September 29, 2007

PSP Bringing the Pain - Crisis Core Impressions

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I don’t go too much by sales numbers but since its the one time that the PSP beat out the DS by over 100% in sales, I can’t help myself. You can blame the figures on one sole title perhaps - Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core. Expect similar results during the US release. But seriously, 190% is insane!! Nuff respect to for this.

- PSP: 277,794 182,307 (190.92%)
- DS Lite: 70,523 9,451 (11.82%)
- Wii: 24,992 1,189 (4.54%)
- PS2: 11,373 1,755 (13.37%)
- PS3: 10,732 2,369 (18.08%)
- Xbox 360: 1,687 444 (35.72%)
- Game Boy Micro: 243 471 (65.97%)
- GBA SP: 106 16 (13.11%)
- Gamecube: 68 29 (29.90%)
- GBA: 33 33 (N/A)
- DS Phat: 15 — 0 (0.00%)

Click more for my impressions…


September 27, 2007

Ummm yeah … ^_^

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Uhhh yeah, so I don’t know what to say .. just check this out.  :P 

Why the naughty post? Oh just celebrating that Nomura-san, Producer of FF XIII officially stated that FF XIII will only appear on PS3. 

September 26, 2007

Recently in Gaming …

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It has been a while since I did a perspective look on things, so I decided to take a shot at it and see if I could pull together all good and the bad that’s happened from late this summer till now. I’m not sure where to start but E3 may be fitting. What a shit event that was, and clearly dominated by Sony. They needed to move that much clout to since the on-going rumor of that 40G PS3 is still being ushered around the net today. This a unit that was rumored for release in the UK. Kill it if you see it - it’s BS. Why? What’s the point in Sony releasing a SKU that will not support Guitar Hero, Eye Toy and other peripherals? If they do, God help them.

Sega doesn’t need any help convincing me that I need to get a copy of Yakuza 3 though. It would seem that the production expenses incurred by Team Ninja for Heavenly Sword haven’t swayed other producers to cut back on spending for game production. Sega has also announced that they to will use an all star cast to do the voice over [maybe mo-cap] for Yakuza. Perhaps Sony got offended and drop a Hakitori Yakuza Bomb on Home recently in fears of spending too much money on an ambitious thing. Funny thing about Home is that we didn’t know it was coming, and it was promised, went to beta, and went right back to the drawing board after beta testing started. Users who are lucky enough to take part in Home Beta were not happy with it and Sony, it would seem, in rare form, took that to heart; subsquently holding off the release of Home till it reaches mass appeal.

What, or who, is more appealing though is Masata-San, Maegawa Masata that is - head huncho over at our favorite shoot’em up [Great Movie!!!] house, Treasure. Having made impressive things like Ikaruga, Radiant Silvergun, and Guardian Heroes is not enough and so he has promised that previous and new titles will hit PSN soon enough [maybe]. Soon enough for Julian Eggerbrecht of Factor5 to start to pointing out the bad in Warhawk. Considering how Lair got trashed by yours truly, and several other game sites out there, its only fair he defend his title [a beautiful title that is]. What’s not beautiful is the following quote -

“I see motion-sensing as a complimentary, additional new step in terms of control … “

I’m dying to know why you can’t use the analog sticks then??? Better yet are those stick characters from Flow, who are due for an update. It will be interesting to see what they can come up with for my Hooka-smoking sessions. Dante may need more than a toke on the Hooka after that drop kick he got in the jaw from Neo; the new bad boy in DMC. If Capcom was trying to let us know that Neo was/is no Raiden, a la MGS, they have clearly made their point - this boy has problems and kicks some seeee’rious hass. Too bad you won’t get your Rumble on with Neo though. Maybe in Spring 2008 PS3 controllers will shake your world. Never saw a need for that feature but hey, my girlfriends like it. They all wonder if it were circular what it would mean …?

If you can say “Quick Response Time Is What I Got” ten times as fast, that’s how fast MS responded to those horrible-horrible Halo 3 discs that got shipped out by who knows who. We can’t really blame MS here, but hey everyone else is … sooooo they decided to fix the problem themselves [suspicious right?]. MS swiftly provided a return policy to its faithful in the form of a full replacement, no extra charge. It would be shameful not to mention that the peace of gaming greatness cost $140.00 [e’Note: $69.99]  Halo SE Sets. Hmm, $140.00? So I guess a lot of people will be buying those GTX cards after all?

If that’s a trend for game prices then titles better look as hot as FF XIII Versus. The new FF XIII currently has a very strong hold on the Top Ten List over at Famitsu Magazine as the second Most Anticipated Game. Trumped by Dragon Quest-Sama of course. What does it all mean? Hell if I know, especially after those play tests comments about White Knight Story. I’m really impressed with the lush environments in that game - it may set a standard.

