July 31, 2007

Halo 3 - We will have co-op

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Although I am not a big fan of Halo, it’s nice to see more and more games get co-op, especially a 4 player one.

It’s time for us to sack up and tell you what’s what regarding online co-op.

So you were probably wondering why we didn’t want to commit to two player co-op online over Xbox Live. We certainly got plenty of mail asking, no, demanding that we make it happen. Of course we were working on it, but we were also working on something better. Not two player co-op. Not three-player co-op, but up to four player co-op. Online. On Xbox Live, or sure, System Link if you prefer.

That is correct - up to four player co-op in Campaign mode on Xbox Live or System Link.

Spartan Maddness on BluRay

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The movie that caused a mad rush of insane user movies over at YouTube with the likes of Unitied300 [my favorite of the lot] has made it to Bluray this week. If you haven’t seen this flick, you owe it to yourself to at least go to a friends house to check out the BluRay release. If it looks anything like the like the IMAX presentation that I saw, then buy it if you own the PS3, or Bluray player.

If Spartan Warfare isn’t your thing and your stuck in the current times, you can also pick up Shooter, staring M.Waldberg and D. Glover on BluRay.  It was good seeing Danny in this role, even though he played a villain but this movie is seriously underrated.  It’s akin to the old westerns you would watch with your uncles growing up; one man, got played, takes revenge the hard way.  Simple and to the point.

Mark Rein dropkicks Bungie’s E3

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Microsoft selected this year’s E3 to give Halo fans their first real glimpse of Halo 3’s single-player campaign, but Epic boss Mark Rein reckons that worked against the company and the sequel at the show.

“I think that [showing the single-player campaign] hurt Halo 3 at E3″, Rein told us when we caught up with him for a chat this week. “Halo 3 didn’t win any game of the show awards that I could see. Well, because they didn’t have to show Halo. There was no need”.

“I’m sure if they’d actually had a big Halo 3 presence, if Microsoft had set up eight machines or 12 or 16 machines so you could sit and play it, it would have won all kinds of awards. But they don’t need to because, like me, everyone’s already placed their order… So I think that worked against them at E3,” the Epic boss added.

Are Consoles Holding PC Gaming Back?

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Are this-generation consoles holding back cutting edge PC/DX10/Vista game development? That’s what Epic’s Mark “Showtime” Rein believes according to a chat he had with C&VG.

“Publishers are generally putting their money where the highest return is, and in the past that’s been on consoles and I think that’s still the case. So if you build the game that’s a really super amazing high-end game, how do you make all the money you could make from that game, because it’ll be too high end eventually to be on PS3 or Xbox 360″

Rein reckons there are developers who will dabble with DirectX 10 and a couple of PC-only games, or games that their big market is PC, will push the envelope a bit, “But I don’t see people going way, way over what these consoles can do because then they can’t sell the game… they have to dumb the games down for the consoles. Consoles will pretty much define what the next five years of games look like on the PC”, Rein added.

However, he said that what we’ll also see from PC games in the meantime is the ability to turn everything up a visual notch.

July 30, 2007

Round 1Million … Fight!

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I love fighting games. Don’t you? Wuss. I gave Virtua Fighter some slack since heard that it would be making it Online but in my book its one of those too late to make amends kind of situations. Swimming around the 日本語 PSN PS3 browser I saw the below image for a downloadable game for 2,000Yen [~$16.00]. I hope to God we are the first to report on this, given that its almost 3:00 o’clock Monday morning before I head in to work at 7. Why am I up this early? Never mind that, see the picture below:


Still think it’s fake? Well here’s a picture from most my HD monitor:


I never thought I’d say this, but I actually like that I can take pictures with my cell phone now. See you online my Tekken brothers! :D

July 29, 2007

First look: The Incredible hulk

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Here’s a quick look at what the hulk will look like in next years reboot of the hulk movie called : The Incredible Hulk. And to make up for the drama fest that was the first hulk movie, this one will find the green skin fighting the abomination! check the quick glimpse of what hulk will look like below

First Ironman movie footage!

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Check the first footage from the ironman movie shown at this years comic con. Im impressed and can’t wait for this flix! Next year is gonna be sweet!

