Nearly 10 minutes of Prince of Persia gameplay and interview(off-camera)!

September 8, 2008

The TrueGameHeadz crew had a chance to check out UBISOFT’s new Prince of Persia game at their 2008 NYC preview line-up event. I think it’s safe to say the game will be triple A wholesome goodness! Check out the nearly 10 minutes worth of video of the game in action. The Prince is back!

GET OVER HERE! over 8mins of new MK vs. DC footage.

September 8, 2008

Still think the upcoming MK vs. DC fighting game from Midway is gonna suck? Check out this video with over 8 mins of new footage showcasing some cool ass moves, destructible environments/clothing, brutalities,fatalities, and new combo system. Plus an explanation of just how much control you have over your character even while being grabbed or thrown! Midway has stated time and time again about how they’re going back to their roots with this latest iteration of Mk and it’s apparent from this video. Check it out below and peep the scene were old Bats gets burned by fan favorite Scorpion…GET OVER HERE!!!

Blitz: The League II’s Bone Crushing Preview Video

September 5, 2008

What a better way to start off the weekend than with some bone crunching brutality courtesy of Midway’s upcoming gridiron bruiser, “Blitz: The League II.” It’s been quite some time since a sports game has been rated M for Mature (if one ever has), and you can see just why “Blitz” deserves the honor. Broken bones, illegal hits, supplements, ya know… all the good stuff. Basically if “Madden” is too “classy” for it, it’s in “Blitz.” Sit back and enjoy a look at arcade style football at its bloodiest.

6 million ways to die, choose one! Tenchu 4 video walk-through

September 5, 2008

Okay, so the video is in all Japanese, but you don’t have to be a genius to see that Aquire is definitely going a completely different route with the overall gameplay style for the aging series. It pretty much looks like a much improved revamp of the gameplay mechanics and looks to offer an experience that set itself apart from the previous titles as well as other hack and slash games out there. Everything from blowing out candles to delivering some serious blows to ones “pacakage”, Tenchu 4 looks to introduce gamers to a slew of ways to take down your opponents all the while keeping your stealthy stride. Whats seen in the video looks really good, painful and funny( swift kick to the nuts is priceless). What also looks pretty tight is the ability to quickly attack an enemy who is drawing a sword thus eliminating the need to have to fight. And there appears to be some form of first person sword combat as well which looks sort of turn based between you and your opponent. Take a look at the around 8 minute video and I think you would agree that it’s safe to say this new entry is doing a good job of trying to revamp the series and the Ninja stealth action in a way that separates itself from the usual hack and slash fair.

Castle Crashers Review: River City Remembered

September 4, 2008

In a few years, “Castle Crashers” won’t be remembered for its amazing story, or its ground breaking controls. No, the reason “Castle Crashers” will be remembered, and it’s perhaps the best possible reason for people to remember a game, is because it’s smashtastically fun. It’s a great game to play alone, with friends, or online, and you can keep playing it over and over. Add to that a persistent sense of homage to one of the greatest games of all time, “River City Ransom” and “Castle Crashers” is a quality follow-up to “Alien Hominid.”

Some people have complained that “Alien Hominid” was too hard, but those people just forgot how grueling great games used to be (go play the original “Ninja Gaiden” for 20 minutes and you’ll remember). Just because a game is hard doesn’t mean it’s not good. Fortunately, (or unfortunately, depending on your stance on challenging games) “Castle Crashers” doesn’t suffer from the punishing level of difficulty that “Alien Hominid” made so memorable. It’s a bit more accessible, partially due to the fact that you have the ability to level up your character. However, that doesn’t mean the game is a cakewalk. [Read more]

Hellboy: Science of evil, reviewed in 60 sec

September 3, 2008

Whut up folks! Unit here, bringing you our latest review of Hellboy: Science of evil. I’ll be giving you the lowdown on this game in 60 sec. Is it good? utter crap? a waste of money? Find out in this video review below!

