The Dawn of Resident Evil 5

March 12, 2009

Alright, I know I’ve been going a little “Resident Evil 5″ crazy lately, but I can’t help it; it’s one of my favorite franchises, ever. As you, hopefully, now know, “Resident Evil 5″ releases tonight at midnight, and I have plans to get pretty far into the game before I give into the Sandman.

However, I’m not as excited about this game as I have been in the past, and there’s one big reason for this. Capcom’s released so much footage of the game, that anyone following closely enough, can decipher its plot. I implore you all, if you’ve been lucky enough to not watch the trailers thus far, DON’T START NOW! Now, obviously I can’t say that I am 100 percent sure of the game’s storyline, but I have a pretty solid guess, and I feel like I’m 98% sure. I won’t spoil anything for you guys, so don’t feel hesitant to read on, but I will say that someone from the franchises past returns. What I’m fumed about is that Capcom, and game journalists across the net, have already started to mention that this person will play a role in the game. Whether that person was appearing to us as a memory or an actual, living being was not, and has not been confirmed. However, when you watch the trailer, and there’s someone running around in a mask, and they’re seemingly fighting on the side you wouldn’t normally expect. This pisses me off, because had Capcom taken out those images of that person in the trailer, I would have been pleasantly surprised, as I played through it tonight. Instead you have a franchise fan who’s 98% sure the game won’t deliver on the surprise and emotion it might have evoked otherwise.

I guess I’m partially to blame. If I didn’t want to know anything about the game, I could’ve just opted not to read anything about it, but I still feel like this person’s presence in “RE5″ should have remained a complete secret, and not have been talked about to the media.

Whatever the case, I’m still excited and I can’t wait to get my hands on the game at midnight. Early reviews are saying that the game is, actually, somewhat underwhelming when compared to the effect “Resident Evil 4″ had on the franchise. Reviewers also state that the game is absolute fun, and really ramps up the amount of action delivered. Whether you see that as a good thing for the franchise is subjective, but I will give you my thoughts with a review early next week.

Also, one small bit on “RE5″ news was released today when Capcom announced that they will be offering a competitive multiplayer mode via DLC in the coming weeks. I will be quite interested to see how such a competitive experience will mesh within the “RE” universe.

Stay tuned for impressions, folks. Peace.

MadWorld Review: Paint the Town Red

March 12, 2009


With the endless sea of sequels and generic rehashes the video game industry is saturated with, it’s a nice change of pace to see a small developer, taken under the wing of Sega, to produce a truly unique experience. With its Frank Miller signature look, barrage of pop cultural references, and ridiculous amount of unrealistic violence, this breath of fresh air will infamously be known as “MadWorld.” This short but fun beat ‘em up is developed by Platinum Games (made up of the key members of the team that formerly worked for the creative powerhouse Clover Studios), and, depending on what type of person you are, you might either love it or hate it.

The first thing worth talking about, because it’s the first thing you’ll notice about “MadWorld,” is the graphics. As you can tell by looking at any trailer or screenshot, there is a heavy influence from comic books, with Sin City stylistically leading the pack. Does it work? Yes. The characters and environments are so stylized due to the black and white look that you can easily tell things apart. One aspect that helps makes the graphics work even further is as you progress through a level, you’ll notice that many objects tend to say indefinitely. For example, that guy you slammed into the Rose Bud (spikes on the wall) with a sign through his head? He’s still there. The sight of an empty level transforming into a wallpaper of corpses would bring a smile to those with the right sense of humor. As a nice little bonus, surprisingly, unlike most Wii games, “MadWorld” doesn’t look terrible on a HDTV. [Read more]

Nintendo’s Top 10 Games Still Missing From The Virtual Console

March 12, 2009

Nintendo's Top 10 Games Still Missing From The Virtual Console

It has been 844 days since the Wii was released here in the U.S., and since the day it was released, classic titles from my childhood show up every Monday courtesy of the Virtual Console. It’s like a little chocolate chip cookie for me to wake up to first thing in the morning as I begin my trudge through another week. Over the last two plus years the V.C. has had its ups and downs; from great classic titles that never saw Stateside release, to weeks and weeks of virtual drought. However, through the thick and thin, the retro gamer inside me has stuck with it, in hopes that some of my all-time favorites would become available for me to download, and play again, all at the click of a button. However, even after all this time, and all these weeks, there’s still a hearty list of essential Nintendo titles that are still missing - and I’m talking about first party Nintendo published games. I mean, it’s fine with me, just one more missed opportunity for Nintendo to take my money, but the thing is, I’ll gladly pay to play a lot of these games, in most cases for the second or third time. Whether these games will ever make it on the V.C. is unknown to me, but hopefully someday I’ll be able to give Nintendo more of my hard earned money, just to reminisce about being a kid. Below is my list of Nintendo’s Top 10 games that are still missing from the Virtual Console, and it’s restricted only to games that were published by Nintendo at the time of their original release. Who owns them now might be a whole different story. [Read more]

DLC, Just Go Away!

