January 31, 2008

Video showing all Smash Bros. features…WHEW!!!!

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With Smash Bros. Brawl officially out in japan, Nintendo dropped a video showcasing all the games features. There is alot! Just peep the video and if you look closely, you’ll see they threw in the kitchen sink as well. LOL. Enjoy!


January 30, 2008


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All of you know I’m a huge Naruto fan but the NA games are taking the fighting game to another level … overTheTopAction is an understatement …

Fatal Frame returns on the Wii…..

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The Fatal Frame series has taken a more passive approach to the survival horror genre. As the game never featured zombies or mutated monsters which required you to shoot them with a gun or some other form of bullistic weapon. Instead the series focused on using a camera(camera obscura) which had the abilities to weaken and destroy the many ghost that haunted players in the game. The series had gotten off to a low key start, but really came into it’s own as it progressed. It’s took on a style that was similar to that of Japanese horror films or the Ring movies. There were times when I admit the game sacred the sh!t out of me. And it wasn’t on a cheap jump out the closet type of scare either.

Tecmo and Nintendo officially announced they are developing the next in the Fatal Frame series “Fatal Frame: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse” together. Thats right, not only is Nintendo publishing the title but they are also lending their development hand into the game as well and to top it off Suda 51 of Grasshopper fame will also be lending his directorial skills to the mix as well! With this attention to the franchise, it could mean that the series could get that extra polish it always needed. After the sucessful incorporation of the wii-remote with Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition, one could see what control scheme they’ll come up with especially now that Nintendo is in the mix. As a fan of the original series, this sounds like good things for the franchise. We’ll keep ya posted!



January 29, 2008

Funny Advertisement for Reebok

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Some Commercials just get it right, and with Super Bowl season right around the corner, our boy DW sent us this very funny update to the Reebok 30 second spots. Will it make me by Reebok gear? Maybe not, but it is memorable and doesn’t scream. (BUY ME)

Gaming - Weeks 3 & 4

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Things were quiet for the past two weeks but that’s just the quiet before the storm that is called PS3. On all fronts, even in the impending recession, Sony is making money, and Nintendo is still making more (ha!). People just can’t enough of those DSs and WIIs. Big guns are upon us though, and its not just Ninja Gaiden II, but the next few months will see huge releases (if they can hold) at a time when new games are supposed to be non-existent in game stores across the world. The last two weeks have seen an immense display in preparation for this coming, whether it’s been more rumors or talk, demos, or videos, things are heating up.

The demo for Turok hit the online networks and it would seem that most people like it. Personally, I find the CQC kills a little on the easy side and it boils down to nothing but timing. Long time fan of the series, our WII bowling General, FuriousLee, gave it a thumbs up.

That’s huge since you probably didn’t know that this man has lost money, time, women, patience, and God knows what else for the series. Though he was thoroughly disappointed with the last few games, Furious feels that this Turok may stand a chance to redeem the series.

January is almost at a close and the title is due during the week of the 27th, so it probably wouldn’t hurt to try out the demo if you have the time before release day. Before that, Burnout - Paradise also got released silently, and flashingly, on an unsuspecting public and got descent reviews from just about everyone. The ranked score when compiled together totals up to about 89%; above average thanks to GameRankings.com. Which means that this title is worth a look, or at least a manual gear shifts or two.


January 24, 2008

P.O.P Sequel Due [In 2008??], HAZE Delayed … again!

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Ubisoft is one of those strange companies, and not because they are French, to release really great games that are loved by most and hated by others. Regardless of your stance on the company, it remains a fact that they bring out solid titles for a multitude of gamers. Founded in 1986, Ubisoft is currently under the helm of Yves Guillemot, who founded the company at the age of 26. Ubisoft was a third party software company at first but slowly expanded its reach across the globe, even purchasing Red Storm Entertainment in 2000. Red Storm Entertainment are the guys responsible for the Tom Clancy games.


This is why im HOT!!! Smash Bros. Wi-Fi battle footage….

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Nintendo, why do you taunt us so!!!! RELEASE THIS GAME ALREADY! Fresh out of the offices in the land of the rising sun comes this new video which shows a heated wi-fi match between 2 Nintendo internal dev teams stationed in Tokyo and Kyoto. I have to say this is on hot looking level. I’m a huge Star Fox fan so to see and hear classic Star Fox brings a tear to my fanboy eye. But you don’t have to be a fan to admit that this is one impressive looking level for a fighting game. I said it before and I’ll say it again, this game can’t come soon enough!


