August 26, 2006

Warhawk goodness…

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Aight the trailer was hot until the dude stepped out the plane??? Incognito, PLEASE DONT MESS THIS ONE UP!!!!! It’s been far too long since we last played Warhawk. Just give us what we want that’s all. When games like this usually combine on foot action along with vehicles…it’s not a pretty sight. And us Warhawk fans have cherished memories of soaring through the skies blastn’ the hell out of ish’. So in respect to all of us waitn’ for the game, please ditch the generic on foot action! Thank you. Oh yeah, check out the new trailer here.

and im out…..

August 12, 2006

GTA coca cola style

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Check out this coca cola commercial!!

August 11, 2006

Official director for Halo movie!

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Well it looks like a director has been found for the upcoming Halo movie (droppin’ in 2008 and co directed by peter “lotr” jackson). His name is Neill BlomKamp. I know you all are proabally saying wtf!..who is this guy? It seems this will be his first big hollywood movie, and after seeing the short flix he did called “ALIVE IN JOBURG” i have no doubt he’ll do justice to halo. Cuz if he dosen’t the fans will eat him alive!

Update: check out this interview with Neill BlomKamp on the Halo movie

Unit out.

BULLY debut trailer

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Whut up folks…
check out the trailer for rockstars next gta’ish game “bully”.
This game reminds me of those oldschool 80’s flix’s about nerdy kids fightin’ back. I’ll have to say it’s lookin pretty tight tho!

Unit out.