“Best Of NES” 8 Hour Charity Event

November 14, 2008

On November 22nd, the guys over at GoNintendo are going to be doing their part to help out “Child’s Play,” which is an organization that donates toys and games to children throughout 40 hospitals worldwide. At the event the GoNintendo team, along with some special guests, will be having an 8 hour event in which they’ll be playing “Best Of” games from the NES’s library. They’ve teamed up with Ustream.tv to have a live stream of the event. Peep the official press release below and spread the word, they’re goal is to reach $1000.00 by the end of the 8 hr. event. Mark this on your calendars, and get ready to open your wallets! [Read more]

Must See: Hot New Watchmen Trailers!

November 14, 2008

I think it’s safe to say that the era of horrible comic book/ super hero movies may be seeing its end. With the recent string of good to excellent movies (”Hulk,” “Ironman,” “300,” “Hancock,” “Hellboy 2,” “Dark Knight”), Hollywood seems to have hit its’ stride with this genre, and it looks like next year the trend is going to continue with the “Watchmen”. Based off of Alan Moore’s award winning graphic novel of the same name, “Watchmen” tells the story of “masked” vigilantes during an alternate version of the 1980’s (were Richard Nixon is still president) who must unravel the mystery behind the death of one of their former teammates. They also have to deal with the public, who hates them, and a legislation bill which was passed outlawing these “masked” heroes. The law forced most of them to have to either retire, work for the government, or continue fighting crime outside of the law. Obviously, the plot goes much deeper than what I’ve explained (it’s won several awards),  but I don’t want to spoil it for ya’. [Read more]

Nintendo + Nike= Hot Kicks

November 6, 2008

Sometimes the medium of games spills out unto other things. For instances you have Final Fantasy’s power drink, or a clothing line based around the classic NES. Occasionally they’ll crossover into the sneaker world and 90% of the time those sneakers end up looking ugly as hell. Something no one with good taste would actually wear. Well Nintendo and Nike seem to have finally developed a sneaker that I can actually see people rockin’. This new grey and red colorway based off the classic Air Max series features a D-pad print wrapped around the front and the word “start” placed near the tongue. In my opinion this sneaker takes the top spot and are ones that I’ll def purchase…if they don’t sell out. These sneakers are available today at select retailers. So all you sneaker heads get on the hunt!…Oh, and you still don’t believe these are the hottest video game sneakers to date? Check out some of these atrocities below. [Read more]

Heroes The Movie?…New “PUSH” Trailer

October 22, 2008

Not quite Heroes, but it might as well be! The name of this obvious Heroes inspired flick is “PUSH” which is labeled as a Sci-Fi thriller starring Fantastic 4’s Chris Evans and a teenage Dakota Fanning.

A brief synopsis:“The action packed sci-fi thriller involves a group of young American ex-pats with telekinetic and clairvoyant abilities, hiding from a clandestine U.S. government agency. They must utilize their different talents and band together for a final job enabling them to escape the”

Those who have abilities are Labeled with certain names describing them:

Movers : Can simply move objects.
Pushers : Can push thoughts into the minds of other people making them believe they’re real.
Watchers : Can see into the future.
Bleeders : Emit a high pitch noise that can disable or even kill people.
Sniffers : Can see a history of anything they smell.
Shifters : Can change the shape of objects around them for a short time.
Wipers : Can wipe the memory of those around them.
Shadows : Can clock themselves in a shadow, almost as if they’re invisible.
Stichers : Can heal others.

From the trailer I can say the flick looks cool but it has elements that resemble Heroes alittle too much. Now this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but I can see people passing this off as “Heroes wannabe”. But regaurdless of that it still looks like something worth checking out. And hey this could proab’ be the first Dakota Fanning movie you like…..or maybe not. “PUSH” drops Feb. 9th 2009

Tokyo Game Show 2008 Video Showcase

October 9, 2008

The Tokyo Game Show is in full effect! And you know what that means, GAMES! GAMES! and more GAMES! Here we’ll compile all the latest new footage of upcoming games dropping in the near future. So check back often for all the latest videos while the show goes on. [Read more]

Suikoden:Tierkreis Anime Intro (no sound)

October 8, 2008

On Monday we posted some gameplay footage of the upoming DS rpg Suikoden:Tierkreis. Today we have the full anime intro to the game. Unfortunately there’s no audio, but you can get a taste of what the cut scenes will be like. They’re def’ well done and pretty lengthy with full voice overs and musical scores. And as I said before, developers are getting real good at squeezing all this stuff onto them tiny DS carts, impressively with little to no compression at all. Check out the video and we’ll keep you updated on the latest with Suikoden:Tierkreis.

