Castlevania comes to Wii?!?!

After numerous interviews of teasing and dodging around the question by none other than Koji Igarashi, the cat has seem to been unintentionally let out of the bag. Thats right, Castlevania indeed looks to be heading to the Wii. Confirmation came in the way of a comic magazine which talked about the release of a new comic book series based off of the franchise. The magazine mentions how the Castlevania comic book will be released to coincide with new Castlevania games coming to the Nintendo DS and Wii in the fall of 2008. Here is the excerpt… “Cross-promoted with the 2008 video game releases, which include games for the Nintendo Wii and DS (Fall 2008).”

I took a screen grab of the source in question just in case Konami decides to “edit” the info! I for one am always excited about a new Castlevania. With the exception of Castlevania: Lament of Innocence, the other 3d version haven’t been too good. Hopefully Igarashi and crew have something worth while cooking behind closed doors as they have been hitting home runs with the recent DS versions of the series. Once an official announcement has been made, we’ll keep you all posted on the details. In the meantime enjoy this trailer from the recently announced Casltevania: Order of Ecclesia. Once again it looks to be like classic Castlevania gold!

Stay tuned!

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