C.O.R.E New FPS Title for NDS

June 30, 2008

As a marine, you are sent on a mission into the government C.O.R.E. lab complex. The complex was built on the site of a meteor which smashed into the desert some 20 years previously. The facility was built so that government scientists could investigate the impact; everything had been going to plan until 2 weeks ago when all contact was lost. Your mission to investigate why contact has been lost with the facility will be complex and dangerous; the lab covers many levels with offices above ground and chambers below dug deep into the desert bedrock.

The final solution will take place deep down underneath the earth where it is believed that the scientists tunnelled into the remains of the meteor itself. When you and your team reach the final level you will have to face a danger that is a threat for the whole of Mankind.

New Footage on Final Fantasy Dissidia

June 27, 2008

There’s something about pitting several of the villains and heroes of every Final Fantasy story out there against one another that just sounds right.  Well, other than the fact that it sounds like the Square-Enix version of Super Smash Brothers, it still sounds right.  Everyone who has played through more than one of these series had the thought, “Man, what if I had Cloud in FF 9″.  It’s true, though we’re looking at 15 plus versions of the series, there are those episodes that just stand out to us more than others.  I’ve never been partial to the series personally, and always tried to appreciate each as its own, but the idea of Dissidia is akin to an overload.

But its Amazing isn’t it, Square built a franchise that has gotten so deep into the core of gaming, that gamers sworn to one type of genre couldn’t help but take notice.  As my little niece would say “.. don’t get it twisted Uncle” because the title is an action adventure at its core.  The fighting system is aptly named “Dramatic Progressive Action”, so don’t expect any ATB style fights.  You will earn Gil and EP and enjoy a strong nod to Amano-san’s art style as Tetsuya Nomura takes the helm for artistic direction.

It’s so hard to imagine this being a balanced game though but Square-Enix points out that certain characters will have specific moves that enable them to get out of situations while being overpowered by the EX moves that all characters can utilize.  Expect to be busy as you’ll have to block, dodge, jump, attack, cast and manuever throughout the 3D stages.  If you remember Chaos, the force of darkness, it will make an appearance while there will be a new character, Cosmos, as the apposing force of light.  If you expect to complete the Dissidia story you’ll have play through the game as each character and a minimum of 10 characters have been confirmed (not including Cosmos and Chaos).  Saddly, for most westerners, Cloud has not been included in the roster yet, but the appearance of Sephiroth may imply he will make a cameo in the least.

Agent Clank is shakened, blown-up but not stirred!

June 17, 2008

Secret Agent Clank is an upcoming platformer developed by High Impact Games exclusively for the PlayStation Portable as a spin-off to the Ratchet & Clank series. The game is set to be released in North America on June 17, 2008 and will star Clank as the main character, playing the role of a secret agent. It is the 7th game in the series (6th chronologically), not including the mobile games. It is being developed by High Impact Games, known for their PlayStation 2 and PlayStation Portable title, Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters

Final Fantasy 4 Preview

June 13, 2008

The game is developed by Matrix Software, the same team responsible for the Final Fantasy III remake, and is supervised by members of the original development team: Takashi Tokita serves as executive producer and director, Tomoya Asano as producer and Hiroyuki It? as battle designer. Animator Yoshinori Kanada storyboarded the new cut scenes. According to executive producer Takashi Tokita, the scenario writer and lead game designer of the original release, three quarters of the original script had been left out of the original Super Famicom version.

Some of this missing script has been worked into the DS version in the form of flashbacks, including the childhoods of Cecil, Kain and Rosa. There are also brand new scenes.

Sonic Chronicles Trailer

June 4, 2008

The story for Sonic Chronicles is split into two acts. The first takes place in Sonic’s world, with the team attempting to unravel the situation they are in, whilst stopping the Master Emerald from being taken. The second act sees Sonic and the team traveling to another dimension in order to stop a new threat to their own world.

Combat gameplay will occur when enemies are walked into, shifting the view to a close-up for turn-based battles. Standard attacks are available, even though special attacks can be performed by rhythmically tapping the stylus. These will use up Fatigue Points, in a manner similar to Magic Points in other RPGs. Examples of individual special attacks include Sonic’s Axe Kick and Whirlwind, whilst some group-based special attacks will require certain characters in the party, such as the Blue Bomber, which requires Tails. After combat is complete, loot is available, ranging from rings to character equipment, whilst experience points will boost one of four attributes per character: speed, attack, defense, and luck. So this is a first for the Sonic series, and with any luck it should be good; much like Mario RPG and the the help it had from Square.  This title will be published by Bioware -  creators for the hit Starwars: Knights of the Old Republic series.

