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August 1, 2007

I’ve decided that the “This Week In Sony and other Tidbits” just won’t cut it anymore. This does not reflect any disappointment with Sony as of late. Its so hard to find the good [and there is some] when your in the pits of Hades. Why not look at gaming as whole I thought? Besides, who else is doing it? I have a lot of catching up to do since E3 so make a thick cup of Cacoa [if you know what that is] and read on.

Right after the Sony media blow out at E3 and the late clearance Sale on the PS3, everyone was wondering where the 360 was at the show. Don’t get me wrong, the Box didn’t have much to worry about, especially when things are going so well for MS and its powerhouse machine [besides that annoying "I'm afraid to buy an XBox360 because the Ring of Death God my get me."] .

All they had to say were a few things; Yes Halo 3 is coming out, Yes, Master Chief is in it, Yes, we are still making games. And that’s good considering that M. Moore claimed that Halo 3 will make launch sales of a lifetime. Shame the same can’t be said about the release of the 80GB PS3 on 8/12/2007 [maybe]. Perhaps more exciting is the pending release of Blast Factor 2, aka, Blast Factor - Advanced Research on the PSN.

Where is that XBOX360-PS3 release of Stranglehold? Several of us were looking forward to that title this early in August, well maybe except the WII owners, but don’t feel bad, things are looking up for you as well. Its times like these that a game like Everyday Shooter would be ideal to pass the time till Stranglehold releases. The creator of that game, Jon Mak, points out that the game is strictly focused on “maximum re-playability.” Another addition to Sony’s artsy marketing approach and their jump into what they call casual games. As a matter of fact the last Sony update to PS3 was so casual that it took me a whole week to figure things out [even though they post what's updated before you install said updates]. What did fanboys get -

  • you can play movies and access the main menu [ala xbox menu]
  • you can add images to your main bg if you don’t like that wobble, bubbly looking thingie [ala psp]
  • free images now on psn
  • delete/copy multiple files
  • new dvd/bluray features added [don't ask me, I didn't look yet]

It was more impressive to hear this fact though: Miyamoto is working on new characters for Nintendo. OMG! It only took you like what, 10 years, and four consoles. C’mon man, I’ll be fifty by the time you stop milking those new bad boys. Please tell me you’ll shell out more. The telling quote from the mighty mouth of Miyamoto-san is as follows -

“Maybe next year sometime, we may have new characters in the same way we came up with Pikmin when we introduced the GameCube.”

Wow, 1 character in 10 years.  Emmm Goody-Gum-Drops. While some of you may argue that the MII characters are new characters there in of themselves, do they really count? I won’t answer that. The new Smash Brothers Brawl screens over at count. Those boys know how to taunt me. Damn! I got dibs on Kirby TGHeadz!

If you’re not into Kirby, lets not leave Arcades out, as new clips of the upcoming Basara X has made it on the net. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Take a look here. And you thought Arcades were dead.

Way to go Microsoft for dispelling that ugly rumor that they would discontinue the core XBOX360 system after the pending $50.00 price drop. The price drop isn’t much but it would be nicer if it was $100 and they didn’t discontinue the console *cough*Sony*cough*. It’s a little painful to look at the current gameplay footage for Mass Effect. I thought this game would be much faster but then again, maybe that happens later on in this must have title for 360 [well if you like action RPGs that is].

My feelings were some what mixed after playing the Heavenly Sword demo today [900MB+ download!!!!]. Don’t worry it was only impossible to get the download when it was first released because every gamer and their uncle were leached onto it like the media hungry parasites that we are. The game not only does not feel like God of War, but button mashing really gets you no where. You really have to plan out your attack a few steps a head, something thats actually very hard to do as the enemies don’t do the come at you one at a time attack like old games of lore.  Also there were some jittering while loading that made it look odly suspicious.  Hmmm, I don’t know.

Someone should have told your cool Dad who plays video games non-stop, that casual games will be the thing of the future. Analyst Evan Wilson says that “US online casual market will nearly double in the next two years while publishers have misplaced their judgment on the hardcore market.” Strangely one can agree with this as he/she/[it?] gets older and you only have time to dedicate 1 hour a day to games. Funny thing about that is that reviews for Darkness claimed it was too short but several gamers I have spoken to [in my age group] all said that it was great, fast paced, and they felt more satisfied with the game than other more intense titles. Better brush up on my Flow skills.