March 11, 2009

I just finished reading an article over at 1up about why Sony decided not to make “Killzone 2″ and “LittleBigPlanet” available as downloadable titles over the Playstation Network. DLC is a topic that I’m very in the dark about, but like paying attention to, none the less. I realize why downloadable titles are a good idea for Sony, Microsoft…whomever; it saves on shipping costs, and since there’s no package to be made, it saves on that too. But I don’t like it. [Read more]

MadWorld Gets Black, White, and Red All Over Comic Con

March 11, 2009

Well, after months of anxious anticipation “MadWorld” is finally here, and I think it’s safe to say that there’s quite a few Wiis across the country that are about to get dusted off and finally see some playing time, courtesy of Platinum Games and Sega. Nat X7 is excited, so am I, based on my what I saw a few weeks ago, and Marky already beat it, so you know the TrueGameHeadz crew are all excited about this game. To celebrate the release of the game, we have an interview that Unit did with “MadWorld”’s Producer Atsushi Inaba and Director Shigenori Nishikawa at this year’s Comic Con (yeah, we still got some videos left to pull out). Check out what the creative minds behind the game had to say about their black and white baby.

Empire: Total War Review: Throwing Down Like George Washington

March 11, 2009

Empire: Total War

The “Total War” series has always labeled itself as one of the more serious strategy games. Unlike most strategy games, where you were limited to small number of troops that rarely go past the three digit mark, “Total War” allows you to command an army of thousands. It was also one of the few strategy games that places emphasis on terrain, fatigue, morale, and formations rather than simply how fast you can you pump units from your base. “Empire: Total War” is the latest in this behemoth franchise, and it has taken it in a direction not many strategy players experienced before: The 18th Century.

There are many elements that make up the core gameplay of “Empire: Total War,” the first of which is the Grand Campaign. In this mode, you’ll take control of a country/empire, and will need to expand your borders within a certain number of turns. You’ll need to monitor your economy, create an infrastructure, make use of diplomacy, research technology, and have a viable military force. An interesting feature that the developers at Creative Assembly added to the Grand Campaign was that some of your buildings are no longer restricted to your capital; instead, you will invest to develop key areas on the map, such as farming or a school. Essentially what this means is you can try to cut your opponent’s research centers or income by capturing these key areas, instead of charging head-first into the region’s capital. Combine all that with the World map allowing you to go to North America, Europe, and India, and you have one of the largest games in the strategy genre. [Read more]

Amazing Hip-Hop Beats Remixed - 8-Bit Style

March 11, 2009

8-Bit Hip-Hop

Ever wonder what some of your favorite hip-hop joints would sound like as bleeps and bloops coming out of your NES? Well, it’s about time you find out. Check out this track that takes some of the most famous beats in hip-hop and turns them into an 8-bit baller anthem. Man, something like this really makes you think about how great 8-bit soundtracks could be if they were coming out today.

It’s worth a listen if only to hear the “Dirt Off Your Shoulders” track.

[Read more]

Madworld Is Coming - Families Across America Rejoice

March 10, 2009

“MadWorld” is coming, and for the first time in quite a while, I finally feel like I need to get my Wii fixed. I bought Nintendo’s Little White Savior, not only because I’m a huge fan of The House that Mario built, but mainly because I didn’t have enough money for the PS3 at the time. The initial wave of games impressed me; “Twilight Princess,” “Super Mario Galaxy,” and “Metroid Prime 3″ were all fantastic experiences, but since then I’ve rarely touched my Wii.

I’m not one of these casual games haters, but I do get frustrated every once in a while when I look at the newest sales numbers and see the Wii overwhelmingly on top. I’m glad that the Wii has brought in gamers of all ages, shapes, and sizes, but it’s become increasingly difficult too ignore the flood of processed, churned-out, trash available for the Wii. Over Christmas I did what many gamers did this year when they gathered with their families, and I played some Wii with my uncle (who’s never touched a controller in his life) and cousins. My uncle had just bought my cousin a Wii and some obscure bowling title for ten bucks. TEN BUCKS! And, I promise you, as someone who writes about games, he got what he paid for. The game was absolute bullshit, and I saw no reason to play it after I got past my first ten frames. However, when I looked over at my uncle, he was having the time of his life. Since then, I’ve thought about this issue a lot, and I just don’t ever see the day happening where people, like my uncle, will pick up a controller and sit through a hardcore title. Even if it’s dumbed down, and broken up in to a multitude of sectioned episodes. I’ll have more on that issue at a later date. [Read more]

Play Theater: Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard - Gameplay From The First Mission

March 10, 2009

If you believe the story of the game, Matt Hazard has been around for years, when, in reality, “The Return of Matt Hazard” pretty much came out of nowhere. With one of the most creative, fictional back stories I have ever seen in a game, “Matt Hazard” takes shots at a ton of classic games, as well as the industry as a whole. Add in some killer voice talent like Will Arnett and Barney… I mean Doogie…. I mean Neil Patrick Harris, and you’ve got a game that will hopefully offer a few laughs in between bullets. If you still don’t know about it … and you’re one of those people that’s afraid to try new games… just check out the first mission in the game, and see if that helps you make up your mind.