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 NYC launch party

September 3, 2008

Last week the TrueGameHeadz crew attended the Tiger Woods PGA tour launch party in NYC. The event was cool and alittle disappointing. I say that because the only time you got to see the man himself, Tiger was when he walked in on the green carpet. And like wise for the others stars that came through, but that wasn’t a big deal. It would’ve been nice if Tiger stepped outta his super private area and waved to the masses or at least said something to the likes of “Thanks for coming by, or check out my game and hope you enjoy it!” cause you know it was for him and his game. Plus the music was ridiculously loud and some point. People thought their ears were gonna burst! Anyways peep the video of the event below…and did Anthony Anderson say “[email protected]#K Tiger Woods????!!

No Wii Can’t: The lack of games for Nintendo Wii

September 1, 2008

No Wii Can’t

What’s going on with the Nintendo Wii? Not since the original Nintendo Entertainment system has the company had a console that could be considered the ultimate Trojan horse. Everyone’s got one. EVERYONE HAS A WII. Which defies all logic because it keeps selling hand over fist. Then why is Nintendo happy not enforcing that they are the ultimate in videogame entertainment?

My partners here at TrueGameHeadz love to refer to Nintendo as printing money. Which quite frankly they can. The Nintendo DS and Wii are runaway financial successes for the company, but at what cost? They have all but squandered an opportunity to introduce “revolutionary” games to match their revolutionary control scheme.

Take a look at the now hundreds of title strong (soft) library of Wii games. You’ll notice what should be quite alarming. They have 6 titles that would be considered above a reviewed 9 rating and two of them are Game Cube ports, 3 of them are simple sequels and only 1 is a true revolutionary experience. Those titles are, Legend of Zelda: The Twilight Princess (GC), Resident Evil 4 (GC), Metroid Prime 3 (sequel), Super Smash Brothers (sequel), Mario Kart Wii (sequel) and the only revolutionary title Super Mario Galaxy.

If that aint enough for you, they’ve also announced that they aren’t releasing any new games outside of Animal Crossing this year!

But yet the system keeps selling. How do you explain it? The much talked about Virtual Console pre-launch has now come to “full realization”. We have numerous re-thread classics that we can go back and play if we’ve not already experienced on other consoles. But wait! Didn’t you hear about the vaunted Wii Ware lineup of games that would round out the experience? My either.

There are 24 WiiWare titles and can only be described as time wasters. The one with promise Lost Winds was a really nice experience that had people saying screw Lil Big Planet. But for realz has this new offering of games not been a let down?

People are quick to point out that XBOX Live Arcade didn’t have anything worth its salt when it launched. Which was true 3yrs ago! But in it’s formative years it had, Geometry Wars, Cloning Clyde, Small Arms, Assault Heroes, Alien Hominid, Pac Man Championship edition, Prince of Persia Classic (Which is how you should re-release a game) and not to mention the string of hits that has been coming since Jun 07.

While we are on the subject of online connectivity. Let’s talk about Nintendo’s still reluctant commitment to online. I get it that they want people to play with each other in the same living room. But that’s just not feasible in this day and age, where most people have moved to outlying places and just don’t have sleepovers anymore ;-)

Why is it that I have to wait 15mins and keep trying over and over to get a fight in Super Smash Bros? Oh yeah that’s right it’s one of the few games online and everyone is playing it at the same time.

I was one of those gamers who got the Wii on day one in 2006, thinking about the promise that this new control scheme would bring. Who knew the pack-in Wii Sports title would be the pinnacle of what it could be? Nintendo continues to frustrate 3rd party developers by with holding things that they would like to use to make better games. First Mii support (remember them) and then most recently the peripheral that allows for greater 1 to 1 support for games such as the upcoming Star Wars Lightsaber Duels.  But I digress.

For a company that has so much history and innovation I for one wish that it would stand up and deliver. I grew up playing memorable games on the NES and sometimes I wish that they would create a new era of games and not rely so heavily on their re-threads. Give me a new lead character; I don’t want another Mario game right now. Give me a new adventurer; I’m tired of saving Zelda. Is that too much to ask?