It seems that the Donkey Kong King Billy Mitchell had to brush up more than just his skills as he bested would-be nay-sayers from taking his title for a cool $10,000.00. Shit! Talk about talent. Mitchell’s new high score in Donkey Kong is now a whopping 1,050,200 points. Can you say damn! What’s more cool was his quote -

“I’m Billy Mitchell. I don’t need to run up the score. I just want to put one in the win column. I want to make it competitive. I didn’t want to make it too tough.”

Too tough!? Maybe that’s what Nintendo’s George Harrison, Senior VP, was thinking after recently announcing his retirement at Nintendo; via voice message? Honestly, I didn’t see this one coming but then again, you never know. I didn’t even know that the boys over at Electronics Arts where even considering putting Crysis on the PS3 and XBOX360. I’m sorry for some of my brethren, but I’ve already upgraded my PC and I’m bleeding to play this intense title, as well as titles like Jericho that take advantage of a shit load of RAM, VISTA and Core based processors.

Still Castle Crashers is anything but intense. The strange racial issue that surrounded this game late last year was an interesting one. You didn’t hear about that one? Okay see the video below -

[kml_flashembed movie="" height="409" width="480" /]

Well guess the boys at Behemoth had a serious one on their hands but that didn’t stop em from getting this ready for the XBOX360. The game will obviously be out soon, especially after seeing its new showing at Comic Con. I’m sorry lady but this game looks hella fun!

[kml_flashembed movie="" height="409" width="480" /]

Spartan Maddness on BluRay

July 31, 2007

The movie that caused a mad rush of insane user movies over at YouTube with the likes of Unitied300 [my favorite of the lot] has made it to Bluray this week. If you haven’t seen this flick, you owe it to yourself to at least go to a friends house to check out the BluRay release. If it looks anything like the like the IMAX presentation that I saw, then buy it if you own the PS3, or Bluray player.

If Spartan Warfare isn’t your thing and your stuck in the current times, you can also pick up Shooter, staring M.Waldberg and D. Glover on BluRay.  It was good seeing Danny in this role, even though he played a villain but this movie is seriously underrated.  It’s akin to the old westerns you would watch with your uncles growing up; one man, got played, takes revenge the hard way.  Simple and to the point.

Round 1Million … Fight!

July 30, 2007

I love fighting games. Don’t you? Wuss. I gave Virtua Fighter some slack since heard that it would be making it Online but in my book its one of those too late to make amends kind of situations. Swimming around the 日本語 PSN PS3 browser I saw the below image for a downloadable game for 2,000Yen [~$16.00]. I hope to God we are the first to report on this, given that its almost 3:00 o’clock Monday morning before I head in to work at 7. Why am I up this early? Never mind that, see the picture below:


Still think it’s fake? Well here’s a picture from most my HD monitor:


I never thought I’d say this, but I actually like that I can take pictures with my cell phone now. See you online my Tekken brothers! :D

IRONMAN movie videogame footage

July 28, 2007

Check out some first footage from the Ironman movie videogame by sega (shown at this year’s comic con in san deigo). I must say so far it’s looking pretty decent, especially his character model and although the levels may look alittle sparse, keep in mind this game has a ways off before actual release( it’ll be hitting shelves along side the movie in the spring of next year). Im feelin the over the shoulder view during the flight and the missile air grab is a pretty cool move. Peep the video below and keep an eye out on this one!

Conan the Barbarian makes it to Wii

July 28, 2007

If you didn’t know, it looks like Conan will be not only hitting the 360 and PS3 but will also be released on the WII. What’s the big deal? The game is hell’a violent and, yes my wanton God of War gamer, it does have very similar mechanics, but, it looks good!

This title by THQ is not be confused with the MMORPG game Hyborian Adventures. The game will not only include the obvious abilities to tear off the limbs off your foes, but you will also gain the ability to use elemental magic and perform summons that allow you call the foul beasts, evil crows, and Lord knows what else. So far its shaping up to be a descent single player adventure game.

Exclusive = Lose one game + Gain Another [??]