Onechanbara: Bikini Samurai Slayers Review: Slaying the Hearts of Millions

March 10, 2009


D3Publisher is quickly becoming one of my favorite companies in the games industry. When they aren’t releasing original games, they’re reaching out to some of the more unique releases in Japan, and bringing them Stateside, including hidden gems like “Earth Defense Force 2017,” “WTF,” and “Bangai-O Spirits.” “Onechanbara: Bikini Samurai Slayers” is the latest in their line of Japanese imports, and it is easily the most… interesting one yet, as it includes everything in its title; bikinis, samurais, and slayers – with a few added zombies mixed in. It’s almost a perfect mix of things that gamers love, but, like many a mixed drink, this game won’t be for everybody.

Much like one of my favorite titles of 2007, “Earth Defense Force,” you can’t really judge “Onechanbara” on the same scale that you would judge a “Killzone” or a “Resident Evil,” because it’s simply just not the same kind of game. Both of these titles from D3 venture into a realm of gaming that few have gone before, B Games. They’re a lot like B Movies, just games. While it may still take a sizable staff, and an artistic vision to create all games, B-Games’ end product is a whole lot different than your “average” AAA-quality games, but that’s okay, they aren’t meant to take themselves too seriously, and “serious” would be the last word I would use to describe “Onechanbara.” [Read more]

Big Mama’s House 3 to Take Place in Bioshock’s Rapture?

March 9, 2009

Quite the title, huh gamers? Let me explain. “Bioshock 2″ recently posted its own viral site (check it out here), and, from the looks of it, Big Daddies may be a thing of the past. Everything on the site is pointing to the next iterations of the underwater juggernauts containing two X chromosomes. So, are female Big Daddies going to be called Big Mama’s? I hope not.

None the less, Something In The Sea is pretty interesting. There seems to be “something” going around to boat houses and houses along the shores of the Atlantic coast, stealing little girls from their homes while they slumber. The site showcases newspapers articles on police reports stating that witnesses seeing a tall, thin figure, with a glowing red light on its head. One eyewitness account also states that the figure had “amazing speed” even while carrying a kidnapped child on its shoulder.

Many questions still remain. Does it take place in Rapture? Are Big Daddies, indeed, a thing of the past? Is it a prequel or sequel? Only time will tell. However, if you’re itching for all things “Bioshock,” check out the site above. The teaser trailer may also be seen here.

And, as always, if you think you have the whole plot figured out already, please share with us, below. Lata TGH’ers. Till next time.

Play Theater: Sonic and the Black Knight Gameplay

March 9, 2009

Sonic’s back… again… in “Sonic and the Black Knight” for the Wii, and today’s Play Theater has a look at the first 15 minutes of gameplay. Take a look, and decide for yourself, if it makes sense for a supersonic hedgehog to be carrying a sword around, slicing and dicing everything in his past. While it might not be enough for you to figure out if IGN was right or wrong, it should give you an idea about what to expect in the early stages of the game.

Am I the only one that gets the feeling this is what a Meta Knight game would be like, if Nintendo ever got around to putting one out?

A Gamer’s Thoughts: Killzone 2’s Graphics

March 9, 2009

What’s up people? DaveDaGamer is back for the first time with his first Gamer’s Thought. I’m the proud owner of a spanky new 46″ Sharp Aquos and it has led me to examine the discussion on video game graphics a bit more closely. Which console looks better on this new HD Monster? My thoughts will surprise you.

Killzone 2 Review: War is Beautiful

March 6, 2009

The tagline for “Killzone 2″ is “War perfected.” While perfection is a tall order to fulfill for any game in any genre, “Killzone 2″ comes refreshingly close.  Since its infamous debut trailer back at E3 in 2005, “Killzone 2″ has had enormous shoes to fill. So, could Guerrilla Games actually meet the ambitious expectancies of gamers across the globe? Rest easy PS3 owners, as “Killzone 2″ improves upon nearly every aspect of the FPS genre, and, in doing so, becomes an early frontrunner for 2009’s game of the year.

The story of “Killzone 2″ is epic. You play as Sergeant Thomas “Sev” Sevchenko, and you and you team, Alpha squad, are sent to the Helghast homeworld to help take down their leader, Scolar Visari. You will be aided by familiar characters, like Rico (Killzone) and Evelyn (Killzone: Liberation). You’ll also be taking orders from Colonel Jan Templer, who’s the main protagonist of both the PS2 and PSP entries. While many of the characters from previous games have returned, playing those games is not integral to enjoying “Killzone 2″. [Read more]

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