January 22, 2008

Sega answers to Mario tennis

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Sega diffidently has the better characters for sure, it’s just well anything the fat plumber touches seems to turn to gold. Let’s see how this tennis game turns out it seems to be on the right track the only thing that can ruin this game is it’s controls. Which seems to be Sega’s biggest problem nowadays. I just hope they get it right this time, I believe this can be yet another title in favor of Nintendo’s gimmick control…. sorry 360/PS3.


Future is Blu After All

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What an interesting format war it is [was]? Apparently, even in the light of a recession and tough times on Home Loan Payments, people go out of there way to make Blu Ray#1 as it continues to take all type of market shares. The numbers are real they say, but take it with a grain a salt to. Still, reports from friends working in places like Best Buy and Circuit City tell me the same, people are buying Blu. So says the boys and girls at NPD to -


January 18, 2008

BIONIC Commando - Rearmed for the Gaming Networks

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I’ll have to admit that capcom’s effort on remaking classics is not a bad idea.  The well known company has been around for a a while and sees no problem in bringing out the big, and the small guns. 

Truth be told, Capcom is closer to many of our hearts than we may be ready to admit.  Turns out there was a side project going on for the gaming networks in the form of a side scoller called Bionic Commando - Rearmed. 

Take a look at the video here and rest assured that this one will surely bring back those when flat plane was all that stoof between you and ultimate victory. 

January 17, 2008

God of War Box Art and Kratos’s Brother

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Looks like we were graced with something great over at Playstation Blog. Attached to the left is the gracious box art the game, other the FF Crisis, that everyone wants for their PSP. Saying that this game will sell like Caribbean Sweet Bread right out of a Wood stoked oven is an understatement. We have all come to expect great things from Kratos but I wonder if the remake of the first game on the PSP is just a cash cow or truly something better? Yet, this is about the box art, and it looks to pull in the standard stuff we’ve seen before - a man, two blades wiedled to his arms against a stunning backdrop.

Expect Kratos to come packaged with his stadard Blades of Chaos, and Triton’s Lance - a golden sword like weapon found in the Cave of Eos. I’m more keen on trying out the new magic as it appears possible to summon beings such as Efreet. You will be able to parry in the game again if you are able to get the Light of Dawn for those of you concerned. Being the prequel to the mega hit, this title probably has more to live up on the story end than the impressive graphics, or particular mechanics, that Ready At Dawn has shown to pull out of the PSP.

Though the plot sounds simple from my point of view, I am still wondering when that brother of his will make a show in one of these games. You know the one that got separated from him, ended up in Hades and eventually becomes a super General down in the pits of hell itself.

Well get this, the story is supposed to take Kratos Gates of Hades and even further into the depths of Tartarus itself [the Uber regions of Hades]. But this could be a ploy as Tartus, in Greek mythology is both a place or a God. The plot thickens, the mind boggles and this game needs to be out already.

January 15, 2008

Apple Announces Air Book … girls go crazy.

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It’s become a tried a true ritual. If Steve Jobs doesn’t announce something new and fandangle after his keynotes at every Mac Expo we would think that Apple was going under. The company has come a long way since I remember it in 1998 and it took a gander at the handheld market with a device I wouldn’t dare utter. But what’s this … wallet thin laptops you say?

Courtesy Gizmodo - Mac Book Air

And so we can now mail each other laptops via inter-office mail envelopes. Damn, that’s cool, and reckless but its trumped by being cool again. Check out the video below.


Gaming - Week 2, 2008

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Already 2 weeks gone in the new year - where does the time go? That’s 50 more weeks of OMG moments, and God knows what else. It’s obvious that the third week is not living up to its’ predecessor so let’s see what happened. Best thing this side of the Galaxy comes in small packages and that’s Yoda on the 360 Version of Soul Calibur IV. You either thought it was a desperate attempt by Namco to put Yoda on the 360 and Darth on the PS3 for there final rump in the SC series or you probably felt that it was eau naturelle. Whatever your reason most of us enjoy these characters on screen and play. I was left wondering if the WII version was being made and was also hoping for another sword wielding character from the Star Wars Universe[Luke]. Not one person seemed to notice it was left out so perhaps the WII owners don’t care about SC to begin with. Ask and you shall receive they say… well, most of the time at least.

Since we’re talking about Nintendo, Alone in the Dark got delayed again but nothing stopped the WII VC manics from releasing a ton of new VC games. Adding to the ever growing list - see for yourself. Compliments to VC Console Reviews for keep that list up to date. Why did I collect all those catridges though? Because like you, I am avid collector and originals matter. So that’s why you can get Smash Brothers for $19.82 over at walmart - well at least you could. Chuck it to a bad typist as the brawler was going for cheap last week at Wal-Mart but the price has already been correted, so don’t bother going to the web page. I did enjoy hearing that the new Bionic Commando was possible on the system though, as is any other game if developers so pleased to develop for the WII.