But when sales start slowing you know what will happen right? No that’s not when we’ll get great new titles. We’ll start getting bundles of old games with… yep you guessed it, Candy Colored Wii’s!

Viva La Revolucion!!! - DaveDaGamer

2 free to play mmo’s you probably haven’t heard of…

August 30, 2008

Whut up folks, Unit here and i got the lowdown on 2 free to play mmo’s you might not have heard of. And our guest editor and resident pc man J-Quest is gonna dive right in and tell you what’s the deal on both games. Check it below.
This is an On-line strategy action game .I would qualify it as being a PVP game. Rakion offers a fast and easy way of attacking opponents.

It offers hotkeys for both health potions and skills. There are five classes to choose from which are Mage, Ninja, Archer, Warrior and Blacksmith. Takes place in the medieval time period. There are different type of battle to choose from which are Stage, Team Death match, Solo Death match, Boss War and my favorite Golem War. In which one must attack the other teams Golem mean while trying to protect yours from the opponents attack.The team that kills the other teams Golem wins the match.

Leveling comes by beating opponents, whether it is by soloing or team effort. You will also receive Gold and bonus points so you can build your character by buying armor, weapons and accessories.

What I like about Rakion is that no matter what level one is, you will be able to compete with other player who may be a higher level that you are. One of the striking features of this game is that as you can summon your inner creature as your rage meter hits critical point. This feature can turn the tide of the game. It doesn’t last long but it can be useful.

If you are looking for a fast paced get in and get out type of game and that is free and fun, I would suggest going to Softnyx website and download your free copy. be warned that this game is bandwidth hog, some servers won’t let you in due the speed of your DSL or Cable.

If you ever played Lineage 2this game is a clone of NCSoft’s MMO. The graphics seem dated and just like its counterpart you grind like there is no tomorrow.

This being an RvR (realm vs. realm) or light vs. dark the quest are rather bland, kill x number of lizards, orcs and oh yes monkeys, OMG no, how has it come to this. Oh well, you can level and get gold faster by doing the quests. The armor and weapons can get very expensive at the shops.Since this is a free to play MMO one can purchase potion to help you level quicker.

Can’t say much about the skilled based system, as you gain points thru each level your character can acquire ever more powerful skills. There are six classes to choose from on the light side, there are the Archer, Ranger, Priest, Defender, Mage and Fighter. The opposing faction has similar classes as well but just with different names Assassin, Oracle, Hunter, Warrior, Pagan and Guardian if you choose the dark side. Not much in terms of character uniqueness, everyone just looks like your clone.

The only time I had fun is when you reach about lvl 15 or so, you go and battle the opposing faction. You will enter the portal where the war is ranging and that is where the fun really lies in this game. You can party with other members of your faction at any time and try to defend the castle. The opposing faction are always trying to attack and ambush you while you are finishing quests.

Since I’ve only played and Elf mage, this review is only based on that particular class of the light faction. I will give a longer review of this game in future posts. If you like RvR then Shaiya has some features that can hold you in the game for a certain amount of time. 1500 vs 1500 , Arena Fights, and Guild Events. Want to give it try? the web site is

First image of Astro Boy from his new cg movie!

August 28, 2008

Alright all you Astro Boy fans! Here’s your first glimpse of what the little robot boy will look like from his upcoming cg film. These spy pics show Astro Boy in his final rendered form and they are on point! Also below is a teaser movie poster plus some concept art. I can tell ya that I’m very excited for this flick and know it will deliver. These are the types of cg films that are needed in theaters today. The market today is crowed with to many animal friendly adventures. Although some are good, it would be nice to see some different types of cg films more often. For those that don’t know about this upcoming flick, check a brief synopsis below [courtesy]

Set in futuristic Metro City, Imagi Studios’ “Astro Boy” is about a young robot with incredible powers created by a brilliant scientist to replace the son he has lost. Unable to fulfill the grieving father’s expectations, our hero embarks on a journey in search of acceptance, experiencing betrayal and a netherworld of robot gladiators, before he returns to save Metro City and reconcile with the man who had rejected him.

