June 27, 2007

Wiimbledon by TrueGameHeadz

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June 25, 2007

FASA cries because Shadowrun sucks

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I mean this with the utmost disrespect, but why is that some developers feel like if they have made a game, everyone should give it a thumbs up no matter how bad the game is?

Take for example, Shadowrun. Shadowrun is a average FPS mixing the elements of Team Fortress and Counter-strike with a limited number of weapons and maps. In fact, the game is essentially multiplayer with nine maps thrown in, unless you don’t mind facing bots. There is no single player campaign or storyline to follow through; it’s strictly “team vs team”. This worked for Unreal because Unreal had many crazy things with lots of levels, but Shadowrun? I’ll repeat, only nine maps.

Worst part about this? The game is charged full price. For a full priced game, I can think of many other games within the market that offer much more, such as Gears of War or any Rainbow Six/Ghost Recon games.

So now FASA, the guys who did Tribes, complain about the recent reviews giving them a beatdown in writing because of this “half a game” they produced. You can hear them rant on OXMPodcast

In all honestly, if I had the time and wasn’t so camera shy, I would put my reasons as to why I think Shadowrun should deserve nothing more then a mediocre rating on YouTube. Sorry FASA, but expecting me to pay 60 dollars for a multiplayer-only game with no persistent stats or even selecting my own team isn’t going to give you game of the year. You might also want finish off the ladder animations instead of ranting on a podcast.

June 22, 2007

Wasteland 2?

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Post-apocalyptic gaming news site Duck & Cover has the scoop that InExile is trying to make a sequel to the original Wasteland game. InExile was responsible for making the modern remake of The Bard’s Tale, so I’m slighty worried about this, but at the same time, pretty happy.

What is Wasteland, you ask? It was a very old Post-Apoc RPG that is considered the spiritual successor of Fallout, the same franchise the boys over at Bethesda Software are developing for the third installment of the series.

Brian Fargo, who founded InXile, recently bought the Wasteland license from EA a few years back. He is also the one of the original producers of Wasteland.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed on this one.

More info on Wasteland

Game over for Manhunt 2?

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This is an interesting turn of events. Not only did this game become banned at the Britian, but Ireland as well. To make matters worse, MH2 has been given an “Adults Only” rating, a step up from the Mature rating; this is a very bad thing for a developer because Nintendo and Sony doesn’t like AO-rating games on their system. In fact, their policies ban them.

To plug my piece of opinion, it just makes make wonder as to what Take2 was thinking when starting the sequel. There was no big demand for the sequel of a mediocre game and the money could’ve been invested into better things into the company such as the next GTA. To anyone who has actually played the first game, let’s be honest here, the game did get stupidly repeatitive in a short amount of time and watching a guy suffocate with a plastic bag doesn’t become very shocking after executing it 50 times.

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June 20, 2007

Highlander - The Search for Vengence

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I pulled out a packet of Cocoa Tea and sat down with Highlander - The Search for Vengeance, directed by Yoshiaki Kawajiri and written by David Abramowitz last night .  Mr. Kawajiri, a simple guy, always sporting his trademark light-tinting glasses, is known for a more popular anime title - Ninja Scroll. Other works under his belt include Demon City Shinjuku, and Vampire Hunter D - Blood Lust. All magnificent titles. The thing about watching Mr. Kawajiri’s work is the shear amount of detail that he whips his staff to put into the animation of everything. In Ninja Scroll, the amount of detail that was displayed in that peace was magnificent and a captured so many fans that it still rivals many a tale today. It would be safe to mention to you all that a sequel is also scheduled for that masterpiece later in this year.  With the onset of 3D Software for use in Anime, his team has taken the more subtle approach by including 3D only in scenes that are needed and at brief moments. His style is unique and still easily recognizable around the world even through the use of 3D.