July 28, 2007

The Dark Knight official teaser

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Here it is folks, the first official teaser for the next batman movie. Although there’s no footage you still get to hear the joker speak and his crazy laugh. Batman Begins is my #1 comic book movie and i can’t wait for this one! Check it out:

IRONMAN movie videogame footage

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Check out some first footage from the Ironman movie videogame by sega (shown at this year’s comic con in san deigo). I must say so far it’s looking pretty decent, especially his character model and although the levels may look alittle sparse, keep in mind this game has a ways off before actual release( it’ll be hitting shelves along side the movie in the spring of next year). Im feelin the over the shoulder view during the flight and the missile air grab is a pretty cool move. Peep the video below and keep an eye out on this one!

Conan the Barbarian makes it to Wii

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If you didn’t know, it looks like Conan will be not only hitting the 360 and PS3 but will also be released on the WII. What’s the big deal? The game is hell’a violent and, yes my wanton God of War gamer, it does have very similar mechanics, but, it looks good!

This title by THQ is not be confused with the MMORPG game Hyborian Adventures. The game will not only include the obvious abilities to tear off the limbs off your foes, but you will also gain the ability to use elemental magic and perform summons that allow you call the foul beasts, evil crows, and Lord knows what else. So far its shaping up to be a descent single player adventure game.

Exclusive = Lose one game + Gain Another [??]

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Is Sony loosing ground? Loosing ground in the sense that we believe that they have lost all their exclusivity and hurt you in so many ways that you lost count. Interesting points put out during an exclusive GAMEHEAD interview with Andy McNamara, N’Gai Croal, and MTV’s Steven Totilo about Sony’s presence at 2007 E3. Andy brought up a good point about home since I got to take a tour in the beta myself and what I’m most worried about is the presence that Home will have as community hub. Indeed, the idea of it great, and we love that but once you get into minor details, you start to think: “Just how lazy are these developers!” Okay, okay, maybe that’s harsh but I mean c’mon, Jack Trenton’s f’ing lips didn’t move!! THIS IS NEXT GEN!!!! C’mon guys, hire me to program that for you, I’d love to help [for a fee :D] , even if it takes me month!

There’s two ways you can take the comment about the exclusivity are - wow that’s great, you’re not so dumb after all, or, WTF, you got one game out of it, are you insane!!! I’m no fan of GTA. Personally, if I want to play something violent, I’ll pick up an FPS. I’ve always found the GTA series boring and that’s just me. So whatever this title is, it would have to impress me and every other gamer who is addicted to the idea of GTA. Sounds a little impossible right? Hopefully, that statement will come back and bite me.

July 26, 2007

Wipeout Pulse

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While the rest of the internet is going crazy over the release of that new “Lost” video game, certain things will not go un-looked. Many a hardcore Phatom Zone player have come to say that Wipeout Pure has reached the epoch of being the best Wipeout game to date. It’s almost impossible to top something like that, especially after so many upgrades in a series. It would explain the soon to be released Wipeout {Pure} HD for PSN.

The above video is for Wipeout Pulse HD for PSN

Confirmed additions to the new game include 24 never before seen tracks. All tracks will now include the new grav-rail system. The ability to use your own music. The game is also said to be geared more towards racer in mind, a trend that was lost with the PS2 release for series; Wipeout Fusion. All the other amenities that you love return, killer sound tracks [just do more Stanton Warriors and I’m good], stomach twisting speed, and of course online play.

July 24, 2007

MGS4 - Snake Using PS3 Controller

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Finally, some gameplay footage was posted over at GT.com for MGS4 Guns of the Patriots. While it is obvious from the video below that the game looks good, its good to see that the gameplay is intact and has some extra features. Included are things like absorb patterns in your surroundings and new freeze! techniques and animation.

Thanks to Snake009 for letting me know about this one.

July 21, 2007

Martha Stewart + Wii = Mmmm,mmmmm good!

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This my friends is a testament to Wii cross over appeal! The little white console has pretty much transcended all consoles before it. When you have some one such as Martha Stewart giving a recipe on how to bake a cake thats shaped like a Wii console says alot. Nintendo themselves couldn’t pay for this type of advertising. In the latest issue of Wired magazine, Martha(she also graces the cover with the cake itself) herself takes reader step by step through instructions on how to bake a Wii shaped cake. I don’t know about you guys, but this is pretty crazy as she is the last person on earth I would ever associate with gaming! Nintendo has truly struck gold amongst the casual and women market with the Wii. I can only imagine what the Sony and Microsoft marketing department are saying to themselves after seeing Martha on the cover as happy as ever next to her Wii cake. Nintendo, looks like you guys are on to something!