Castlevania: Judgement Gameplay Footage

October 7, 2008

Oh Konami…why couldn’t you have made a new 3d Castlevania adventure? Instead you went a made a 3d fighter? I know Koji Igarashi said that people would get tired of waggling the wii remote back and forth to attack. But after having played Castlevania: Judgement it became apparent that they could have made a full fledged Castlevania game and fans would’ve been more open to that than a fighting game of all things. Ahh well i gotta give them credit for trying something different that’s for sure. Now the question is will fans flock to this game or condemn it to the deep dark bowels of Dracula’s castle? Only time will tell, for now peep the video and check out our in depth hands on impressions for this game.

New Footage of Suikoden DS + Hands On play

October 6, 2008



Konami recently held a hands on event in NYC for some of their upcoming games. And to my surprise and many others, there was the latest installment to the Suikoden series. And it wasn’t for the PS3, Wii or Xbox360, it was on that little beast of a system the Nintendo DS. After waiting for what seemed like hours to finally get my hands on Suikoden:Tierkreis, I immediately turned the DS off then back on. Call me a freak but i wanted to see this game right from the beginning, opening logo credits and all. Once the credits were finished your treated to a nearly 2 min anime intro with an excellent score to back it up. Now I don’t know about you guys but it still amazes me to this day how much video plus the full game these guys manage to squeeze onto them little ds carts. Especially when the videos aren’t compressed to high hell.

After the intro is done and you input your desired name the game starts you out (or atleast in this demo) as the main character in a hut talking with your friend at which you’ll notice is fully voiced over with crystal clear sound. The characters are 3d polygon models layered on top of 2d hand drawn backgrounds, a technique not uncommon with rpgs. These backgrounds are beautifully drawn and detailed as hell. So far what I’m seeing I’m liking, good job Konami! You can control movement of the main character by either using the d-pad or stylus. Both control well and will just be a matter of user preference.

Now on to the nitty gritty of every rpg, the battle mode. Just like traditional rpg’s you don’t see the enemies on screen instead as you walk about the environments you’ll encounter random battles at which the screen will flash a bright white light and then the battle screen would show. Your parties level, HP and MP stats are conveniently displayed on the top screen of the ds. On the bottom half you’ll have the choice of using your stylus or d-pad to enter your commands. Which at first seems like a lot of inputs. Thankfully there’s an auto fight button you can press which will help speed up those fights when grinding for higher levels. The character models during the battles are on point and the animations are tight. From some hands on time with this demo it looks like Konami is in the right direction for delivering another solid rpg to the Nintendo DS. And it also got me thinking about something, why is the ds getting all these good rpgs? This system has more rpg’s on it than all the bigger consoles have combined. Not that i’m hating on the DS or anything, i just thought it was worth mentioning. Anyways will keep you posted on the latest info for Suikoden:Tierkreis.

Hands On With Final Version Of MK vs. DC + New Footage!

October 1, 2008

Is it safe to say the Mortal Kombat franchise is back to it’s former glory? Well after hands on time with the final build of MK vs. DC i have a feeling it’s just about there. The first thing that stood out to me while playing, was how well the DC and Mk universe meshed together. Now i know there’s alot of haters out there, but guys give it a chance. I doubt you’ll agree that the whole concept is ridiculous or stupid once you’ve played the game. And speaking of play, some of you old school Mk fans will feel right at home with the familiar attacks and moves input, hell even the good old uppercuts have returned.

What’s also cool is the ease of pick up and play. Having been away from the MK games for years, I was able to get in along with a friend (who rarely plays games to begin with) and start brawling with out having to resort to using cheesy moves. Now don’t take this as the game being way to easy. Like all fighting games, Mk vs DC has moves which will require some time to master. Moves like reversals and the use of the analog stick to move on a 3d plane. And no… you didn’t hear wrong, the analog stick is used to move or “side step” your character towards the foreground or away in the background. While playing it’s easy for someone to forget they can move around like that. Having to switch from the digital to the analog control is alittle awkward and may turn off players. Thankfully the Mk gods saw it fit to support the recently released arcade sticks for the ps3 and x360. If they didn’t i think I would’ve had to raised some hell! In my opinion, arcade sticks are the only way to go for fighting games.