David Abramovitz goes way back. He’s worked on previous Hihglander stories, and even on the Murder She Wrote series. It seems a ripe time for David to make these stories as he is also slated to release another tale for that other Higlander, Duncan McCleod, this September, titled: Highlander - The Source.  The only thing better than these two getting together is the Anime itself.  The resulting story, and effort put behind this play is nothing less but stellar, as it fits very well into the myth of Highlander.

I usually swear by watching foreign films, animations, games, and independent movies in their native languages, but there are times when the westernized voices actually add to the quality fo the movie.  In here, you will find people speaking in proper accents as the story is told throughout different periods in time.  Though most people will not appreciate this, it shows how much effort was put in Westernizing this peace.  The score borrows from various parts of the live action series and incorporates new ideas throughout.  Overall, this is a must see flick for any fan of Ninja Scroll, Kawajiri-San, or just well done productions in general.

June 19, 2007

Manhunt 2 Banned in UK

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Games Games and More Games. We are now at the point where Rockstar’s ultra-violent game is being banned from the UK.
What do you do when this happens? We all know why it is being banned, but should it really? Someone, somewhere needs to sponsor psychological testing of a mass scale to find out if playing “Violent” videogames have an adverse effect on those who partake in them.

As much as I want to say that the probably don’t have that sort of effect, I want proof. I am in the camp that they don’t have any more effect than watching a movie or reading a book and should be treated as such. In the 70’s we had psycho’s saying, “The Dog made me do it” Did we go ban dogs?

It’s not even about right or wrong, I believe it’s about common sense.
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June 16, 2007


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TrueGameHeadz decided to visit my old campus’s stomping ground to ask the girls around dowtown why don’t they like video game players as boyfriends and such.  An interesting approach but a reminder to all my game brothers out there that there are indeed girls who are in to gaming / gamers.  Yes, they are a rare catch but a word to the wise, hang on to her if you ever meet her. 


No, not iBlog, sBlog; as in Sony has officially launched its own blog site this week.  Sony has promised to keep us up to date with all necessary info for those information starving PS3 owners.  I have to admit, that should have been created from day one guys.  Maybe the fact that BestBuy decided to start offering a $20 discount on some PS3 titles this week was better news but that type of information was no where to be found in any of their blogs.  It would be nice if they made a world portal instead, but then again my ideas are always too grande. 


Piyotama, cousin of PuyoPuyo was released on the PS Network in Japan this week.   I am jealous.  Who’s to say that the EU PS Network gets no love, as I was able to spot some listings for old PS1 titles that the boys over the pond would never get as we had thought.  That includes titles like Crash Bandicoot, Medievil, and Jumping Flash just to name a few.  The Queen is dead indeed.  The HAZE HD Trailer was released this week in full force and it looks tight.  How did I see it you say? I’m not telling!  What didn’t f’ing come out was the “BIG update” that was supposed to have been released this week. 

Guess what?  The Motorstorm God Update got delayed again!! Are you F’ing kiding me guys!  The Lair game is still not out, and buggy as it may be, the creators at Factor Five have a lot to live up to so it would be nice if they took their time.  However, if you were insane enough to buy that horrible version of Fith Element BR DVD, I want you to feel immediately upset that the true remastered version of Fifth Element was released this week.  Yes, on BR, and if you didn’t know, they won the HD warz.  Didn’t you notice all the commercials yet?  The firmware for PS3 was updated once again.  I think it’s Sony’s idea of a joke.  I need a shot of Kass Rum right now.  What does it fix? Some RGB Feature that only certain TV’s experience. Well the good thing about it is that it shows Big S is willing to take even the small guys into consideration considering the size of this niche problem.   It is now possible to get certain video feeds sent directly to your psp.  That’s nice, other than the 60 reasons given to own a PSP these days.  You can now get that Xyanide demo for the PSP as well.  It looks sweet by the way.  I’m also surprised that people were bitching about how hard Wipeout Pure was [*cough*], but then again I’m a fan of the series so it comes naturally to me.  Lead designer Colin Berry says that they will aim for something more balanced in Wipeout Pulse.  Colin points out that the difficulty of the AI can be lowered at Phantom class speeds and up so new players will have a better time adjusting. 