But not so for those 360 owners. My dreams of getting those original XBOX titles [yes, I don’t own an XBOX, or a 360] that I wanted may never see the light of day as the dwindling backwards compatible list for the next gen system grows even shorter. Honestly, so what? If the system can kick out games like Omega 5 for the next two years then I’m sold [minus the mental stress everytime I boot up]. Since this console is ahead in the game, we may see version 3 sooner than expected.

Team XBOX was a little harsh on Omega 5 in my opinion. They rated it 6.5/10! You have to wonder but its like the man said “why would I have a shooter fan rate a shooter game?” Something about the story being horrible but to begin with shooter titles have had cryptic-non-existant stories since Alien Invasion [much like fighting games], so we expect that but a score of 6.5 was personally un fair from the view of my fighter jet. In addition, key elements that make a solid multiplayer does not exist but again, its a shooter. Well there’s that 4 player tank game that I can’t get enough of whenever I go by a friend who has a 360, so I get it. Still Omega 5 was not deserving of a 6.5: I was thinking more along the lines of 8 or 7.5. That’s just me - I like shooters and that’s the way the cookie crumbled.

The funniest thing announced last week was about the PSN XMB. By now, you should know the strong desire for this feature amoung PS3 owners. I have a strong desire for it too but the minute blog.playsation.com posts an update about firmwares, you see strong replies of the most garbled text ever conceived by man or gamer:

“ingamexmb ingamexmb ingamexmb ingamexmb ingamexmb ingamexmb ingamexmb ingamexmb ingamexmb”



Check out this link for good laughs at the PS3 owners. Hey I’m one so you can laugh at me to. It’s as if its’ some sort of morse code that says “If you don’t release this thing now … you’ll pay.” Sony announced that it will implement the feature in 9/2008 to keep the ravaging masses at bay. God speed to there efforts. That’s about week 30’something once the “In-game-Music” requests start. I’m counting and still waiting on the broken promise called Home. Thirty, or forty something wasn’t enough but Insomiac promised us last week that Resistance 2 will boast 60 man player tournies. Indeed, I’ve had my fair share of madness on a solid 40 man MP game, but 60 is just begging for Spawn kills. Oh by the way, its more fun on small maps and its only on the small maps do the words “Frag Fest” actually make sense. So snake can’t join in on the fragging for a while it would seem.


Konami announced that the game will not hit Gold till some vague date that we nor any other site knows around the equinox of Quarter 2. Get this, a nice slap in the face to yours trully, the Japanese version will hit Quarter 1. Unfair? Maybe. Over at CES 2008 Sony left us impressed over its’ new OLED Monitors. The monitor is made up of layers of special made organic polymer molecules that conduct electricity. Take a look below - something about 3 credit cards thin, or three credit cards to purchase. I’m not sure which one comes first -


No backlight, 1,000,000:1 CR, thinner than my X girl-friend; what’s not to like? The technology, something I read in a Popular Science mag years ago, is based on Organic Tech. The only thing cooler than that is the obvious lead that BRDVD took last week over HDDVD but who’s keeping score. But the advantages of the technology include these facts -

  • its cheaper to make which means it should cost less than plasmas or LCDs
  • the technology makes it possible to do things like roll-up displays or those that can be bent, which means you won’t break your psp monitor when you sit on it
  • believe it, the range of colors is greater than LCDs or Plasmas
  • 180 degree angle view may become a thing of the future
  • no backlight, no affects on the color, contrast ratio, and other things that give images problems
  • average response time is about 0.1 milliseconds while LCDS do 8 - 12

On the darkside of things the life of the units are limited since they are organic-based and have been recorded to go up to 5000 hours of use. Remember the saying “don’t use Windex on your LCDs” well put any type of liquid on these babies and they’re gone forever. What really took the OMG moment for me last week was the one hundred and fifty inch [150″] plasma display by Panasonic. I had to spell that out. Can you imagine … ? Maybe if you walked to one of the jumbo trons in Midtown Manhattan you could but this goes into the realm of a True Home Theatre design and deep-deep pockets.


And they said Plasma couldn’t go beyond 60 inches. Do invite me for weekend movies if you purchase this bad boy.^_^

January 12, 2008

Here comes a new challenger!

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Capcom has released the first character art of a upcoming challenger in the new streetfigher 4 game. Her name is “Crimson Viper” she’s a female detective who is a speedy character that fights with many concealed weapons all over her body (her design almost resembles a cross between Cammy and King from the KOF series). This is just one of the many new character’s to come in the series so we’ll keep you posted with more info.