July 28, 2007

Is Sony loosing ground? Loosing ground in the sense that we believe that they have lost all their exclusivity and hurt you in so many ways that you lost count. Interesting points put out during an exclusive GAMEHEAD interview with Andy McNamara, N’Gai Croal, and MTV’s Steven Totilo about Sony’s presence at 2007 E3. Andy brought up a good point about home since I got to take a tour in the beta myself and what I’m most worried about is the presence that Home will have as community hub. Indeed, the idea of it great, and we love that but once you get into minor details, you start to think: “Just how lazy are these developers!” Okay, okay, maybe that’s harsh but I mean c’mon, Jack Trenton’s f’ing lips didn’t move!! THIS IS NEXT GEN!!!! C’mon guys, hire me to program that for you, I’d love to help [for a fee :D] , even if it takes me month!

[kml_flashembed movie="" height="409" width="480" /]

There’s two ways you can take the comment about the exclusivity are - wow that’s great, you’re not so dumb after all, or, WTF, you got one game out of it, are you insane!!! I’m no fan of GTA. Personally, if I want to play something violent, I’ll pick up an FPS. I’ve always found the GTA series boring and that’s just me. So whatever this title is, it would have to impress me and every other gamer who is addicted to the idea of GTA. Sounds a little impossible right? Hopefully, that statement will come back and bite me.

Wipeout Pulse

July 26, 2007

While the rest of the internet is going crazy over the release of that new “Lost” video game, certain things will not go un-looked. Many a hardcore Phatom Zone player have come to say that Wipeout Pure has reached the epoch of being the best Wipeout game to date. It’s almost impossible to top something like that, especially after so many upgrades in a series. It would explain the soon to be released Wipeout {Pure} HD for PSN.

[kml_flashembed movie="" height="409" width="480" /]The above video is for Wipeout Pulse HD for PSN

Confirmed additions to the new game include 24 never before seen tracks. All tracks will now include the new grav-rail system. The ability to use your own music. The game is also said to be geared more towards racer in mind, a trend that was lost with the PS2 release for series; Wipeout Fusion. All the other amenities that you love return, killer sound tracks [just do more Stanton Warriors and I'm good], stomach twisting speed, and of course online play.

MGS4 - Snake Using PS3 Controller

July 24, 2007

Finally, some gameplay footage was posted over at for MGS4 Guns of the Patriots. While it is obvious from the video below that the game looks good, its good to see that the gameplay is intact and has some extra features. Included are things like absorb patterns in your surroundings and new freeze! techniques and animation.

[kml_flashembed movie="" height="409" width="480" /]

Thanks to Snake009 for letting me know about this one.

Last Week in Sony and other Tidbits …

July 17, 2007


Wow, what a week last week was. I don’t know where to start, I have a lot of joy but a lot of hate right now for Sony. You know its like, hearing from your older brother that he was going to get you that cool toy on Monday, but by Friday you find out that you had to actually pay for the damn thing.

That sums up the general feeling for Sony loyalists and people who were even considering purchasing the Monday priced 60gb PS3 for 499 which was originally 599, to hearing that it would go through a clearance sale to be replaced by a 80gb version that would once again be priced at 599. Confused? A lot of gamers are but its just this, in the West, not including Europe, the unit will be phased out. Kinda sucks huh? Not really. People wanted a price cut and I’m guessing that’s what the marketing department at Sony came up with. Now there are rumors of the 80gb version not being all it can be in comparison to the previous SKU. This makes the 60gb version all the more better in terms of quality if that’s true.


More Home details were shown and its looking sweet, and surprisingly you will be able to launch any game from the Home interface. Games? Phil H. announced that owners of PS2, PSP, and PS3 need not worry as around 500 games are in development, or near completion for this year, and the first two quarters of next year. So if you had problems choosing games, that should vanish in time.

Probably the worst game I’ve seen in a long time will hit the PS3: “PAIN”. Never has a title appeared to be more pointless to me that this thing. I mean, what is it? On the other spectrum, you have titles like L.A.I.R, Drakes Fortune, and Heavenly Sword, so I guess balance is preserved. Interesting tidbit about Heavenly Sword. It turns out that it doesn’t play that much like God of War. Andrew Yoon, of Ps3Fanboy, had a chance to play the game and pointed out some of its mechanics -

“The most important thing to note about Heavenly Sword are its controls: don’t start playing the game, expecting it to control like God of War. This is a vastly different beast to tame, and button-mashing isn’t as encouraged in this battle system. Expect to be a lot more methodical, and observational, as analyzing enemy movement and stances becomes crucial to true success in the game.”