Review - Space Invaders Extreme (JP/USA)

June 4, 2008

After I heard about this remake, I couldn’t resist getting an early copy via my Import store. This game, and perhaps one other (Pacman) has a deep root in gaming history for me. Also, like Pacman and Tetris, it started an obsession that has yet abated after all these years.

Since this was being made for the DS, I was overjoyed but also discouraged since I forwarded my DS Lite to my younger brother who longed for one of his own. Let it be known, DW is merciful. Then news of a PSP version scorched my ears. Taito could not have made this old gamer any happier.

Everything about this game reeks retro, but, with a dash of psychedelic mayhem. The female announcer, a nice touch, that reminds you of the female host for Lumines, gives the menu system a slick feel. The inclusion of a wider color scheme, and the onslaught of an insane scrolling-parallax-effect-filled-backgrounds, and its techno music are great additions to this old shooters’ overall experience.

The game doesn’t go into any of these avenues heavily to break the original presentation of Space Invaders, but adds to it. It’s a common thing to take an old game like this one and turn it into something so new, that it takes away from its original visual appeal. In short, it looks damn good, regardless of the fact that the title is 30 years old!

Let me say this: I love fever time, JackPot, and bonus rounds. Fever time occurs ever so often during gameplay and gives you the chance to rake in the points. JackPots occur when you best all the foes on the screen as soon as possible. Bonus rounds seem to occur randomly giving you new objectives throughout the stage and levels. This includes taking out everything on the screen or something more specific.

Shooterfans will rejoice because SIE remains cautious where additions like these do not break the experience in any way. The remixed soundtracks updates the classic theme and gives the in-game sounds, and soundtrack, a fresh but familiar feel. Power-ups, though cheap at first, turn out to be a much needed asset in the later stages. Fever time, bonus rounds, and boss battles will have you wanting these more and more. If you can’t keep up stage after stage with the alien onslaught, you have the option to continue from your last stage after a system shutdown. Nothing new, but for Space Invaders, it’s like the holy grail.

Should I explain what needs to be done: destroy everything in sight, as fast as possible, without letting anyone escape. Sounds easy right? This is why games like these shine. The simplicity of their gameplay make you realize - “what the hell is all the graphics in the world for anyways?”

After all my years of gaming, I was hoping that I would way more skilled at this title but it can still put up a challenge. If you miss your foes, they swipe again, but the real object is to get them on the first swipe, and in most cases to gain insane bonus points. Killing a column of the same foes yields your power-ups where each set of the same colored aliens derives a different type of power-up. Among the power-ups include a bomb like upgrade, a laser beam that expands to to the top of the screen, an extra ship that shadows you, and others. Each power-up will last for a given amount of time but you take it a step further by homing in on the red glowing foes. Once hit, these guys blow up, taking out any near by buddies.

Then there are the speeding space ships that lay above the alien hordes. I was half expecting the game to allow me to fly all over the screen to catch these guys, but was shocked that you could only move on its classic one line axis. “This is how the game is played” I reminded myself. I later realized it is also a pivotal element of space invaders. Other modes included Versus, which has match play, and practice (you’ll need it, trust me), and Stage Mode. Also, if you don’t like the scrolling backgrounds, you can turn it off with the Movie Mode setting option.

What more can be said? If you were a fan of this title all those years ago, or if you’re just curious to see what the big deal is, then this game is worth it. Newer gamers may find this title very frustrating given the high levels of endurance it expects from you. Especially if you want to achieve insane points. Classic gamers, like myself, are just happy that Taito decided to update the game.

A Better Way to Play Your PSP ..?

May 31, 2008

Seriously, the controls on the PSP have received a salvo of critical acclaim that makes Michael Jackson seem like the next hot thing. It’s a work in progress I’m sure but that does not mean that gamers should have to wait for something … better (different). Still some titles just don’t work that well with default controls. If you want to take your PSP to the next level, and end those nights of bitching with a certain FPS, look no further that Blizzard’s Single Connector External DualShock Controller Mod -

[youtube width="425" height="335"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nTDq2-jaEo0[/youtube]

This will be no easy task. Consider the post here at ACIDMODS if you really are interested in taking your PSP out of warranty and into levels pain-free existence.