The results for that play test have all been positive and its good to hear that FF won’t be the only thing to go home early for. Still, they can’t release that Jericho Demo soon enough for my tastes, even though its due Thursday of this week. I just want to play it so badly. Its’ no crysis killer but the enemy designs in that game appeals to my darker nature and hopefully yours.

Don’t get me wrong there are tons other great looking games that we don’t know about yet. No not Crysis. No one will be able to play that thing without having deep pockets in my opinion. . I’m talking about Dead Space, a new title by Electronic Arts that may just turn your eyes away from Jericho for a minute or two. As long as it has nothing to do with that yet another telekinesis and time pausing powers, I’m good. Check out the site. What’s that? Master Chief you say … never heard of ‘em. Good co-op stuff though. ^_- Laterz.

September 25, 2007

Screw Attack Took the Words Right outta my Brain :D

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I love these guys … and of course their top tens are great .. but even more so when they give you reasons to ignore Master Chief!

That’s right b1t7he$! :D

Pure Pulse - Part III Leach Beam to Return in Wipeout

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Ahh the leach beam, a bane in my side. Sir-G had me on that one many a moons ago, and its only now I think that I catch up to his insane hand eye coordination skills to capture a gold against him one on one. Though my mentor may disagree and confirm his lapse of interest in the series as of late, [mostly due to that horrible Fusion release], I am constantly reminding him of how redeeming Pure was for the PSP. Don’t mind my fervent itch to re-live that experience on PS3 of gold status winnings, and perfect laps, on every track [and all those before that on EU and US versions]. Consider what Tony Buckley and the boys at SCE Studio Liverpool are offering from the purest the series has yet to offer -

  • Community Sites can be made by everyone [customizable]
  • Photomode [nothing new really but think of it as those GT money shots]
  • Online battles and online 2 man team battles within a total of 8 man slug fest
  • 8 tracks total, 6 from Pure, and 2 new ones from pulse
  • Downloadable content - new tracks, music [for your 5.1 sound system], and more

The more news I hear about this game, the more I get amped; Keep in mind that Mr. Buckley is not the only one that would take up Wipeout Piloting as a profession. Still the burning question, will they ever make a pure release for PS3 - Tony Buckley thinks so, and so should you.

Final Fantasy VII Advent Children: Complete

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And the never ending struggle to make longest named DVDs, CDs, and what other media you can find continues.  Square-Enix announced at this years’ Tokyo Game Show that “yes, we are releasing an updated, and final, version of the Advent Children.”  So what do you get with the new fandangled alpha-delta-pie* version of a movie juggernaught that everyone waited for will be dying to have yet again?


  • 1080p Resolution
  • More language selections that you could ask for
  • Extras, extras, and more extras, its all about extras baby
  • Enough deleted scenes [like the one above] to make a reasonably long flick even longer

Ahh you never know when you buy these anymore.  Check out the complete posting at Square Enix’s site [some translation required].

*All Rights Reserved Sir-G 2007 :p

September 24, 2007

The Eye of Judgement Get’s Priced

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Well, several of us who were actually interested in this game [the D&D Fanatics perhaps] were waiting for a price on this mother.  Why? Well lets put it this way, you get a camera, the game mat, and box of special cards to play with this game so I had originally guaged this title at $99.99 but looks like Sony had to shut me up and put me in my place as the Eye of Judgement, with all its add-on gear [TV NOT INCLUDED] will total $69.99.  See the full post here on the PS3 blog.  It’s still pricey but then again I bought games for $9.99 back in the day, so I’m sure I sound like I’m bitching right now. 

New Wacom Tablet Impresses

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I had to take a double take after reading my fan mail, if you’d call it that, from Wacom Technologies. They sent me an email to try out the new Wacom Bamboo product. While I would have loved to have traveled all the way behind God’s back for this event, I was unable to do so. That didnt’ stop me as I’m a proud owner of a 9*12 beast myself to try out the new model. Two things I have to say about this unit is that its highly portable, and works well across MAC/PCs with a breeze. This was a problem for me, as there were times I would have to reinstall my drivers for the Intuos3 several times; especially after installing new programs. Also, it was a little more tricky to do large broad penstrokes, so using this machine in Painter for example may not be the best of ideas if your strokes tend be more broad.

I happen to fall into that category so that was my very first gripe tablet. Come on, make a bigger one Wacom? :) I’m sure that a perfect set of drivers will be built one day for tablet based controls but not even the latest ones seem to work well across multiple monitors. Though that’s a stretched demand, its not hard to believe that there are several artists out there that use multiple monitors, especially in cases with painter, photoshop and others. Still, I’m feeling the design.

