Bioshock movie coming!

Universal studios and director Gore Verbinski of Pirates of the Caribbean fame have teamed up to bring last year’s XBOX hit Bioshock to the big screen. Bioshock is only the latest in comic book / gaming franchises to hit the big screen. It seems every summer there are ever more “Fanboy” franchises turning up on the big screen.

With the announcement of Bioshock i’m of two minds. The great thing about the game was the story was unique and you didn’t really know what was going to happen. In the past, I remember vaguely enjoying going to see a movie in which i didn’t already know the outcome. What happened to that?

It seems as if, well I should say seemed… it is, Hollywood will only make stories that already have a vetted audience. Meaning that they will adapt books, plays, games, tv shows or whatever with proven success so there’s less chance of failure. Money makes the world go round, but in the art of story telling, isn’t the main idea to guess about the ending?

Even stories that try to remain secret, with the onset of the Internet, within hours of a viewable copy being pressed you can find out everything. I’d like some mystery surrounding the experience. I think that is the root of why I’ve increasingly stopped watching internet movie trailers and “early looks” of video games. If one has already seen the good parts, what’s left?

But then my other half of mind says, “Yes! Finally games are being recognized for their narrative merit!”

The movies can reach so many more people than the games will. But then we have drudgery from the likes of Uwe!

Thankfully we don’t have to worry about that, this film is being helmed by the man who made Disney a multi-Billion Dollar franchise out of Pirates. I think the Bioshock franchise will be safe.

P.S. check out our playview of Bioshock on the Joost network

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One Response to “Bioshock movie coming!”

  1. Unit on May 9th, 2008 4:08 pm

    this movie will def’ stand out from the rest with it’s retro sci-fi look (which is rarely seen in movies today). and i can’t wait to see them big daddy’s running across the screen. I also hope they’ll keep it rated R…which i sadly doubt


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