Doak and Furture of Sega

David Doak of Free Radical went to point out that PS3 developers are nothing but a bunch of pansies.  Strong words David.  You’re officially part of the Ninja Gaiden Itagaki Fan Club.  However, I pointed out this week that Ninja Gaiden Sigma has completely shut me up.  After going through the demo upteen times [ I still cant’ finish it on very hard!! ], I have to admit that the game is impressive, especially when compared to the first two versions.  Not only that, members of the original Itagaki fan club pointed out that when the game is finally released, it will show just how powerful the PS3 can really be.  My thoughts are whether or not they were able to push the system to its limits already.  Just remember this is coming from a guy who loves cabbage.  Sega is no more.  Sega is now SegaSammy.  You heard that right!  The VPs over at the new firm echoed out a sentence I mention to my breathren here on TGHz: “The PS3 will win the console war.” Like all the other boxes pushed out by Sony, the directors point out that the system has the same type of potential as its predecessors times ten.  Like what you ask? Hell if I know, they rejected my request for the Dev Kit so I can’t say for now.  This is the same difficulty and frustration that I’m sure many a Sony developer bitches about.  Case and point: PS2 was announced dead in 2006 December, Janurary - April of 2007 has seen some of its most amazing releases.  The problem with all this is that gamers just don’t want to wait so even I to am waiting for the right moment to pick up a XBOX 360.  Well at least the PS3 has been slated to have a new controller with rumble, but developers of the unit are saying that battery life of the wireless controller will be an issue.  My co-worker got this interesting error while coding this week on MS Software : ” … this error is by design.” 

June 15, 2007

TrueGameHeadz are now on Heavy.com!

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June 14, 2007

Play PacMan Championship on XBOX Live Arcade

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Pac is Back


I’ve always wanted to say that.

XBOX Live has a new version of Pac Man, that brings a whole new twist to classic gameplay. You actually go left and right in the maze. To rac up pellets and get a new formation. Not to mention the new graphics that the game has. It’s about time that Arcade started getting more quality titles. Everyone has been Wii happy downloading old favorites, this game like Prince of Persia, gives us an old but new feel. Keep it up.

June 13, 2007


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Kick me in the face, someone with ballz has finally decided to make an online brawler. I bitched about the existence of “no online” fighters and those that exist suck major donkey balls and you know it. So, w00t to Bandai/Namco for announcing that Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection HD will receive an update that will allow for online bouts. And you frame rate loving virtual fighters should know that playing brawlers is not about no f’ing frame rates, it’s about kicking the ass out of your opponent, with or without style! What to expect from this update, if you haven’t downloaded the game already is as follows:

  • VS Mode Online
  • Leader boards
  • Online trash talking for an online brawler [i can’t wait!] ^_^
  • Survival Mode Online
  • Ranking Mode Online

All that for 7.99 to kick your friends ass across the globe. Finally!


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After my last update on Team Ninja, and after checking out the demo for the game, playing it through hard and very hard, I have to admit, I was impressed. I never thought that I would eat my words, but yea, the demo shut me up. What’s worse is that Yosuke Hayashi promises that the demo was a walk in the park, and the final outing will be a testament to the power of the PS3. Interesting when the original creator has been rumored to be motivated by cabbage. Still, I’m happy with the idea of fighting Alma, Doku, and Marbus all the same time!!

This game will not be for the faint of heart and I’m sure you may go through it on normal or easy, but that’ll only make you a lesser ninja chomp . Your bragging rights will be worth half a pound of green Brassica oleracea. All jokes aside, what was thought to be almost impossible on the PS3, has been done: 1080p running at full 60fps with full anti aliasing and all that other fancy talk that make fanboys hearts go pita pata. You? I’m looking forward to that sucka big time and you know what, Itagaki can talk all he wants, be a push over, flirt with girls, and eat all the f’ing cabbage he wants, cuz the pudding smells good, so put it on my plate already. Loose sleep on 6/26/2007 when this game is released.

