November 28, 2006

Wii causing Physical Duress!

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Interesting Wall Street Journal article about people who are using muscles they haven’t in a long time. Is this a good thing? Or will we see a different form of repetative stress ailments over time.


We’re baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!

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Sorry ya’ll this influx of new Gaming systems has us all putting in serious time in gaming. So we haven’t been able to report on the hoopla for you, but look out for more news coming.



November 22, 2006

Gears of War 2 and 3? Yes

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Cliffy’s hinted at it, and now Microsoft’s Jeff Bell says it’s happening:

“Gamers today demand an excellent story in their games; they need to know what’s at stake, and why they should care. Excitement tops the list of desired emotions, but they want to be scared, too. They want the rush that comes from being scared by an enemy or trapped in a dark room and escaping with their lives. The goal of this ad is to establish Marcus Fenix as the hero of the Gears of War trilogy. The intention is to create emotional connection with him that is lacking in typical third-person action title marketing, by communicating a sense of desperation, loneliness, overwhelming odds, and the ultimate futility of the situation he faces.”

And I got myself an Xbox 360 over the weekend :)

PC Gamer Trades New PC for a PS3

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This is pretty funny. The night before the Playstation 3 was released, the guys at PC Gamer went to a local geek shop that had a big-ass line of people waiting to buy a new PS3. They offered the first few guys in line (keep in mind, they’ve been camping out for days) to trade their PS3 for a $7,500.00 Falcon Northwest PC. Long story short, PC Gamer has a new PS3, and some Sony fanboi has a new PC.

Gears of War NOT for PC

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icrosoft’s PR team has debunked those Gears of War for Windows rumors:

Here’s what happened: These images were created using draft templates for the Games for Windows box art and a variety of Microsoft Game Studios cover images. Gears of War was accidentally included by the artist as one of the MGS titles used as examples to show what our retail setup would look like. This DOES NOT indicate a confirmation that Gears of Wars will be a Games for Windows title — it was a concept image created by a concept artist, nothing more.

Armored core 4 headed to xbox 360

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The latest armored core mech game(armored core 4) is heading to the good ol’ xbox360. For some of you, ya’ll remember this game from back in the ps1 days. This was one of the best mech simulation games out and still is to this day. It was also a playstation exclusive but not any more. In what seem to be the latest trend, alot of playstion only games are being ported over to the x360. Hell even konami is putting the pressure on Kojima to make mgs4 for the x360 as well. With alot of the same games dropping on both the x360 and ps3. It’s gonna be intresting to see this next gen outcome because with the rising cost of developmnet for these games. It’s only wise that developers port their games to as many systems as they can for profit. And with the ps3 constantly losing exclusives, whats gonna make an x360 owner want to run out and purchase a ps3?

Unit out

November 18, 2006

GEARS OF WAR coming to pc!?

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The guys over a teamxbox may have discoverd what appears to be gears of war for the pc. If you check the image below, you can see gow sitting nicely between age of empires and another game on the first shelf. It perfectly makes sense since it is microsoft and it was built of a pc. So it seems all you pc headz out there will get a chance to go thru some edge of your seat action within gow. I bet this game will look sweet (even better than x360!) on a hooked up pc rig and you’ll have more accurate aiming. We’ll keep you up to date on the official announcment from microsoft.

MGS portable ops releasing early!!

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In what is sure to be one of the hottest psp games this holiday season, Konami has officially announced on the mgs:po website that it’ll be released on dec.5th in the U.S. So in the midst of all the next-gen launches, don’t forget the little guys!

Wii controller battery recharger

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You knew it was coming and unfortunatley not from nintendo. Joytech is gonna release a rechargable wii controller stand hopefully sometime this year or next. And judging from the pic below, it looks like it’ll be able to house and charge two controllers at the same time. Also it may get it’s power source from either a computer or an adapter with a usb connection. you can also chec out the other accesories joytech is releasing here. And be on the look out for many more add ons and what not’s for the wii coming in the near future.

