March 7, 2008

Why Girls don’t Fart

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March 3, 2008

Limit Reached - Kojima makes Sony Commercial Dated!

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Yea, you heard that right, looks like MGS4 is serious about being the Magnum Opus of 2008. reports that Kojima and the would be Fox Hound members of Konami were able to fill up the blu ray disc and still had other things to put in the game.


Damn! Rememder this commercial -

Obviously Sony didn’t invite Kojima to the marketing meetings back then. You have to appreciate a developer/producer like Kojima though - “why limit yourself?” So it ruins the chance of me playing MGS4 with one of the Policenauts characters? I was looking forward to that.


It also ruins the chance of a 360 version for sure but I guess a 3 Disc solution isn’t so bad if users were willing to play 4 CDS of FFvII. Are users ready to loose there lives over this? I am. I wonder if a future version of this game will be released? You know, the version that has everthing he wanted in there. Hmm, suspicious? Bloggers are wondering why Kojima didn’t just put the game across two blu ray discs, or why not use the Quad Layer 100GB discs as well. Most likely, that would require a firmware update on the PS3 side of things and a release signature from Sony as those discs are probably reserved for the next gen of cinema viewing - QuadHD, or PS4. Kojima never ceases to amaze.

Ninja Gaiden DS kicking it off big for the launch release!

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That’s right team ninja is kicking it off big with a launch release party at the Nintendo World store on March 26th for the little DS that could. I personally had the pleasure of playing through the demo of this game, and all i have to say is DAMN how the hell did they pull this one off. Controlling Ryu with a stylus while manging to pull off all of his sick combos have never felt so easy. It’s almost as if the Stylus and sword are one. Also producer and director Yosuke Hayashi will be present at the store for autograph signings and pictures.