers have revealed otherwise. It’s almost baffling, in this day and age why this feature was included already. It was a pleasure to see Michael, regardless of Point Man’s abilities, actually look down the barrel for a change.

What about the sound, I always found that I had to use audio mods to get a descent sounding machine gun fire out of this game? The environmental sound effects, voice actors, and equipment is on point, but the guns make the goats of Ireland sound melodic. It must be a curse, but the trailers seem to exhibit the same sound effects from the original game for your weaponry. Strong feedback from Vivendis’ and Monoliths blogs ensures viewers that the majority of footage shown is pre-beta and that they are taking in all the user comments to amp up various aspects of the game. PC gamers are also never satisfied with their titles. That’s mostly due to the fact that they can mod their games in the first place.

Perhaps Vivendi-Warner Brothers-Monolith took the right, or left, step with the franchise. Personally, we’ve always enjoyed F.E.A.R for its fast paced action and the use of the Point Man’s inhuman reflexes. A gamer once told me that the game was too easy, even on the higher settings once you took advantage of Point’s abilities. Regardless of how well the AI was designed. When asked, if he “ever tried clearing a room without using Point Man’s abilities”, this was his reply: “Are you f*(&*ing insane?”

What’s JupiterEX, I’ve heard about this thing, can I fly to outer space with it? JupiterEX is the fancy name given to the engine that game is developed, and runs under. While the full workings of any engine are ever disclosed, here’s what most fans know about it:

  • True Dynamic Lighting - JupiterEx supports full dynamic lighting, with realtime shadow generation, realistic occlusion, glow effects, and diffuse/specular behavior.
  • Complex Shader Networks - The engine supports multichannel, numeric constant/tex mapped shading effects with support for diffuse/specular behavior, glow, translucency, bump mapping, simulated refraction, and more.
  • Physics - JupiterEx supports the following physics features:
    • Blended Ragdoll Physics - Ragdoll physics will blend from keyframed animations for more realistic transitions.
    • Simplified Collision Objects
    • Environmental Dynamics - Support for a substantial number of interactive, physically responsive objects throughout a map, even in MP games.
    • Physics support for characters with any number of limbs, from bipeds to quadrupeds, and even characters with more than 4 limbs.
    • Robust Physics Toolset includes ragdoll set-up plug-ins for Max and Maya, collision response tools for tweaking physical responses, and a visual debugger to test and optimize physics for ideal performance.
  • Powerful Dynamics System - JupiterEx supports a number of powerful dynamic effects, including convincing fluid effects, light affected and occluding particle effects, realtime smoke and fog, dynamic lighting options, realistic breakable glass, sparks, tracers, and other effects.
  • Animation - Powerful animation system with support for animation blending/facial blendshapes, phoneme based lip animation, and integration with havok physics.
  • Vehicle Support - It appears that the engine WILL support vehicles, per the Havok vehicles kit, which, if memory serves, is very very similar to the vehicle setup in UT2k4.
  • Advanced Toolset - The JupiterEx toolset includes the WorldEdit mapping utility, the ModelEdit utility which contains tools to allow artists to tweak their models for engine optimization and functionality, the FXEdit utility to allow artists to create, preview, and tweak effects in real time without the need for recompile, and advanced support for both Maya and 3DStudioMax.

Huh, what’s all that BS, I don’t get it? Take a look at the video below. You can also checkout the website for more details, videos, and information about various upgraded features in the game. Most notable, the improvement on the blood splatter, the use of an armored-mech, that can tear down buildings, and much more.

Ever wanted to visit Afrika well today is your lucky day!

June 6, 2008

We have a new trailer here that shows humans driving jeeps and walking with cameras while taking photographs of the animals in this virtual world of Afrika. The game is being developed by Rhino Studios and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. Gamers playing Afrika will assume the role of a photojournalist who will be able to take pictures of various wildlife by foot, jeep or air balloon, as previously hinted at in various screen shots and trailers.

BattleField - Character Profile

June 5, 2008

Here in you’ll fine an in-depth look at EA-DICE’s new game for the Battlefield franchise with producer Patrick Bach. If mo-cab, voice acting, lip-sinks, and character development over years of production and team development cycles is your thing, then view on.

BF has built up a good name for itself over the years, and with this new installment for the consoles, things are looking up. Most notable is the destructible environment. It is uncanny though how the game reminds a lot of gamers of EA-Criterions’ BLACK, a classic FPS released in the later years of PS2. That title too, took levels of destructions to new heights and has been herald as one of the greater games for the system. Oddly, here’s hopinge DICE doesn’t leave us on the edge with a cliff hanger ending.

PSN - Enter the “Qore”

June 4, 2008

And a name can’t be cheesy enough. What’s Qore - think G4 on PSN. Or any other gaming news show.

From Crackle: Qore preview

But wait, there’s more to it, more than you might like. Remember the debate, PSN is free. Yea, you get to play online with your buddies, keep track of scores, download content, and the hopes of earning trophies one day, at no charge. Kindly place this show in the monthly episodic content section please, at the cost of about $2.99 per month, and $24.99 a year. Is it fair? Perhaps, but many would argue that Sony’s dedication to other content on PSN was lacking. They have made some improvements so far and even more so with other services in Europe that won’t see the light of day here in the US like Play.TV. Still focus on what gamers wont for their system of choice would be better; ie Home, and that horrible three-letter-made-into-one-word: INGAMEXMB. A word to the fanboys out there, ask for INCONTENTXMB … why limit it to just the games?


June 2, 2008

OMG, can it get any deeper than this? A few months back, the developers for Dead Space said that the story for its next action-space-survival-horror was deep … they weren’t kidding. As for the kids, please be advised, this comic is laced with explicit, explicit language. “Something damn strange is going on around here.”

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