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Save The World In 30 Seconds Or Less In Half-Minute Hero

July 31, 2009

Half-Minute Hero

If there has ever been a game made for the ADD generation it’s XSEED’s upcoming RPG for the PSP, “Half-Minute Hero.” To my knowledge, it’s the first game that comes to mind where you have to save less than a minute to save the world. That’s right, much like the “Warioware” series, “HMH” cuts out all the fluff, but, unlike “WarioWare,” “HMH” keeps the substance. There’s definitely a lot more than thirty seconds worth of gameplay, as there are actually four different, intermingling story lines (each with their own unique, time-based gameplay mechanic), and, a Goddess of Time, who allows you to buy time from her, therein extending the gameplay. It’s one of the most creative ideas I’ve ever seen crammed into a portable game, especially one that openly embraces a 16-bit (one of the best bits) artstyle. This is a game that PSP owners shouldn’t overlook when it comes out later this year. TrueGameHeadz’ own Unit had a chance to sit down with XSEED Games’ Jimmy Soga to find out more about just what a “Half-Minute Hero” is (aside from a potentially bad porn title). Check out the interview: [Read more]

Stay Out of the Forest - New Alan Wake Details

July 30, 2009

Alan Wake

2005 seems like forever ago, and, in gamer years, it is. But 2005 is when Remedy debuted its psycho-survival, horror game “Alan Wake.” Since its E3 introduction the game had fallen off the map, suffering numerous delays and risked the possibility of transcending into the realm of vaporware. But “Wake” finally decided to show up for this year’s E3, and left a lasting impressions on the minds of many with an onstage demo at Microsoft’s E3 press conference. Despite that impressive demo, many questions remain, and Matt Leone over at 1up decided to get some answers from Remedy’s managing director, Matias Myllyrinne, and head of franchise development, Oskari Häkkinen. [Read more]

Shadowgate Retro Review: Welcome to Your (Many Forms Of) Doom!

July 29, 2009


When ICOM Simulations Inc. was still doing point-and-click adventures, back in the days before they were bought out by Infinite Ventures, their eariler projects included classics like “Uninvited” and “Deja Vu” for early personal computers and the Nintendo Entertainment System. The games were detailed enough to work with the restricted graphical capabilities of the NES, and still manage to provide a well-developed horror or noir story. After those releases, ICOM went on to develop another game, “Shadowgate,” using the same system of item collection coupled with multiple screens of text and images to tell a suspenseful and immersive tale, where you just happened to be killed - almost constantly. “Shadowgate” was the third game to use the “MacAdventure” system as mentioned above, just before the sequel to “Deja Vu” finished off the series when it was released in 1989. [Read more]

Want To See The Number One Contender For A Ninja Gaiden Movie?

July 29, 2009

ninjathumbWhen was the last time you saw a good ninja movie? If it’s been a long time, but I think that might change come November 25th! After watching the trailer for Ninja Assassin, I couldn’t help but think of Tecmo’s classic “Ninja Gaiden.” This movie reminds me of what a “Ninja Gaiden” flick could be (minus the demons of course). I understand it’s still too early to get excited, but this trailer does a damn fine job of showing why we all love ninjas. And my man is pretty nasty with that chain-sickle. I won’t get into details so just head over to the official site here for the low down on the story and take a look at the trailer below. Watch the trailer and try telling me you couldn’t help but think of Ryu Hybasu from the recent “Ninja Gaiden” games! Tecmo… I hope you’re watching this if you ever plan to make a “Ninja Gaiden” movie. Hire these guys and we will forgive you that “Dead Or Alive” movie! [Read more]

Borderlands Preview: Exploring Pandora In A Warehouse In Brooklyn

July 28, 2009


There is something to be said about pulling inspiration from three of the biggest games of the last few years… but what about creating their love child? From the very second gamers get their hands on Gearbox’s upcoming opus, “Borderlands,” they’re going to draw some pretty close comparisons to fellow 2K Games franchise “Bioshock,” Bethesda’s post-apocalyptic “Fallout 3,” and Valve’s zombie massacre “Left 4 Dead,” but it won’t take long for it to become apparent that “Borderlands” is its own, truly unique experience. [Read more]

Wii Sports Resort Takes Over Times Square… Plus Bill Trinen’s Dirty Secrets

July 28, 2009

Wii Sports Resort Launch - Times Square

Last week Nintendo brought 50 tons of sand to New York City’s Times Square to turn the famed Military Island into Wuhu island, the setting for their next big Wii game, “Wii Sports Resort.” While it wasn’t exactly like staying at a tropical resort, they had all their bases covered; steel drums, tropical drinks, a pool (albeit very small), and lots of screens to play the game on. While we were there Sir-G had a chance to speak with the Nintendo Treehouse’s Bill Trinen about what the expect from “Wii Sports Resort,” what game him and the rest of the crew in the Treehouse are playing, and what non-Nintendo game he’s playing. Unfortunately, he remained tight lipped about if he ever managed to avenge his loss to Reggie at E3 in “Wii Sports Resorts”’s the 3-point shootout. The truth will come out someday. [Read more]

When And Where Will Bungie Strike Next?

July 27, 2009

Halo: ReachMaster Chief’s legacy is about to come to an end, or at least his relationship with Bungie is. The fine folks over at Bungie have already publicly acknowledged that next year’s “Halo: Reach” will be their final foray into the Halo universe, and that any game following is not a guaranteed 360 exclusive. So that begs the questions of what Bungie will be up to next and who they will be working for. The answer to those questions may come fairly soon as industry insiders continue to speculate on potential buyers.

