July 31, 2006

King Gamer (That Would Be Me)

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I am king of all gamers…including all the people on this blog. Im especially talking about Dave the Gamer who sucks in Madden and NCAA so much that everytime i even think about picking up a controller to play him…i put it down laughing thinking to myself “Damn im too good for him…i should know my worth” So my new name is Lebron…it is no longer grey. Recognize Bitches! (i didnt mean that…you guys are not bitches…but im still Lebron)


Lumines 2 to be another Sleeper Hit

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I’m obessed with this game and its a shame because I still haven’t collected all 40+ board styles in this title but I’m proud of myself for completing the entire puzzle mode [not an easy feat]. Check out the latest video for Q’s next release here dudes -



July 27, 2006

Welcome TrueGameHeadz!

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Hello all you real gamers out there.

You know who i’m talking about. The group of us that actually appreciate videogames and the whole industry behind it. We were down from day one and are still going strong.

We are a group of gamers just like you, that want to bring to light the good things about games that bigger “corporate” spots over look. Our opinion is the unbiased true story behind games. By true we mean we’ll point out the big picture of a game and tell you about the impefections that prevented (from being) or made it classic.

Many sections of our site are still under construction and we are working hard every day to bring you a better experience and cool reasons to keep coming back.

Be sure to stay tuned for updates of our video reviews and contests.

Oh, Yeah sign up to the Forums and let us know how we can make the site better and talk about the day in games.