For more info on AstroBoy himself, check here. AstroBoy hits theartes in 2009.


PSP 3000 the new and improved PSP… again!

August 25, 2008

Leipzig Games Convention, August 2008 – Sony Computer Entertainment IEurope. (SCEE) today announced that it would launch a new PSP™ (PlayStation®Portable) handheld entertainment system (PSP-3000) with an advanced LCD screen supporting higher image quality, to become available in stores in Europe, Middle East, Australia and New Zealand from 15th October 2008. PSP-3000 will be available as a bundle, including one software title for a RRP of €199.
SCEE will offer a variety of bundles that take advantage of the new PSP features, including a Go! communications bundle, and a variety of games bundles including our own Buzz!™: Master Quiz, as well as FIFA ‘09 and Harry Potter bundles from our third party partners.

In addition to offering the functionality and ergonomics of Slim & Lite the quality of the screen has been improved to offer crisper colours with more definition when outside in natural light. PSP-3000 also includes a built-in microphone, maximising the communication features of products such as Go! Messenger and Skype™.
PSP is gaining overwhelming support from a wide range of consumers all over the world through its exciting lineup of software titles as well as the introduction of colour variations and network services. Since the launch of the “Slim & Lite” PSP in September 2007, the expansion of the PSP platform has been further accelerated and more than 13.4 million units have been sold in the PAL territories.
SCEE will continue to expand the PSP platform and create a new world of entertainment with the new PSP, together with the strong lineup of forthcoming titles for the peak season.

PSP™ (PlayStation®Portable) (PSP-3000) Product Overview
Product name

External dimensions
Approx. 169.4 x 18.6 x 71.4 mm / 6 ¾ x ¾ x 2 ¾ in (width × height × depth) (excludes largest projection)

Approx. 189g / 6.7 oz (including battery pack)
PSP CPU (System clock frequency 1-333MHz)

Main memory
4.3 inches (16:9) full-transparent type, TFT drive,
480 x 272 pixel, Approximately 16,770,000 colours displayed
Built-in stereo speakers

Main input/ output
Wireless LAN (IEEE 802.11b)(Wi-Fi)
High Speed USB (USB2.?) (mini-B)
Memory Stick PRO Duo™
Analog Video Out

Main connectors
DC In 5V connector
DC Out connector
video out/headset connector
USB connector
Memory Stick Duo™ slot

Key/ Switches
Directional buttons (up/down/right/left), analog stick,
Action buttons (triangle, circle, cross, square), L/R buttons
START button, SELECT button, PS button
POWER/HOLD switch, WLAN switch
display button, sound button, volume (+/-) buttons

Power sources
Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery pack
AC adaptor
USB power supply

Internal disc drive
Read-only UMD™ drive

Supported profile
PSP® (PlayStation® Portable)?Game
UMD™ Video

Access control
Region code, parental control

Wireless communications
Infrastructure mode
Ad hoc mode (connects up to 16 consoles)

Supplied accessories
AC adaptor
Battery pack (1200mAh)

Supported codec (in Memory Stick)
l Memory Stick Video Format
à MPEG-4 Simple Profile (AAC LC)
à H.264/MPEG-4 AVC Main Profile (AAC LC)
l MP4 File Format
à MPEG-4 Simple Profile (AAC LC)
à H.264/MPEG-4 AVC Main Profile- CABAC only - (AAC LC) / Baseline Profile (AAC LC)
à Motion JPEG (Linear PCM or ?-Lau)
l Memory Stick Audio Format
à ATRAC3plus™
à MP3
l MP3(MPEG-1/2 Audio Layer3)
l WAVE(Linear PCM)
l WMA(Windows Media® Audio 9 Standard only) *4
l JPEG (DCF2.0/Exif2.21compliant)
*4 WMA Playback feature needs to be enabled.
PSP®(PlayStation®Portable) ?PSP-3000? Colour Variations
Product name
Colour name
Piano Black

Product code
PSP-3000 PB
Product name

Colour name
Pearl White

Product code
PSP-3000 PW

Product name
Colour name
Mystic Silver

Product code
PSP-3000 MS

Capcom vs. Tatsunoko video blowout!