Another cool feature worth mentioning is the chat rooms they’ll have setup for players. As quoted to “bring back that arcade feel” of the crowds that would gather round the arcade cabinets watching the fights. The chatrooms will allow players to talk or brag to each other about thier skills before the next match or during a match in session. This is a nice little addition that should be a standard for all fighting games going forward.  All in all Mk vs DC looks to bring the franchise back out of the darkness from which it lurked. Stripping away all the silly bloated content…ahem kombat karts anyone?…ahem and taking players back to it’s bare bones roots of good ‘ol mk fun albiet with a splash of superheroes in the mix. Dare i say it?…ahhh screw it..MOOOOORTAL KOOOOOOMBAT! Damn now i gotta go and listen to that movie soundtrack….

Still won’t take my word for it? check out 2.0’s impressions plus footage explaining what’s new to the series.

Must See! New 007 Movie Trailer, Quantum Of Solace

September 20, 2008

007 is back! In this new trailer for the upcoming Bond sequel, we’re once again reminded of how badass Daniel Craig is as the new younger 00 agent. I remember when he was first announced to replace the excellent bond Peirce Bronson, the internet fanboys were up in an uproar. But once Casino Royal was released and everyone saw it , the fans and others were blown away. I personally reserved judgment until seeing the finished flix and knew he would deliver and that he did. And with this latest bond flix it looks to be a repeat performance. And for the first time in bond films, this movie is a direct sequel to the previous bond film, Casino Royal. It literally takes place one hour after the events in the last film! November 14 can’t come fast enough. My ass is there day one on release! Check out the trailer below.
Unit out…

Get Over Here! Over 8mins Of New Mk Vs. Dc Footage

September 8, 2008

Still think the upcoming MK vs. DC fighting game from Midway is gonna suck? Check out this video with over 8 mins of new footage showcasing some cool ass moves, destructible environments/clothing, brutalities,fatalities, and new combo system. Plus an explanation of just how much control you have over your character even while being grabbed or thrown! Midway has stated time and time again about how they’re going back to their roots with this latest iteration of Mk and it’s apparent from this video. Check it out below and peep the scene were old Bats gets burned by fan favorite Scorpion…GET OVER HERE!!!

2.o spent some time with the game at the event as well, check out his impressions.

Hellboy: Science of evil, reviewed in 60 sec

September 3, 2008

Whut up folks! Unit here, bringing you our latest review of Hellboy: Science of evil. I’ll be giving you the lowdown on this game in 60 sec. Is it good? utter crap? a waste of money? Find out in this video review below!

Tiger Woods Pga Tour 09 Nyc Launch Party

September 3, 2008

Last week the TrueGameHeadz crew attended the Tiger Woods PGA tour launch party in NYC. The event was cool and alittle disappointing. I say that because the only time you got to see the man himself, Tiger was when he walked in on the green carpet. And like wise for the others stars that came through, but that wasn’t a big deal. It would’ve been nice if Tiger stepped outta his super private area and waved to the masses or at least said something to the likes of “Thanks for coming by, or check out my game and hope you enjoy it!” cause you know it was for him and his game. Plus the music was ridiculously loud and some point. People thought their ears were gonna burst! Anyways peep the video of the event below…and did Anthony Anderson say “[email protected]#K Tiger Woods????!!

First image of Astro Boy from his new cg movie!

August 28, 2008

Alright all you Astro Boy fans! Here’s your first glimpse of what the little robot boy will look like from his upcoming cg film. These spy pics show Astro Boy in his final rendered form and they are on point! Also below is a teaser movie poster plus some concept art. I can tell ya that I’m very excited for this flick and know it will deliver. These are the types of cg films that are needed in theaters today. The market today is crowed with to many animal friendly adventures. Although some are good, it would be nice to see some different types of cg films more often. For those that don’t know about this upcoming flick, check a brief synopsis below [courtesy firstshowing.net]

Set in futuristic Metro City, Imagi Studios’ “Astro Boy” is about a young robot with incredible powers created by a brilliant scientist to replace the son he has lost. Unable to fulfill the grieving father’s expectations, our hero embarks on a journey in search of acceptance, experiencing betrayal and a netherworld of robot gladiators, before he returns to save Metro City and reconcile with the man who had rejected him.

For more info on AstroBoy himself, check here. AstroBoy hits theartes in 2009.


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