Cheapness knows No Bounds for HALO 3 Discs

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Other than taking over our lives, several gamers, and owners of the new and improved, graphical OMG greatness that is Halo have been reported to arrive D.O.A. That’s right, I said it and I’ll reprint it if you want. Sad thing is, it shows that Microsoft, its Vendors, and/or Distributors [whomever is to blame, or combination of them all] knows no bound in delivering something that’s not always quite functional. Light of the discs being received scratched have of course gotten much fan mail to MS. People before you jump to conclusions though, it would be nice to investigate further don’t you think? Still a lot of the blame has been pointed at big M$.

Ah well, at least its not as bad as Rotting Blue Ray Discs, a phenomenon that has plagued certain Blue Ray Movies earlier this year.  At TrueGameHeadz we point out the follies of everyone so dont’ feel bad M$.  What happened to the times when a man could buy something and be assured that it would last him a decade or two?  Gone are the days of quality.

September 23, 2007

*UPDATE* Suda 51…you so crazy!!!!

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Funny ass cinema screen! Peep it!

It looks like Suda 51 next uber cool project “No More Heroes” will be making it’s way stateside in February of 2008. And who is responsible for this, why none other than UBISOFT as they have picked up the publishing duties for the title. For those who don’t know, No More Heroes is the latest from Grasshopper studios(of Killer 7 fame). The game stars Travis Touchdown(who happens to be a huge anime and videogame fan in the game) who after an internet auction, wins a lightsaber inspired beam katana. So what does one do with such a weapon, why you become an assassin! now that Travis has entered such world, he stumble apon a underground contest(known to other assassins) to become the number one assassin. To do so one must kill the others (13 to be exact) in order to climb the ranks. In typical Suda fashion, they consist of the crazy type. For instance, you have a female assassin who has a rocket launcher for a leg( Grindhouse anyone?).
The game world is open ended and allows you to go anywhere taking on jobs as well as upgrading your weapon and buying t-shirts(that contain anime illustrations from real famous Japaneses artist). The clothes play a big part in the game as they effect attributes for Travis. The official website has videos being posted every week, but my favorite so far has to be the games save system! just look at the video below!

*UPDATE*Long live 2-D……(see this beautiful game in motion)

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Damn this is one beautiful looking game! Literally art in motion!

Oboro Muramasa Youtouden is the latest from developer Vanillaware(of Odin Sphere fame). And as you can see from the scans, this is one beautiful looking 2d game! In todays 3d world, most consider the genre to be dead, but with support on the DS front as well as games like this, I think it will be awhile before the format is completely gone. Not much is known so far about the game, but all that is gathered is that the main hero Kisuke is on a typical quest to piece together his memory. The game plays like your standard 2d action title with the inclusion of Wii-mote jestures to cast ninpo or magic attacks. We’ll keep you posted as more develops!

September 21, 2007

Hey Kratos, can I get some love too?

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Looks like old Rygar ain’t going down without a fight. Straight outta TGS comes this new trailer for Rygar: Battle of Argus for the Wii. When Rygar was released(it came out before God of War) on the PS2 way back when, it pretty much did alot of cool things that God Of War did, but with alot more japanese flair. The game was pretty tight and had really good production values as far as story, music, and gameplay. The combo system was pretty impressive which incorprated your disk armor weapon. The weapon can be compared to Kratos chain blades, but in Rygar you can actually latch onto enemies and swing the hell out of them or use them against other foes. So it’s good to see the series coming back. Hopefully it won’t go as overlooked as it did on PS2. Argus awaits and the gods won’t be pleased!

Listen to this now!

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Peep this promo video for the album “Blaxploration” which is a tribute to all those 70’s Blaxploitation flix’s from back in the day. The beats are produced by THE CRYSTAL PHAROAH and are tight as hell!. Give’em a listen and cop this joint, especially if you like instrumentals. Now dance mutha fu*ka..DANCE!!!

Ninja Gaiden DS, cuttn’ handhelds a new one!

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Ryu will be making the return to the big screen next year, but in the meantime this kat gets no rest as he’ll be bringing his trade marked fast paced action to the DS. And gasp…….this time it looks like it has an actual well thought out story(pay attention Ninja Gaiden 2). The game plays completely with the stylus and through Team Ninja’s technical wizardry, manages to maintain the same frantic pace of it’s console brethren. By simply slashing the stylus in various directions to tapping on an enemy to throw a shuriken, Ninja Gaiden promises to make sure you’ll have a good time all the while pushing the systems touch capabilities as well as graphics! They also didn’t forget the Ninpo attacks which are summoned by quickly drawing various symbols in a rapid succession unleashing pretty much all hell on enemies. Itakgi, you may have one hell of an ego, but I have to admit you came through on this version of the franchise!