Castlevania Order of Ecclesia trailer

May 30, 2008

You knew it was coming! That’s right, a new Castlevania has been announced for the Nintendo DS. Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia will have for the first time a female protagonist as the lead character. This will be the third Castlevania game released on the DS and in this version you’ll once again hunt for Dracula. At your disposal you’ll have all sorts of magic based weapons with a twist, all your weapon attacks consume mp! No longer will you be able to consistenly mash buttons to attack, you’ll have to watch your MP bar to make sure it doesn’t deplite, otherwise your attacks will have no effect on your opponents.

But before you yell wtf! all is not lost as your MP bar will instantly regain its energy back the moment you stop attacking. Konami stated that there will be weapons in the game that don’t deplite MP when used. And for those that bitched about the anime styled art from the previous games, you’ll be happy to know that konami has gone back to the more painterly styled art.  Gamers will be happy that Konami choose to keep these games 2d and on the ds, the dual screen is a blessing! You can have your map displayed at all times on the top and that helps out a hella lot in my book! This new Castlevania drops this fall in Japan and proably won’t hit stateside until the Winter 2008-09. For now, peep the trailer below and get ready for another trip to that ol’ castle.

Tecmo Bowl DS

May 29, 2008

The first and foremost name in arcade football gaming—well, circa 1988, at any rate—is coming back this fall. Tecmo Bowl: Kickoff will be coming to the Nintendo DS sometime in Q4 2008 with all the usual fast-paced pigskinnery. According to the press release, the game will feature customizable teams and playbooks, stylus control, wi-fi and wireless multi-player, and something called super abilities that allow you to “take over a game” with “over-the-top player.”

“We are extremely excited to bring back everyone’s favorite football game to the Nintendo DS,” said Ryan Gilbo, executive producer, Tecmo, Inc. “KICKOFF is packed with everything that fans wanted to see in this revival. No other football game will ever compare to TECMO BOWL as this is the game that started it all.”

World Of Destruction

May 6, 2008

Here’s a new RPG to keep an eye out for on the NDS; whenever they decide to release it over here because we all know how long that takes. The title of the game tells us exactly what the game is about: two main characters Kyrie and Morute joins an underground organization called “Destruction of the World”. Now you’re probably thinking, “Why the heck would they want to accomplish that?” Well, the reason is simple: monsters are over running the entire planet and humans are slaves, so the premise is to destroy them all and start over. Another thing that drew me to the game besides the ill story is the graphics: it reminds me of Grandia for the PS1 and being that I loved that game so much I’m willing to give this one a try.

DS at it again this time with The Fan Network

April 23, 2008

Man the DS day by day is turn out to be on of the greatest handheld devices created. They introduced touch screen play, voice commands, single game card downloading for multiplayer action, you can even use your DS at Disney world as a interactive guide of the whole park and now this. The DS fan boy peripheral, this device is made for the all the sports fans that can’t afford to get those front row seats to all the hot games. Now I’m not a sports fan at all but this caught my eye and i must say man how do they come up with these things. Just peep the video and you’ll see how this works its pretty damn cool also the next time your in the stadium you might want to keep any eye out for these flyers.

INSANE COMBO the rpg, coming to a DS near you!

April 2, 2008

I just love it when the Japanese show the whole new meaning of a combo. Peep this new trailer for up coming rpg Mugen no Frontier: Super Robot Wars OG Saga. If history serves us correct, we probably won’t be seeing this bad boy here in the US. But a man can hope and dream. As this game (from my knowledge) dosen’t feature any licensed based characters to tie it down from a localization. Now that Nintendo owns Monolith, I see no reason for them not to bring this game state side. Till then, we can marvel at the trailer. INSANE SUPER MEGA COMBO SHOOT YO MOTHER SUPER!!!!!

One Guitar Hero to go please!

March 19, 2008

That’s right folks! Your favorite rock out musical videogame can now be taken on the go courtesy of the highest selling platform on the market right now, the nintendo ds! The game officially called “Guitar Hero on tour” will be droppin’ this summer. You can expect the same style of gameplay thanks the to the included peripheral. The game will include more than 20 tracks, co-op play, mulitplayer battles and story mode. Peep the comercial and pics below and get ready to officially rock out on the go!
Unit out…



Another hot DS RPG to Keep your eye’s out for!

February 14, 2008

Ds delivers yet another great looking RPG that won’t be release in the US until 10 years from it’s Japanese release….sigh. I’m personally still waiting for crystal chronicles, Ds is really doing it up with the RPG’s leaving PSP behind although they have Crisis Core dropping soon what else do sony fans have to look forward too from the fantasy universe.


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