Are Consoles Holding PC Gaming Back?

Are this-generation consoles holding back cutting edge PC/DX10/Vista game development? That’s what Epic’s Mark “Showtime” Rein believes according to a chat he had with C&VG.

“Publishers are generally putting their money where the highest return is, and in the past that’s been on consoles and I think that’s still the case. So if you build the game that’s a really super amazing high-end game, how do you make all the money you could make from that game, because it’ll be too high end eventually to be on PS3 or Xbox 360″

Rein reckons there are developers who will dabble with DirectX 10 and a couple of PC-only games, or games that their big market is PC, will push the envelope a bit, “But I don’t see people going way, way over what these consoles can do because then they can’t sell the game… they have to dumb the games down for the consoles. Consoles will pretty much define what the next five years of games look like on the PC”, Rein added.

However, he said that what we’ll also see from PC games in the meantime is the ability to turn everything up a visual notch.

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One Response to “Are Consoles Holding PC Gaming Back?”

  1. DW on August 2nd, 2007 12:22 am

    The funny thing about all this is that PC has/was/will always been in the lead … well at least grahically. The console has always been a bit more interesting I guess.

    The PC has more real time existence in our reality than any console in sight as well. The thing is, how many of them are used for games? Still, I plan to support PC games, hence the new hardware I just baught :D. I’ve also noticed key titles for XBOX are making it over to VISTA, so I’ll be in there like swim wear!! :p

    The thing is, PC’s will always have an edge over consoles because their ability to adapt to new hardware. You have to wait 5/6 years for consoles to catch up, but the good thing about that is that they always catch up in a good way.


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