December 29, 2006

True Hip Hop!

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If ya’ll ever wondered how it gets done, this is  a crazy youtube vid taken from the Smack DVD of Just Blaze in the Lab making some Head Nod Shit!

December 26, 2006

Listen to your iTunes on Wii web browser

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So there is this cool web application available now called Dot.Tunes that allows you to stream your iTunes music on Wii’s opera browser. The application is flash based and is compatible with your Wii. Follow the this link to the instruction(which look pretty easy) on setting it up. Im going to download and set it up myself and give some impressions later on!

December 24, 2006

Man controls house with Wii-mote…news at 11!

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And the hacks just keep on coming. This has to be one of the more impressive ones. This kat by the name of LiquidIce, pretty muched created a system that allows him to control various settings for things around his house. Things like turning the lights on and off as well as dimming them. This definently sounds like a very smart dude. Check out his websites as he has a listing of some more hacks that seem pretty tight. Just swing on through here in case you want to go Maguyver on the Wii-mote!

December 23, 2006

Wii browser demo

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Check out a little demo of the recently released(dec.22 to be exact) trial version of the opera browser for the wii.The official version will be released sometime in march ‘07. Peep the video below

December 19, 2006

Wii remote + World of Warcraft= TIGHT!!!!!

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Damn, the mod community have been having a blast with the Wii remote. This latest update shows how rapidly the controller is becoming a mod favorite. Of all the mods done lately this ones looks to be tight as hell. Check out the latest video that shows a very good deal on how the Wii-mote can be used for games like World of Warcraft. So now people don’t actually have to sit at a keyboard and mouse setup and can play comfortably from their couch( as if playing WoW all day wasn’t bad enough already). I have to say this looks pretty damn convenient!!! See for yourself……

You can download the drivers from here(and yes the page looks like Wikipedia!)

December 18, 2006

Don’t give up on PSP yet!!!

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In an effort to save the PSP’s movie playback feature, Sony in the vein of Microsoft will release a movie download service starting next year. Of course you’ll need a pretty big memory stick. Official word says that a 4 gig stick will hold 10 movies. This all sounds pretty good, but now it will be up to the pricing of the movies to attract people. I personally feel that heads who are watching movies on their PSP at this point already know how to rip and download flicks to their system. So will they be willing to pay for downloaded movies? Check out the link below.

PSP download movies droppn’ in 07′

December 16, 2006

Trauma Center:Second opinion review

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Check it out, we got the video review from yours truly for trauma center: second opinion for the wii. If your still on the fence with this game, peep the review below!

Unit out

December 15, 2006

This is just too funny!!!

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R Kelly is pretty famous for his trapped in the closet music video/ mini-series joint. So within the spirit of the holidays someone was kind enough to do a christmas versions in the style of the classic animated Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer. I don’t need to say anymore, just check out the video!!!

First Wii fatality!!!

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[quicktime width=”480″ height=”376″ autoplay=”false”];sharer=0/[/quicktime]

Well folks, it’s was bound to happen! With all the Wii accidents going around, someone was bound to fall victim. And to make things worse, it was caught on tape! Peep the video and learn what not to do when playing with the Wii!!!

Get your Mii shirt here!!!!

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File this under “why didn’t I think of that first!”. Anyway, some guys out in the UK are selling t-shirts with your very own Mii character printed on the front. This is actually a pretty tight idea and signs of Mii’s popularity. All you have to do is just send them your Mii(and pay of course) and using magical powers, they print the character on a tee of your choice! Follow this link to their official website!

New Kane and Lynch footage

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Check out some new footage of the upcoming game Kane & Lynch:Deadmen. The video is foreign but im sure ya’ll won’t care, as long as there’s footage. Doesn’t this game remind you of the getaway:black monday minus the driving parts. And it seems that blind fire is the new hotness!


December 14, 2006

Jay-z & final fantasy mash-up

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What happens when you put jay-z and ff togethr? You get this nice little mix. Check it out below:[youtube]yYCTpU_7Eis&eurl=[/youtube]

December 8, 2006

Sign Up for Halo 3 Beta!

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Here you go Halo fans. Sign up for the first “huge” public console beta. Bungie is going the PC route and will have gamers find bugs and issues of the upcoming blockbuster Halo 3. This game is going to be a huge undertaking. Let’s at least try and help make sure this game lives up to what we all hope it to be.

Sign up here:


December 4, 2006


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Here it is, the new halo 3 ad from the fine folks at Digital Domain. Im sure this trailer is gonna make all you die hard halo fans wet your pants! Check it out below and be amazed at the hot as all hell grenade shield! 2007 can’t get here fast enuff…