November 17, 2006


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Today is the day the battle for next gen kicks off with the release of the ps3 and soon followed by the nintendo wii. I know theirs alot of you guys out there excited and waiting in anticipation to:
A.crack open that box and be amazed at your new ps3 and it’s crispy gfx’s/ wii and it’s small size and remote like controls
B. take photos of your unopened ps3/wii and list it on ebay hoping to score some serious $$$$$
C. call in sick/ take time off from work so you can play games,games, games!!!

For what ever reason you choose, enjoy what you have and be glad you were able to get’s a good time to be a gamer!
Unit out!


November 12, 2006

Sunday Free Game - Online Bomberman

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Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at

Another free game for y’all, but this including a legend in gaming industry.

The game was originally exclusive only to Japan and China from the Hudson gaming company several years ago. In 2003, the company took down Bomberman and claimed they were debugging and setting it up for commercial release. In October 2005, the Bomberman site announced that they were closing the websites and all the servers involved with the game. In Novemeber 2005, the sites supporting the Bomberman Online went out of business.
To no one’s surprise, a lot of fans were really pissed off about the announcement and declared to set up their own servers and even try to clone the game itself. Two guys, who by their alias names Broomop and Schthack, created a private server for english speaking players, aka you and I.

Online Bomberman

NBA STREET 4 brought to you by: Johnson & Johnson’s Baby oil……

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Ea has announced NBA street:homecourt for the ps3 and x360. And as you can see from the pics below the game is looking quiet…shiny! I know ea is trying to simulate sweat and all, but shiny shorts as well? I guess making everything oily slick is visually the new hotness in these next-gen games.

“NBA STREET Homecourt gives fans the opportunity to play where legends were made, and will be made,” said Dan Ayoub, lead producer on the product. “Every legendary player got his start somewhere and most of those roots are set in homecourts across the United States. The vision for the game’s concept, visuals and gameplay all give a nod to those hometown courts, and will provide fans with an incredibly addictive and rewarding experience.”

With a brand new game engine only possible with the power of next-gen hardware, the franchise is once again raising the bar with cutting edge visuals and innovative gameplay putting the ball in your hands. With a new animation engine and control system, NBA STREET Homecourt allows users to create gravity-defying tricks-on-the-fly.

NBA STREET Homecourt merges legendary proving grounds with the homecourts of your favorite NBA stars, featuring 360 degrees of view. The NBA’s best are rendered with the same level of meticulous detail, making true athlete likeness a reality and putting you up close and personal with every move and moment. Earn a name for yourself and garner respect as you progress along your hometown journey and become a legend.

NBA STREET Homecourt will be available for the PLAYSTATION®3 computer entertainment system and the Xbox 360™ video game and entertainment system from Microsoft.

Hmmm…. i wonder if the characters are out in the sun for to long will they burst into flames? Hey ea that could be a new play mechanic, call it the “he’s on fire” gamebreaker lol…

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November 11, 2006

Pot calling Kettle black

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Speaking in a panel discussion at the Montréal Games Summit, Tascan (Marky Note: Alain Tascan is the EA Montreal manager) said, “What is Gears of War? I mean Gears of War brings nothing in terms of innovation to the shooter… Like, zero.

“Only two very brave UK-based journalists said, ‘You know what, Gears of War is a great game but it’s like what Quake was a few years ago.

“Why are people loving it so much? It’s like added production value, incredible cutscenes and the best ever graphics ever. I’m sure it’s going to be a great success, I can’t wait to play it, but let’s face that graphics are still number one,” Tascan continued.


November 10, 2006

Spidey 3! Your Boy is Back! Well almost…

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Yeah Boys,
This proves your Boy Spidey is the #1 Hero, when it comes to Comic Movies. This Trailer is SOOOOOO Dope. But guess what? It also shows a lot! So, if you want to be dumb till May 4, 2007 don’t watch it.