Bethesda production director Ashley Cheng believes the outcome is pretty clear. “You can count on one hand the number of publisher’s around who can afford to publish Bungie’s next game: EA (via EA Partners), Activision, Ubisoft, Microsoft, and of course, Bethesda,” Cheng wrote. “I can only imagine how much it will cost to snag their next title.” [Read more]

The Conduit Review: The Big Fish … With Guns

July 27, 2009

The Conduit

Hype can be a very dangerous thing, and there isn’t any game currently out for the Wii right now that was released with more hype than Sega’s latest, “The Conduit.” It was supposed to be the salvation for the hardcore gamers that are willing to venture to the Kingdom of the Wii. It’s a AAA-level, FPS on a party-game console that’s basically running last generation’s tech. Does it live up to everything we were told it was going to be? Is it the must-play Wii game of the summer for “core gamers”? Will the world come to an end with Washington D.C. as the epicenter? Am I really going to end this opening paragraph with a self-referential question? [Read more]

Need Even More Halo? Check Out Halo: Legends

July 24, 2009

halothumbFirst it was The Matrix that got the short story, anime treatment with The Animatrix. Then Batman got his with Batman: Gotham Knight. Now, not to be left out, Master Chief will join the anime fray with Halo: Legends: An all new collective of Halo shorts produced by various, popular Japanese animation studios.

Microsoft has chosen Comic-Con as their forum to release all information on Halo: Legends, including a new trailer for the anime which can be viewed below. [Read more]

Ju-on: The Grudge Preview With XSEED Games

July 23, 2009

Ju-on: The GrudgeTalk about scary games … “Silent Hill” has nothing on “Ju-on: The Grudge.” The developers at Feel Plus are pushing the limits of survival horror games, and making, what could very well be, the scariest game to be released on the Wii… ever. Based off of the movies from The Grudge’s universe “Ju-on” looks to extend that fiction in a highly interactive manner, with a “haunted house simulator.” Check out what Unit found out about the game from XSEED’s Jimmy Soga, and just how scary it’s going to be. [Read more]

Roogoo: Twisted Towers Review: Peg-In-Hole Gets Complicated

July 22, 2009

Roogoo Twisted Towers

Southpeak Games may be a fairly new player in the video game market, but they aren’t holding back in terms of the uniqueness and quality of their releases. The company has received various levels of acclaim courtesy of their console releases across every genre, including “Two Worlds” and “X-Blades.” Southpeak has also made a name for themselves on the philanthropic side of gaming as well, having given over $12.9 million to the development of independent gaming, and the presentation of it to the mainstream markets. One of those independent companies, Spidermonk Enterainment, received the 2009 Best Puzzler award at this year’s E3, courtesy of 411mania.com, for their recently released Wii title, “Roogoo: Twisted Towers.” [Read more]

Sam Rami Directing World of Warcraft Movie!

July 22, 2009

Wow talk about coming out of left field! Variety is reporting that Sam Rami (Spider-man 1-3, Evil dead, Drag Me To Hell) is set to take on the directing reigns for the upcoming World Of Warcraft movie.

From Variety:

Sam Raimi has signed on to direct “Warcraft,” the live-action film adaptation of the fantasy videogame franchise “World of Warcraft.”

Legendary Pictures and vidgame publisher Blizzard Entertainment are mounting the film, and Warner Bros. will co-finance and distribute. The team boasts an impressive pedigree: In addition to the director of “Spider-Man,” the partners have added “The Dark Knight” producer Charles Roven to the creative mix.

The plan is for Raimi to supervise development of “Warcraft” and shoot the picture after he completes work on “Spider-Man 4,” which gets under way early next year for Columbia Pictures.

The movie will be financed under the Legendary Pictures’ co-production and co-financing deal with WB, in a manner similar to the Todd Phillips-directed “The Hangover” plus the Roven-produced “Batman Begins” and “Dark Knight.”

[Read more]

Play Theater: Little King’s Story - 30 Minutes Of Gameplay

July 21, 2009

Little King's StoryXSEED’s latest import “Little King’s Story” hits store shelves today, and it is the focus of today’s Play Theater. If you still weren’t quite sure what this game was about, or you still think that it’s a kids game, check out almost a half hour of footage from the game, and you’ll see that it’s an RTS, stacked on top of an RPG, stacked on top of a city building sim. There’s a whole lot going on with this game, and you should absolutely not let it slip on by. Besides, haven’t you ever wanted to be King, even for just a day? I hear it’s good. Trust me, “Little King’s Story” is worth a look, if, for nothing else, than a listen to the soundtrack, which is pretty great. [Read more]

Xbox Handheld Officially Confirmed?

July 21, 2009

Shane KimRumors have been running rampant of a Microsoft handheld for years, with nothing ever materializing. Every E3 comes with great speculation on Microsoft’s answer to the DS and PSP, but when the convention doors close, the handheld is nowhere to be seen. Now, Microsoft corporate vice president Shane Kim finally sheds some light on Microsoft’s plans for entering the handheld market, and reaffirms that something is indeed on the way.

“For us, it’s a matter of focusing on ‘when’, because if we chased after a mobile or handheld opportunity, we would not have the resources and ability to do things like… Project Natal,” said Kim, in response to whether he sees room for the Xbox brand in portable gaming in the future. “So we’ve chosen to focus on the living room experience from a hardware standpoint, if you will, but we’re building a service in Live that will… will extend to other platforms. No question about it.” [Read more]

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