Credit: Andrew Yoon

It sounds promising and perhaps the game may be more comparable to the likes of Ninja Gaiden with regards to the above quote.


After a few days the 60GB PS3 is now on back order at Expect this trend to happen soon across the board. Don’t forget to pick up your Remastered version of The Fifth Element while you’re at it. I’m surprised that Sony even considered answering the cries of a many a fan for this movie after the previous version that was released. Another BR you may want to pick up is the BBC’s Planet Earth. If you’re into History Channel and TLC then this BR is for you. Not only is it informative but the scenes look so good you’ll think that its CG. One of the extra’s in Motorstorm had a similar HD display of the desert that was simply draw dropping.  Now all I’m missing is that BR version of Ghost of in the Shell 2: Innocence.

5thEl pe

Bad Ports

Well, at least we know that Sony is attempting to make new IPs for the system and several a user won’t have to deal with those God awful ports. Someone made an interesting comment once about ported games many years ago: “its like they just slapped this thing on the cartridge and called it Harry.” This can be said about Rainbow 6. While I’m sure you’re all willing to bite my head off for that comment, I want you to know that I actually beat the damn thing on realistic and played several a co-op game online. Personally, it didn’t do it for me. The sound in the game was horrible, and the visuals were just so dated, it almost look like it could have been done on PS2. Well, thank God that’s over with, I’m selling it and picking up The Darkness. See you next week.

PS3 Gets Unreal 1 Year early - Why?

July 14, 2007

Cries can be heard across the net, especially by Epic game loyals and 360 owners a like. Keep in mind 360 owners, some of you didn’t even play pc games to begin with and this thing was on my PC long before you even thought of EPIC so get in line! :) Producers say that the game will hit VISTA and PS3 first because those systems will give them the ability to push out a higher quality game. Well, after my review on Armored Core 4 with SirG and comparisons of few other games, that remains to be seen. Though you can bash me with Gaiden, and other titles, lets just wait till it comes out wasabi.

Now I hear that GOW is going to VISTA and will have 5 extra levels to enhance the story? Last I heard the story won an award, but to even put more? Bring it, as I already have VISTA waiting for the likes of Crysis, and other 360 titles that are coming over to PC gaming.

[kml_flashembed movie="" height="409" width="480" /]

E3 - 2007 Phil says 500 games coming …

July 13, 2007


So much for no games coming out on the PS3 system. Hmm … well the Killzone trailer was real time … so that’s cool. Low on texture but they did show a lot of new games, and more. So here’s some of the games you can expect for PS3 in the coming months to come [see the interview by clicking more] and next year -

[kml_flashembed movie="" height="409" width="480" /]

[Read more]

E3 - 2007 Star Wars - Digital Molecular Matter … err Force Unleashed

July 13, 2007


Okay so wood will break like wood in this game, and glass is break like glass … okay. Personally I’m more impressed that this game is coming out on just about every console and hand-held. Now that’s impressive. Why oh why this won’t be made on for VISTA is a nightmare in itself but if you have a DS, PS2, PS3, or XBOX360 you’ll be set.  I think developers can stop ‘itching about hard coding now.

[kml_flashembed movie="" height="409" width="480" /]

Sony is SCREWING it’s Customers!

July 13, 2007

Since no one wants to talk about it, let me shed a lil light on what’s going on here. Sony has decided it will discontinue their 60 gig PS3 in light of the new 80gig model that will be out shortly for $599.

What? the one that just went on sale for $499 is being discontinued, along with the already defunct 20gig model? Hold up, are you telling me that not even a year later, all those “Millions” of people who just bought the most expensive system ever have obsolete ones? Why isn’t someone burning at the stake for this?


Microsoft brings out a better version of their console 2 yrs later and they are vilified for misleading early adopters, but Sony issues a new console and price system after a few months and it’s being swept under the rug? Call me the angry gamer! I don’t care there is no fairness in fanboydom. (Yeah i just made up a word) AND THERE STILL ISN’T A REASON to BUY A PS3!!!

Give me One reason? One. I dare you to give me a reason i must purchase a PS3, but no one wants to talk about that. Ratchet and Clank looks sweet, but I done played the other 4 versions I can live. really i can

E3 2007 - UFC … you have got to see this!

July 12, 2007


I don’t want to say much, just watch the trailer!

[kml_flashembed movie="" height="409" width="480" /]

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