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Canabalt Review: Atom Atomic Presents RUN! AND JUMP TO FREEDOM


It has been said that the simplest games are generally the most fun. That rings true for myself, my editor, and just about everyone else I’ve introduced to “Canabalt“; a simple, but extremely well-designed game, where you’re some suit in a big corporate office running from robots shooting bombs at the city. So, basically, it’s just like what you did earlier today.

Luckily, this white-collar worker seems to be the best freerunner ever, because his speed is incredible, as well as the height of his jumps from a standing building. All the player does is jump from building to building, and through large windows, over debris, pigeons, furniture and collision-triggered-nukes as far as you possibly can.

The best part of the game is crashing through a window, which is accompanied by wonderful crashing sounds, and the multitude of shattered glass flying through the air in the aftermath. Just keep moving, and make sure you judge the speed and distance correctly, or you’re done with a game-over. The game records only your longest score, and you can extoll your escaping virtues on Facebook and Twitter.

The music is pretty fast-paced and action-packed, although it skips with this big, rumbling sound during the pause screen. You can even play the game in widescreen HD mode. Still, spending fifteen minutes on running and jumping isn’t a bad way to spend some time to game. What’s even better is that iPhone owners will so be able to play the game on the go, when “Canabalt” hits the App store in a few weeks.

Play Here

Rating: ★★★★☆

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