Win Real Cash Playing Online!

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New UK based startup Tournament.com has just launched with the draw of putting your money where your mount is! We all know how competitive gamers can be and this is the ultimate at stake, REAL MONEY! The good thing about this site is they have set monthly wagering limits, so they forsee the obsessed gamer betting his rent money and then suing later on for their overly addictive site. The limit is currently set at $150 per month per user. Which I think is a good thing. There are chances to win as much money as you like, you just aren’t allowed to lose over $150. Let’s say you play 40 matches and you win all 40, you get to keep the pot.

Currently the only games you can play on Tournament.com are Valve licensed Counterstrike and Half-Life 2, but have plans on opening up more genres.

Check out their site Tournament.com

June 12, 2007

The place for the Boys of Playstation

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Well what do you know? The heads over at Sony are jumping tail over head into this “New Media” stuff and decided to start the Official Playstation Blog. This is supposed to be where you go for “All Things Playstation“. Let’s see how well it does, at least they aren’t trying to hide their involvement like the ill fated I luv PSP.

June 11, 2007

Haze-ee Stuff

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Ahh David Doak, one of the founding fathers of Rare, and that ever comparable FPS Goldeneye. Any descent gamer knows, that the only FPS that ever mattered over the last 10 years was Goldeneye. Yea, I said that. Lately, I’ve been a little annoyed with all aspects of the gaming industry, from publishing pushing out false ads, and delivering even more false games, to manufacturers making batteries that explode and can turn your portable devices into a bomb. Well, maybe not but you get what I mean. David Doak understands what I mean when he says things like this -

It’s funny, because the videogame industry almost damns itself by just going out and saying, ‘hey, we’re all generic and boring and we just do the same shooters all over again, and let’s make another one,’ which is a shame. And then people look at us and say, ‘you know, you guys, you’ve got nothing useful to say about the world, because you’re just there beating off in your little box making the same kind of thing’. I’d like to push it. I think with TimeSplitters we were also trying to push it, because we’re saying, ‘these shooting games - let’s not take them too seriously, because it’s good fun’. And some people get that and some people don’t get that. It’s most disappointing, when sometimes in the States people get TimeSplitters and say, ‘well why’s it so stupid?’ Well, it’s just trying to be fun.

Which brings up an important topic for me; fun with videogames. I think, in all the promotions and all the hub, bub, weave, parry, ho, gamers and producer-developer-manufacturer-creator-IP-Owners-designers are loosing the point. Sometimes Earth Defense Force is just more fun anything on the planet, heck, even Goldeneye. Did you forget why you would travel 18 train stops into the next county to go some guy, who you know only 10 other guys knew about, and was the only one that carried a certain title even if it was sold out? You did didn’t you? Or more precisely, you can’t see yourself as that person anymore, you even think that you’re a sell out to corporate gaming. Lies.


Every gamer knows that if a title doesn’t speak to you when you play it, or test it, none of the above applies. It doesn’t matter what level of detail, or how innovative the thing is, the point is, will a gamer get it, and enjoy it while their getting it. So yes Mr. Doak, hiring army vets to do games is a little strange but it doesn’t mean that the titles are going to be any less fun either. I have to admit though, Haze looks beautiful, and its much needed exclusivity [for now] on PS3 is a wonderful thing. One of the features that may spur the above moments includes the whole lets-join-in-four-man-team, anytime, anywhere. I like that. I even like the fact that Mr. Doak and his team are trying to release this thing all platforms - that’s a leap forward in itself. When you hear the guys over at The Darkness saying that it was ridiculous creating that game for both XBOX360 and PS3, you have to wonder what plant did guys like David Doak grow from?