Armored core 4 headed to xbox 360

The latest armored core mech game(armored core 4) is heading to the good ol’ xbox360. For some of you, ya’ll remember this game from back in the ps1 days. This was one of the best mech simulation games out and still is to this day. It was also a playstation exclusive but not any more. In what seem to be the latest trend, alot of playstion only games are being ported over to the x360. Hell even konami is putting the pressure on Kojima to make mgs4 for the x360 as well. With alot of the same games dropping on both the x360 and ps3. It’s gonna be intresting to see this next gen outcome because with the rising cost of developmnet for these games. It’s only wise that developers port their games to as many systems as they can for profit. And with the ps3 constantly losing exclusives, whats gonna make an x360 owner want to run out and purchase a ps3?

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One Response to “Armored core 4 headed to xbox 360”

  1. DaveDaGamer on November 22nd, 2006 1:41 pm

    Game’s too Complicated man!!! we need some Mechwarrior!!! LOL


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