August 24, 2008

Capcom is back with their latest tag team brawl fest, Tatsunoko vs. Capcom. In these latest videos courtesy of Gamemanx from EVO 2008, we see just how the gameplay goes down. And from the looks of it fighting fans are in for a treat! That’s if this game manages to reach U.S. shores. For now peep the insane combos, air juggles and slick gfx’s in the videos below.

Phat Intros: Warhammer Online

August 22, 2008

For this entry we bring you the hot new cinematic trailer for Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning. In it we see some sick animation,detail, special effects and what not. Whether you like fantasy or not, it’s hard to dislike the level of quality burst from this trailer. And this is one of the main reasons i love cg animation! I’d like to know why the hell don’t we have movies like these coming out every now and then? Instead we get animal adventures in space,cities, jungles and so on. People will pay to see stuff like this! i for sure know i would. Peep the sick ass trailer below.

Unit out…

Preview Impressions: Pipe Mania

August 21, 2008

Sometimes it doesn’t hurt to update a video game that’s been around for almost 20 years, as long as that game is good. This past year alone we’ve seen the reinventing of such classic franchises as “Bionic Commander,” “Pac-Man,” and “Space Invaders,” and this September, there will be another title to add to that list, “Pipe Mania.” If the name doesn’t sound too familiar, I promise you the gameplay will.

You may know it as “Pipe Dream,” or the hacking game from “Bioshock,” in fact, “Pipe Mania” has been released on at least 18 different platforms over the last 19 years. However, even with all those different versions, the fundamental gameplay mechanics (get the water or “flooze” from Point A to Point B without letting it flow out of a disconnected pipe) has stayed the same, and really, that’s the mark of a good game. As you may expect, the same holds true for the newest version, but, it adds on a handful of updates and tweaks to the formula that help breathe some new life into a classic franchise.

I had the opportunity to take a look at the upcoming DS version of “Pipe Mania” and realized that this could be one of the best incarnations of the game, since the original, simply based on the controls. Using the stylus to lay your pipe makes things significantly easier than using a d-pad to target you pipe position. The DS version also included an interesting additional feature that the Playstation 2 and PSP versions of the game won’t have called a wildcard piece. Basically, there are pencils mixed into the feed of pipe pieces as they scroll, and when the pencil comes up, you get to draw the piece that you want or need, which can come in very handy when the flooze is about to overflow.

The most noticeable changes to the game can be seen in the World mode, which is essentially the story mode. A variety of levels and boss battles really help the game feel like a unique “Pipe Mania” experience. No longer are you just trying to get flooze through the pipe, now you also have to move everything from trains to rubber duckys. It’s a great way to mix things up a bit, and it adds another level of challenge to the game. For example, instead of having to get a train from Point A to Point B, you have to get those trains pass through certain spots on the grid, so it actually ends up going from Point A to Point C and then to Point B.

Once you’ve made it through a series of levels in World mode you have to face the boss. The overall goal throughout the story is to defeat the “cowboy” plumber, and in order to do so, you need to take on all the challenges of each level, and then defeat the boss. In the level I played I not only had to complete the pipes, but I also needed to repair the ones that the boss damages. It’s proof that this isn’t the same game that you’ve been playing for years.

While the art direction in the game may skew a little young, the gameplay is still solid, but with the addition of a variety of different ways to play the game. If you’ve enjoyed any of the other versions of the game that have been available over the years, then you might want to keep an eye out for “Pipe Mania” when it comes out on September 30th for the DS, PSP, PS2, and PC.

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